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Sep 17 to 23, 2016 
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Ancient Mysteries 2013
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Come explore the mysteries and wisdom
of our earliest cultures and the apparent influence
of ancient aliens in our origin and destiny:

Atlantean, Egyptian, Mayan, ancient India, western Africa. Why?
Because your soul was there! Latent within you are all the
memories and skills your soul possesses from those ancient times—lost
knowledge waiting to be found. This conference stimulates your deeper
mind to recall all you have known and awaken it to this incarnation.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to meet today’s
most respected researchers and explorers!


Ancient Aliens 2013The Trailblazing Star and Producer of Ancient Aliens,
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, is changing the way the world thinks about the ancient astronaut theory. He runs and is the director of research for the Center for Ancient Astronaut Research and the publisher of Legendary Times, the world’s only and definitive ancient astronaut journal. He brings his latest insights and research into ancient alien influence on our earliest peoples and civilizations.

Futurist Gregg Braden

Futurist and bestselling author Gregg Braden marries his expertise in science and technology with the deep wisdom of the world’s indigenous elders to answer questions on the uncertainties of these times, and shares what role you play in these changes. From broken economies to climate change to shrinking resources and other challenges, there’s one thing we can be sure of: big changes are coming to our lives and our world.

Easter IslandAncient Origins and Forgotten Knowledge REVEALED! Legendary explorer David Hatcher Childress presents evidence of amazing megalithic building and ancient technology which suggests that the same builders were building gigantic structures around the world. He also looks at Nikola Tesla and his amazing wireless power technology, and the evidence that this technology was used in the remote past and is in use secretly today.

Astronomy expert James Mullaney, FRAS, takes you on an inspiring illustrated journey across space, time, and mind, exploring the provocative likelihood—even certainty—that we are not alone in this vast universe!

ancient artifact hq131001Your SOUL was there! Ancient Mysteries expert John Van Auken will share Edgar Cayce’s story of our celestial origins and how souls came into the earth. He also explores the prophecies that describe the rapidly changing times we live in and how we can adapt to these changes.

crystal hq131001Visionary crystals expert James Tyberonn will share the incredible story of Atlantis and the crystals integral to that ancient lost culture. He will discuss the properties of the crystals and stones Edgar Cayce mentioned in his readings and how they may be used for longevity, healing, and much more!

cosmos HQ131001Shadows of Our Distant Past Illuminated! Cosmologist
Laird Scranton explores evidence of ancient catastrophes as proposed by Immanuel Velikovsky, that have shaped ancient history and culture. He also shares the cosmological roots of symbolic language in ancient Egypt and other early civilizations.

Donald B. Carroll, author of Sacred Geometry andSpiritual Symbolism: The Blueprint for Creation, shows evidence of a shared Universal consciousness that unites science and religion.

meet authors hq131001Speaker Reception and Author Book Signing Meet the presenters and authors close-up. Ask that question that has been on your mind. Get the latest books autographed by the authors. Enjoy like-minded people, conversation, and refreshments. We will also have a spectacular display and sale of some of the most beautiful and powerful crystal and gemstone specimens on the planet.

This event has SOLD OUT but you can still view portions of it as a Live-Streaming and On-Demand Event.

All Roads Lead to Enlightenment and the A.R.E.

Meet Today's Most Respected Researchers and Explorers Register Today



2017 Preview

Jan 28, 2017
John Van Auken 72x91 2013Soul Growth Saturday! Edgar Cayce’s Story of Our Souls: The Bigger Picture of Life and Destiny
In death, there is no "rest in peace” -- our souls are very busy beyond this world in the space between physical incarnations. Cayce expert John Van Auken brings you the fascinating and enlightening story of the life of your soul, from a whole new perspective, as you see how we are so much more than we realize, and our potential is truly unlimited! Discount when combined with January 29.


Jan 29, 2017
John Van Auken 72x91 2013Soul Growth Sunday! Opening Your Psychic Channels: Access Your Higher Self, Guides, and Departed Loved Ones
Renowned clairvoyant Linda Schiller Hanna Linda shares practical instruction in a fun and engaging style with an "easy-as-pie" system to further you along your spiritual path, as you learn to connect with life-changing insights from your angels, guardians, and your higher self. Discount when combined
with January 28.