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Wellness Retreats -A.R.E. Spa

~ June 13-19, 2015 ~
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These great ancient civilizations are key parts of many of Edgar Cayce’s readings, revealing rich and vibrant cultures that were populated by many of Cayce’s soul group—and perhaps many of us as well.

THE GREAT MONUMENTS of ancient Egypt and pyramids of the Maya still stand today—visible reminders of the splendors of the ancient past. But what about Lemuria and Atlantis? What evidence do we have for their existence, location, and influence on both Mesoamerica and ancient Egypt?

CrystalsReview the scientific and geological evidence for their existence, and see a portrait of Atlantean society: its religion, architecture, art, medicine, and lifestyle. Explore the power of crystals, ancient techniques for health and healing, pyramid energy, and the origin of the occult sciences. Learn what happened to the survivors of Atlantis—one of the greatest mysteries in history—and discover where they migrated, and how the survivors and their descendants made their mark on cultures the world over.

The Cayce readings gave many references to souls who lived in Atlantis and Lemuria who are incarnated among us today—many of whom survived their collapse and migrated to Egypt, the Yucatan, and even what is now the American west. Through experiential exercises and group past-life regression, you will return to a possible lifetime during those ancient days to experience your soul connection to these mystical places then and now.

"The entity was among those that journeyed from Mu to what is NOW Oregon." Edgar Cayce reading 630-2

"The ENTITY was a sojourner from Atlantis, or from the temple in Poseidia." Edgar Cayce reading 961-1

"We find the entity was in the Egyptian land, when the peoples from Atlantis became intermingled with the Egyptians and the natives..."
Edgar Cayce reading 1244-1

During this exceptional program you will:

  • Follow their history from their beginnings to their destruction with researcher Shirley Andrews.
  • Explore the “terrible crystal” from Cayce’s story of Atlantis, and experience a special workshop on the healing power of gems and stones with crystals expert James Tyberonn.
  • Discover secrets about the rarely-researched lost land of Lemuria, and explore the Cayce connection between Atlantis, Egypt, and Mayan cultures with John Van Auken.

Be guided on a group past-life regression to explore a possible past-life in one of these ancient cultures with hypnotherapist Peter Woodbury, MSW. View stunning visuals and see rare images of these legendary places, as we bring this spectacular new program to A.R.E. Headquarters.

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