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Edgar Cayce Foundation

Architectural Drawing ( PDF)


Nefertiti Bust

Nefertiti was the royal wife and chief consort of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten. She was also the mother-in-law of King Tut.

She was a gift to Edgar Cayce from a reading recipient, Mrs. Louise B. Chisholm. The Life Readings often included details of past lives in Ancient Egypt, so it was a thoughtful gift.

This exceptional copy of the bust of Nefertiti stood over Mr. Cayce’s desk and was witness to the Readings for many years.



ECF and the Library are working to digitize the entire Photo Collection to preserve the images for the future since so many of these items are beginning to fade as they age.

Over-sized pieces have been carefully tucked away into special storage boxes. A number of collections have been donated by individuals and families of reading recipients and the files are always growing.

A collection of photos is available in our News Center

The Cayce Family

The Cayce Family

There are hundreds of photos of the Cayce family and friends. Some of the earliest photos in the archives date back to Edgar's childhood. Since Mr. Cayce earned his living as a photographer, there are some exceptional portraits of his family. Gertrude Cayce even colored some of the images before there was colored film.


A Search for God

In 1931, Edgar Cayce’s friends and family asked him how to become more psychic. Out of this seemingly simple question came an eleven year discourse that led to the creation of A Search for God. The material suggested that the purpose of life is not to become psychic, but to become a more spiritual and loving person. The first “Study Group” used collected and used these special readings to change their lives for the better.

Study Groups continue to meet online and around the globe.

Edgar Cayce's Desk

Edgar Cayce's Desk

We still have one of the original desks used by Edgar Cayce. ECF has worked to recreate just how it looked when Edgar was using it, with the myriad of photos of friends and family that he enjoyed seeing every day on the wall above it.

See image full size.


Medical Devices

There was a wide variety of Medical Equipment and devices designed based on the information given in the Cayce Readings.

The Violet Ray is a hand-held device that generates static electricity. Also called the "high frequency generator," it was made and sold in the early 1900s as a medical appliance.

Edgar Cayce suggested the Etheronic Device to enhance the ability of the individuals to use what he called "the Etheronic Forces."