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Wellness Retreats -A.R.E. Spa

Sep 17 to 23, 2016 
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New Year's Conference
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Healthy People

Nearly 70 Percent of the
Edgar Cayce Readings Were

And they are as timely now as ever! Decades ago, Cayce was emphasizing the importance of diet, attitudes and emotions, exercise, and the patient’s role—physically, mentally, and spiritually— in the treatment of illness. As a result, he has been called “the father of holistic medicine” and has been recognized for describing the workings of the human body and foreseeing the direction of health care. Many of his recommended remedies have been supported by current research.


No matter your age or your lifestyle, come immerse yourself in Cayce’s wisdom for renewed health, vitality, and improved quality of life. You will:

  • Get practical tips for living a “Cayce-centric” holistic lifestyle
  • Feel the healing power of the group dynamic through prayer and meditation
  • Understand the effects of attitudes and emotions on your mental and physical health, and how “as we think, so we are!”
  • Learn handy packs, poultices, and simple remedies for wellness and recovery
  • Discover the healing herbs Cayce recommended that are recognized for their edible and medicinal properties with current research to support their use
  • See the science behind the Cayce diet and learn how small changes to diet and lifestyle can make a BIG difference
  • Discover how manual therapies, such as massage and bodywork, can improve your overall wellbeing

Past attendees say of our annual
New Year’s conference:

“A great way to end the old year and start the new.”

“Love that I am given tools every year with which I can heal and grow.”

“I plan to make this event my new New Year’s tradition!”

You will also explore meditation practices and simple methods for approaching life more mindfully and try gentle yoga stretches for improved focus, relaxation, and stress-reduction.

This interactive and informative program will help you kick start positive changes in your lifestyle that can lead to a healthier, stronger, more vital YOU in 2016 and beyond!


A.R.E. New Year’s Youth Program
Sunday, December 27-Friday, January 1

youthNY2015Participants will share meals and grow together through spiritual and personal exploration, all while living a Cayce-centric lifestyle. Experience the magic of living ocean-side as we ring in 2016; join us for our annual Friends of A.R.E. Camp Meeting and Potluck in the Copeland Dining Room; and don’t forget your dancing shoes for the New Year’s Eve party!

Teen Residential Retreat (ages 13-17)- $325

Young Adult Residential Retreat
(ages 18-30+) $275

Contact Malenka Kaydan at malenka@edgarcayce.org, or call 757-457-7162.

Bring in the New Year with like-minded friends.