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Deferred Payment Charitable Gift Annuity

Immediate Tax Benefits - Future Annuity Payments

You can create an annuity today; yet, defer your annuity payments to some future date. The result is that you receive a more generous tax-deduction now, while at the same time it increases your rate of return resulting in higher future annuity payments. This is a creative way to support the A.R.E. while planning for supplemental income later in life.

  • An excellent way to generate reliable post-retirement income;
  • Higher immediate tax deduction for deferring the date of annuity payments;
  • Parents can plan specific monetary benefit for their siblings or children and secure their future incomes;
  • Children can also make their parents’ later years secure with a Gift Annuity, to ensure regular income;
  • An attractive giving-alternative with the option of gifting now, receiving immediate tax benefits, and deferring payments until a later time;
  • Advantage of receiving payments at the time of retirement when income falls substantially;
  • Financial security against market and interest rate fluctuations.

Example of a $25,000 Deferred Charitable Gift Annuity

Example: Present age of donor: 58

Age at
Rate *Charitable Deduction Yearly Annuity Tax-Free Income
Age 65 5.9% $9,052 $1,475 $801
Age 67 6.4% $10,094 $1,600 $815
Age 70 7.5% $11,319 $1,875 $861

*Charitable Deduction portion can be used towards taxes owed over a five year period.

For a sample personalized report, please contact:
Patrick Belisle at (757) 457-7126 or
Marianna Theo at (757) 457-7215