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C.R.E.A.T.E.: Employ Accelerate Technology 

Replace/upgrade all computer workstations organization-wide $200,000
Aptify Junior developer assistance for 3 yrs $100,000
Web integration, networking and eBusiness upgrades $125,000
Moneys to underwrite a Spanish web presence for 3 years $100,000
Underwrite Cayce/Reilly technological upgrade and software $100,000
Ongoing upgrade of website platform and technology $100,000
Focused marketing in new directions (e.g. AARP, Expos, etc.) $10,000
Web Designer assistant for 3 yrs $82,500
Moneys to underwrite part-time marketing assistant for 3 yrs $75,000
Funding for Cayce television series launch $50,000
Create online delivery of charts $50,000
Creation of website for delivery of eMaterials (books, etc.) $50,000
Miscellaneous Aptify Programming $50,000
A/V upgrades $50,000
Learning Management system for A.U. $50,000
Staffing and costs to digitize backlist $40,000
NOTE: As of 12-31-11, we have raised/spent approx. $20,000 of this
Blackbaud Development / Fundraising Software $40,000
Curriculum development for a new AU Masters Degree $35,000
Outsource Reflections Internet Radio Program for 3 yrs $30,000
Miscellaneous Computer Equipment $30,000
Underwrite Ektron user conference for 3 years $30,000
Underwrite Aptify training for 3 years $30,000
E.C. Legacy movie remake $30,000
App development and expansion into Android $25,000
Public Information/PR on specific local project(s) for 12 mos $25,000
Miscellaneous Ektron Programming $25,000
Google AdWord campaigns $25,000
Production moneys for the creation of a spiritual growth $20,000
Ektron programming assistance $20,000
Staffing and costs to digitize backlist $20,000
RMS Bookstore replacement software upgrade $20,000
Production computer upgrade/software upgrade plus training $10,000
Upgrade email exchange server to allow Smartphone access $ 8,000
Employee Expansion Fund $39,000

Total People and Program Support: $20,000,000.

Charts CREATE Programs 08.21.2012