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Beyond your everyday
there is a vast and infinite part in you that has lived and traveled from the dawn of creation. This ancient wisdom lying deep within can be accessed today to help you more fully understand who you really are and what your life is really about.

This extraordinary weekend will help you unveil the mysteries of past-life memory, sense the patterns that repeat, and gain insight into the reasons behind your experiences and relationships today.

So often, when something “bad” happens, it may appear to be meaningless suffering. But what if your most difficult experiences were actually rich with hidden purpose—purpose that you yourself planned before you were born?

Come discover how we are all
eternal souls who plan our lives
before we’re born—
including our greatest challenges—
for purposes of spiritual growth and soul evolution.

During this experiential weekend

  • Gain a broader understanding of why you have made significant life decisions from a soul level and how present challenges can be clues to your past lives
  • Experience a guided past-life regression and life-between-life exercises to help you understand and overcome the challenges you chose for this incarnation
  • Discover the evidence that Jesus taught reincarnation, and learn how this is the essential key to understanding the everlasting love of God and the magnificent mission and purpose of Christ
  • Explore the extraordinary cases of children who remember their past lives and the research that can validate their recollections
  • Understand how science supports the idea that our consciousness transcends space and time and is thus eternal
  • Find new meaning in your life and mission on this planet
Includes a full-day experiential
workshop on discovering your soul’s
plan and a group past-life regression!*
As you begin to understand your soul’s ultimate plan and destiny, you will work with karma and grace, Edgar Cayce’s and Jesus’ teachings on reincarnation, and your soul’s plan to heal and release negative past-life patterns.
Turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones and embrace the deep peace and enlightenment that these spiritual lessons contain.
*(Please bring a pillow and mat or blanket for the regression. You may remain seated or lay on the floor. Also bring a journal and pen to record your insights.)




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