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2014 Wellness and Rejuvenation Retreat

~ June- 14-20, 2014 ~

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Wellness Week
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Living A Course in Miracles
means integrating the principles
of the Course into your daily life.
It means setting aside the ego and consciously
connecting with each other and with our
Source. The Holy Spirit’s voice is as loud
as our willingness to listen.

Are you interested in a deeper understanding of A Course in Miracles and applying its life-changing lessons to your daily life? Jon Mundy, PhD, one of the earliest students of the Course, will guide you through its essential teachings in a way that will allow you to tap into and live its wisdom, and gain a deeper understanding of its life-changing principles.

Both the Course and the Cayce readings tell us that God has provided a way back for all souls to true oneness and happiness. By shifting your consciousness, you can follow this path to a more peaceful, happy, and loving reality.

Plus prepare for a magical, once in a lifetime experience of love and music with special guests Armand and Angelina, performing a fusion of world, classical, and popular influences designed to harmonize and unite humanity. Seen recently on the “America’s Got Talent” television show, they use songs, stories, and humor to inspire you to experience “Heaven on Earth.”

Realistic, practical wisdom
  • Take an insightful look at ways the Edgar Cayce readings and A Course in Miracles are comparable, and where they differ.
  • Recognize and set aside the Ego, which impedes our soul growth and overshadows our true Divine nature.
  • Discover what it’s like to think with love and gently challenge our fear and guilt, to transform the way we see the world and one another.
  • Understand and apply these principles to your daily life so you can “live in the world but not be of this world.”


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