Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.

More on Interpreting Dreams

In reading 1968-10 Edgar Cayce was asked, “How can I best interpret dreams to be helpful to me in the present?” He replied: “You interpret them in yourself. Not by a dream book, not by what others say, but dreams are presented in symbols, in signs.”DreamImageFantasy He also taught that the best interpreter of a dream is the dreamer. Remember, the dreamer is not our outer personality-self but our inner soul-self. Therefore, getting the interpretation before we fully come out of the dream state is a good way to improve interpretations. Cayce also explained that dreams have different influences or motivating forces behind them. Some are “influenced by material conditions with a body,” others are a result of “the mental condition and attitude of a body,” and others reflect “experiences in soul or spirit.” Therefore, one of the first steps to better interpretation is determining the influencing force that brought the dream to our consciousness.

To summarize: 
    1. Interpret your own dreams; 
    2. The best interpreter is your inner self; 
    3. Identify the influence behind the dream, for example: 
        a. material condition with your body 
        b. mental dispositions and attitudes within your mind 
        c. experiences and perspectives of soul or spirit.

Cayce Tip: “Co-relating”

According to Mr. Cayce, the most common influence impelling a dream is our subconscious and superconscious attempting to correlate life events and decisions to eternal, spiritual ideals. On one occasion Cayce modified the word correlation to “co-relation of subconscious and superconscious forces manifesting through the developing mind of the entity.” He frequently sought to remind us that we have three levels of consciousness, and they need to co-relate in order for us to have better integration of body, mind, and soul, each sharing in our life’s events, relationships, and decisions.

Let’s watch Cayce interpret a few dreams. The following have been edited for clarity and brevity.

Let’s begin with a Christmas-time dream.
“Please interpret the following dream which I received a few days before Christmas: ‘I was climbing a ladder and as I approached the top I became conscious of one round [rung] being out of the ladder at laddarthe top. It was with great difficulty that I continued the climb at this point. Thankful to say, I was able with my finger tips to reach the top. It took all my strength to pull my body up. Those who were following me seemed to have no such difficulty, and one of the group made that remark. There was an answer by one already at the top, that as I made the climb I had laid the last round in the ladder.’”

Cayce answered: “Both prophetic and profound in this experience of the body-consciousness with the soul’s experience. [co-relating!] The ladder represents the Way, as has been given in interpretations for those that visioned even the ladder to heaven upon which there ascended and descended the angels of light [Cayce’s referring to Jacob’s ladder, Genesis 28:12]. The rung was missing and self had to make the effort to attain the top. Self sees others having an easy way, not confronted with those hardships. But as the voice that came from above, self had made the way easier for those that would ascend. And as the voice of those who cry the way is easier that you have made the last rung, for us; and as there is the cry from above, ‘Well done,’ there should come peace within self that the work of your hand is acceptable in His sight. Let it be not unto vain-glory but rather in that happiness that passes understanding in knowing that the work of your hands is acceptable in His sight.”

Here’s another dream: “Please interpret the dream I had the night of May 1st or 2nd in which a member of [Study] Group #1 and I were climbing a mountain and later I was separated from her and could not find her.”

Hiking ImageThe readings interpreted it this way, beginning with a little lesson on dreams: “Dreams are of different natures, and have their inception from influences either in the body, in the mind, or from the realm of activity beyond the body through the desires and purposes of the soul itself. This dream arises from seeking and it is an emblematical experience in the mental development. The mountain represents reaching higher and higher in the mental development of self and those associated with self. In climbing these heights of mental or spiritual experience there come separations.” Haven’t we all experienced friends and even family separating themselves from us as we get further into our spiritual path? Anyone who is into the ideals and purposes of the physical world is going to take pause when encountering someone who is holding the spiritual ideals and purposes of a non-worldly nature. This dream is helping the dreamer to prepare for the inevitable separations as she climbs higher in her mental development.