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Online Database of Past Dream Interpretations: Dreams About Animals


Here's my dream...alligator

 I am a girl, and another girl whom I have a crush on are in the rainforest and we live in a hut. In the dream we’re crossing a bridge and I get over it fine but my friend starts to get threatened by an alligator, and she is screaming to me for help. But there's nothing I can do.

Dear Dreamer, One possibility suggested by the dream is that your friend may be hypersensitive to the biting remarks and comments that some might have if she discussed being in a lesbian relationship. Whereas you seem to be fine with the situation and your relationship, she might be much more cautious than you. In any event, this might be a topic that the two of you could discuss.

Here's my dream...bear

I have been in the largest jumble of depression and confusion lately. I am a quiet person that is concerned in finding a soulmate. At the same time, it's hard for me to talk to most people around me. A friend and I are very close to God and have very strong spiritual beliefs. The average person usually shuns me for being different. I dreampt that I was in my room. I was very tired and just wanted to lie around in my bed. At one point, I got up and stood by my window. Shocked and frightened to see a giant black bear out on the roof. Immediately upon seeing me, the bear burst in through the window. I am in terror, got so scared that I don't know how I got out of the mess! Each time I would lay back down on my bed hopping to get some sleep. But if I wiggled and squirmed the bear always saw me and would bother me again. This happened several times. The bear never mauled or hurt me, rather it was just always curious of me. The only thing is it terrified me to death each time! Finally after one of the encounters, I jumped and wedged myself as close to the wall and the edge of my bed as I possibly could. I could feel the warmth and comfort of my bed, but I just froze. My plan was to not move no matter what happened. Assuming correctly, the bear entered again, jumped up on my bed and stalled. I couldn't move an inch. I could have sworn that I was holding my breath but I heard this breathing. I could feel my face, and my entire body becoming hot in fear. Yet I was afraid to open my eyes in concern of what the breathing noise I heard was all about! I couldn't figure it out. Finally in fear, and the fact that I knew logically these things couldn't happen. I decided to make myself wake up. The only thing that scared me the most was what really is making that breathing noise? I concluded that the breathing was actually me. Please help me!


Dear Dreamer, The black bear is often a symbol of your depression. It might also suggest that part of your depression is somehow connected to anger. That the bear first appears on the roof suggests that this depression is often on your mind, and you may often wonder, "How am I going to get out of this?" Your plan not move in the dream suggests that you haven't yet gotten a handle on your depression or really been able to do what you need to do to change it. That you realize that the breathing is actually you could indicate that your depression is connected to your own thought processes (or alternatively your physical body). Since the dream is showing you that you survive each time, I think it is an indicator that ultimately you will be okay but that you really need to find a way to help yourself in the present. If your present counselor isn't being helpful, find another one. Let me also recommend that you have a chemical test to see if your body chemistry is somehow contributing to the depression. In terms of finding a relationship, continue to work on healing your depression (and anger, if there is any). Let me also recommend the book, Edgar Cayce on Soul Mates, by Kevin Todeschi. Good luck to you.

Here's my dream...bird (dove)

My 12-year-old daughter dreamed about doves twice in one week on two different nights. On the first night in the first dream she said God was walking through a garden, when he got to the lake there was a basket he opened the basket and lots of white doves flew from the basket. In the second dream (a different night) both God and myself (the mother of the dreamer) were walking towards a basket by the lake this time both God and I opened the basket filled with white doves and the doves flew from the basket. Please interpret this dream for my daughter to give her some understanding what it may mean. Thank you in advance.
Dear Dreamer, Doves can have many meanings, some of which are dependent upon how the dreamer feels or thinks about doves. Generally, a dove can symbolize peace, love, freedom or even spirituality (as in the Holy Spirit). With this in mind, the dream seems to be one of reassurance or encouragement for your daughter, either suggesting that she has some sort of spiritual connection with the Divine, or perhaps suggesting the love, peace, or freedom she craves is within her grasp. Regardless of the personal meaning, it appears to be a very positive sign. You might ask her what doves mean to her and then get to the heart of the dream from that approach. 

Here's my dream...bird (eagle)

I was taking a nap this afternoon and I had a dream that I was at a house (not mine) and the next door neighbors had a bunch of children outside playing when the man started to yell, “Look it’s a bird, a great big bird.” At first I thought he said bear but I could not see a bear. Then when I looked up I saw a huge eagle. He was beautiful and he was flying so gracefully. The lady gave me what I thought were binoculars but it was a movie cam. I could not see the eagle with the cam, yet when I looked with my naked eye, I could see him just as clear as can be. I couldn't believe how big he was, and it was a bald eagle also. I could see his snow-white head and beautiful black feathers. I was so excited! He filled me with a sense awe, and peace. What does it mean?
Dear Dreamer, An eagle is usually an archetypal symbol for the thymus or heart center. It is also a symbol for love. My sense is that the sense of awe and peace you felt is associated with some kind of “love” that has or is about to enter your life. This could be love associated with a relationship, love associated with doing what is really important to you, or love that is connected to some kind of personal spiritual search.

