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Wellness Retreats -A.R.E. Spa

~ June 13-19, 2015 ~
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The User’s Guide to Developing
Your Psychic Ability

Featuring psychic trance channel Kevin Ryerson
Also with intuition trainer Henry Reed, PhD, and
Gina HQ131101Cayce teacher Patrick Belisle

In his readings, Edgar Cayce noted that psychic ability is an innate talent of the soul—and we just don’t realize how often we’re tuning in to psychic information. Hear stories of spontaneous psychic awakenings and learn how you can experience these latent gifts from the Divine and become your own psychic!

This practical experiential program will help you
awaken and cultivate your true psychic potential!

Help yourself and others
through life’s journey

Experiential training with today’s best,
most respected psychics and teachers that will help you
become YOUR OWN psychic!


  • HEAR how psychic ability can develop directly from two renowned psychics
  • SEE them demonstrate their psychic abilities
  • ASK a question directly of Spirit as Kevin Ryerson demonstrates his trance channeling abilities
  • EXPLORE the dynamics of receiving and sharing psychic information
  • LEARN how to discern good information from tainted or distorted info
  • FIND your natural way to becoming fully psychic
  • EXPERIENCE an opportunity to test your psychokinetic and other psychic abilities
  • This program will show you how recognizing and using your intuition can be a natural part of everyday life.

Tap in to the wealth of inner resources you have always possessed, but perhaps didn’t know you had at your disposal. Learn new techniques for accessing the guidance of your higher mind and experience “memory divination” as a tool for intuitive discovery.
Join us on a psychic quest and learn how to use your own personal intuition to help yourself and others through life’s journey.
“Awesome conference . . . I didn’t believe I could become fully psychic, now I do!”
—S. Hawkins, Washington, D.C.
“Great program with practical exercises and suggestions to tap in to higher levels of consciousness.”

Experiential training that will help you become YOUR OWN psychic! Register Today


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