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Henry Reed conf 80x100   Meryl Ann Butler conf 80x100   Robin Wimbiscus conf 80x100   Judith Stevens conf 80x100
Henry Reed   Meryl Ann Butler   Robin Wimbiscus   Judith Stevens
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Kirk Nelson   Elizabeth Waitekus   Ellen Cayce   Kevin J. Todeschi

Henry Reed, PhD, author of Awakening Your Psychic Powers and co-author of the forthcoming Contemporary Cayce, is the director of the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies and professor of transpersonal studies at Atlantic University.

Meryl Ann Butler is an award-winning artist, author, editor, labyrinth builder, speaker, and Renaissance woman. Her artwork hangs in hundreds of collections around the world, including Dr. C. Norman Shealy and the late Nelson Mandela.

Robin Wimbiscus is a freelance illustrator, visual arts teacher, and mentor. She conducts workshops across the U.S., teaching individuals and groups to understand their emotions and reduce fear and trauma though artistic expression and interpretation.

Judith Stevens, a former A.R.E. staff member who originated the Prison Program, has lectured extensively for A.R.E. on many topics from the Cayce readings, with a special emphasis on principles found in the A Search for God readings.

Kirk Nelson, a student of the Edgar Cayce readings for over 30 years, has lectured across the country and appeared on numerous radio and television programs. He is the author of three books on astrology, prophecy, and the life of Jesus.

Elizabeth Waitekus, a student of the readings for over 45 years, has led workshops on spiritual movement, the labyrinth, and Life Seals. She works in the fine arts and facilitates the Egypt Study Group at A.R.E. headquarters.

Special Appearances By:

Ellen Cayce has served on A.R.E.’s staff for 15 years and is currently a conferences facilitator. She will lead our special World Peace Meditation and Dances of Universal Peace—a favorite A.R.E. New Year’s tradition.

Kevin J. Todeschi, A.R.E. executive director and CEO and author of over 25 books, brings you a special review of A.R.E.’s exciting year of growth with a special look at plans for the future of the A.R.E. campus and this work.

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