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C.R.E.A.T.E.: Endowments

Endow and Name A.U. Scholarship $25,000 minimum
  NOTE: Update to read: NOTE: As of 6/30/14, we have two newly established A.U.
Endow and Name Cayce/Reilly School Scholarship $25,000
  NOTE: As of 6/30/14, we have endowed one new Cayce/Reilly Scholarship Fund
Endow a general endowment for $50,000 or more  
  NOTE: Raised $300,000 toward endowed funds to date: Zachar, Hauptner, Dickinson, Jones
Endow annual Field Conference $50,0000
Endow AU Course Development Fund $100,000
Endow International Translation Fund $100,000
Endow an AU Scholar / Professorship  $250,000
Endow Archaeological Research $250,000-$1,000,000
Endow Health Research $250,000-$1,000,000
Endow International Outreach Department $500,000
Endow an AU Research $500,000+
Endow Spiritual Growth Department $1,000,000
  NOTE: As of 12/2011, we have a $50,000 Study Group Endowment
  Add to an Existing Endowment Fund: Hugh Lynn, Charles Thomas, or Edgar Cayce Outreach Fund; Gladys Davis Turner Fund, Osbourne Fund for ARE Camp
Endow A.R.E. Camp $1,000,000
Endow Chart CREATE

Total Endowment Needs: $2,500,000