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2014 Wellness and Rejuvenation Retreat

~ 2015 Dates Coming Soon ~  

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Wellness Week
from the Spa

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spiritual Retreat HQ 130902  

A Weekend Retreat Designed
for Like-Minded Seekers
Like YOU!

east meets west HQ130902John and Istvan have combined all that they have learned and practiced to make an inner retreat for you. Using a blend of Western and Eastern concepts and methods as well as Edgar Cayce techniques and teachings, you will be trained and guided toward awakening the spark of the Divine that resides in all of us.

Istvan Fazekas on Meditation
from the Jul-Sep 2013 issue of Venture Inward Magazine, available exclusively to A.R.E. Members.
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This weekend sanctuary includes:

  • Proven practices to jump-start or deepen your meditation practice
  • Journaling, dream awareness, intuitive insights, and quiet time for reflection
  • Daily inner attunement sessions using the vibrational power of chanting, and the toning of chimes and singing bowls
  • Breathing techniques to raise your body’s vibrations and expand your awareness and clarity
  • Tips to improve motivation, endurance, and centered peacefulness
  • Special options to further help your journey within through mindfulness, the use of ideals, a healing labyrinth walk, or nature walk

Chakras of the body and lotuses of the mind will be nurtured and tuned to higher purposes as you engage in a selfless union with the Universal Consciousness and the community of saints, seekers, and angels.

John and Istvan will make themselves available to help you recall and interpret dreams, understand intuitive perceptions, and improve your personal meditative techniques as you experience multiple opportunities to meditate together

“When ye enter into the holy of holies, in thine own self, there ye may find strength that is beyond compare of (one’s) physical abilities” Edgar Cayce reading 257-201

Mark your calendar and register now for
your weekend of deep spiritual renewal.

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Breakthrough to a Higher Spiritual Awareness Register Today

Open to all; Life Members may redeem their Life Member passes


** Open to anyone, Life members may redeem their passes.