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2014 Wellness and Rejuvenation Retreat

~ 2015 Dates Coming Soon ~  

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Wellness Week
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The Four Keys
to Spiritual
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SOUL-GROWTH SATURDAYS! Experience | Train | Grow

A host of practical tools for remembering who and what you are and for staying on track spiritually.

Important keys HQ140301YOU MAY have attended programs that focused on soul growth and personal spirituality before, but never like this! Suzanne’s unique methods give core concepts for self-transformation a practical, playful twist, giving even the most experienced spiritual seeker real “a ha!” moments. She connects the dots to illustrate a clear path to greater awakening and transformation, and gives you techniques for easily bringing into practice the right concept you need at any given moment. Plus, she shares a host of tools for remembering who and what you are and for staying on track spiritually.

Learn the four important keys to your spiritual transformation:
  • See the oneness: Explore “oneness consciousness” and learn how we are a part of that oneness, using a blend of science and spirituality.
  • Open your heart: Having learned to “see the oneness,” you will learn to use that energy to raise your own vibration to new levels of awareness.
  • Attune to higher consciousness: Make the connection with Divine love. An in-depth discussion of meditation, an experiential guided meditation, and an exercise in tuning in to a partner’s vibration.
  • Reclaim your power: Uncover your true essence and live in alignment with who you really are. You’ll gain practical tools that can be applied immediately.

Past attendees say of Suzanne:

“Speaks with real conviction.”

“Sincere, impressive, and
enthusiastic. Absolutely
incredible material!”

“Her knowledge of subject
matter, personal experience,
and practical application are

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Suzanne Giesmann HQ140301Suzanne Giesemann
is the acclaimed author of nine books and an inspirational speaker who captivates audiences as she shows the path to “Love-Centered-Living.” She shares universal spiritual truths and ancient wisdom blended with modern discoveries in science and consciousness and backs up her teachings with verifiable evidence received as a professional intuitive. Her 20 years as a high-ranking U. S. naval officer bring unparalleled integrity to her work.



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