Here's my dream...bird (vulture and crow)

I was sitting in my family room that leads to our pool. I looked out the window and there on the pool rail was a crow. He looked hurt and wasn't moving too much. When I looked up again there was a vulture right next to the crow. The vulture seemed as if he was trying to peak and eat the crow. I ran outside and tried to shoo the vulture away but instead of him leaving he came and started to attack me. But after fighting with the bird he finally left. When I turned back around I noticed that the crow wasn't there anymore. The crow fell into my pool and was sinking to the bottom. I went to get a bucket to save the crow but when I came back the poor crow died. Please tell me what my dream means. I don't think having crows and vultures in a dream is a good thing.
Dear Dreamer, Oftentimes in dreams, birds are symbols for messengers of some kind. For example, as sparrow is a symbol of spring, a rooster as the symbolic of a new day (or a new beginning), doves can be symbolic of love, a relationship or peace, and so forth. Both crows and vultures are symbolic of a "death" or the ending of something. It is not that someone is literally dying; instead it can suggest that something is coming to an end. With this in mind, the imagery in the dream suggests that something associated with your household may be coming to an end and you don't really want it to come to an end but there doesn't appear to be much that you can do about it. Examples might be: the end of a relationship (e.g. a divorce), having to change jobs or schools, or the end of your present living situation (e.g. a move). I hope that helps.

Here's my dream...buffalo

I have looked in several dream interpretation books and websites with no luck for this dream. I dreamed that I was a buffalo and was with a herd of buffalo. We were all searching for food and especially water because where we were had none of this. I instinctively knew to go over a very steep mountain to get to some water and led some of the buffalo towards there. I looked back and noticed that several had decided to go a different way-across some very arid and dry desert. I told them they were going the wrong way, but they wouldn't listen to me. As my group and I continued over the mountain I knew we would make it to water and plenty of grass and that the several that broke off across the desert would die. Then I woke up. Please tell me what this means. Thank you so much!
Dear Dreamer, Buffalo can be a symbol of such things as abundance, the past, stubbornness, and even intimidation (as in to "buffalo" someone). However, because of the dream imagery you described it appears that the dream has more to do with some kind of a group with which you are involved (e.g. a work group, a social group, a family group, or a church group). Using the possibility of a work group, the dream suggests that there may be some financial problems at your company or at least problems in terms of what the company should pursue or where they should be headed. From this perspective, it seems that you have some ideas that could be helpful to your company but there are a number of people who stubbornly pursue the way things use to be done, which is going to entail additional hardship and them going nowhere. Overall, the dream is about being involved in some kind of a group in which your ideas may be more helpful than those of some of the others.
Here's my dream...bugs (insects)

I am from Scotland. I dreamt that I had a couple of worms attached to me. One was on my arm. They seemed to originate from tiny insects (maybe ants). Someone said I had to get rid of them as they would attach to my face and I felt a little anxious about that. My husband pulled them off and said not to worry, as they were easy to get rid off, "Just get rid off them." The rest of my dream was about teaching (I am a teacher and will be starting a new job in a different school after the holidays). The rest of the dream was okay I think and quite calm. Because I remember this dream quite well I think it is quite significant. I hope you can help.

Dear Dreamer:  Bugs or insects can often be symbolic of something bothering or "bugging" the dreamer. Since they originated from tiny insects, you may have allowed tiny worries to grow into bigger issues and problems. Your husband telling you not to worry could be literal in terms of his approach to something you are concerned about. I think the dream is related to your worrying about your new job and is simply showing you that it is not as big of a problem as you are making it into. I hope that helps.
Here's my dream...dog

I'm a 15-year-old girl. A couple months ago my dog sweetie died when I was at school (she died at my house) and when I came home from track practice she was already gone. I was a little disturbed by this but I went to sleep with her on my mind...that same night I had a dream. I was wearing my holey pants (there's one hole on the left knee) my shirt that has a kitten on it saying 'have a nice day somewhere else', and my good ol' boys car club hat on. I was watching myself enter my living room where I found her on my living room table, she lifted her paw up in a sort of begging matter, (she used to stand on her hind legs as her trademark thing) and immediately ran up to her crying my eyes out saying things like 'I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry...' When I picked her up she felt a little cold but she leaned into me like she was basking into my touch one last time.

Dear Dreamer, In the same way that we can have real communication with deceased individuals (see dream archives), we can have the same experience with our pets who have passed on. My sense is that your dog came to see you, just to reassure you that he was fine.

Here's my dream...elephant
I have checked the archives and have not seen anything that speaks of elephants. In my dream, I am walking along and two baby elephants come walking up to me. I have no idea where they came from, or why they are not afraid of me. Nor do I know where their mother is. After I process all of this information, and have decided that I need to tend to these little ones, I begin walking, with them following me, to go get whatever supplies I need to feed baby elephants, when here come two more babies, younger that the first two. I pat them down, check them to make sure they are okay, and then again begin my walk to get supplies for 4 elephants. And you guessed it, here come two more that are younger than the others. They are so small/young that I am amazed they can even walk. I find myself wondering how did these elephants pass the word so quickly that they had found someone to take care of them. My dream ends with me in the feed store trying to buy bottles and nipples to feed them. 
Dear Dreamer, In western culture and elephant is often symbolic of memory or something that one should not forget. Since these are baby elephants, they may be suggestive of small projects or ideas that you have sometimes “nurtured” in your mind but not necessarily followed through on taking care of in real life. In other words, these elephants seem to be things that you have considered doing and now your dream is suggesting that the time has come to take care of these projects and follow-through with them. Just as an aside, in Hinduism the elephant is symbolic of wisdom and enlightenment, because the god Ganesh is often portrayed as an elephant. I hope that helps. 

Here's my dream...llamas
I am a 47-year-old female and had this dream in Greece. I dreamt that I was dressed as a soldier in army fatigues with a group of other soldiers with backpacks. We boarded a ferryboat to cross the river – a big river. When I saw on our ferryboat it had two llamas on it and one was trying to jump overboard. The commander told me I must go and try to calm my llama down. I remember it was screaming, I started to go to the animal when I woke up. I am very confused about this dream.
Dear Dreamer, Because of their hump and protective coat of hair, a llama can be symbolic of someone that is holding his or her emotions inside or that is trying to be protected from the outside world. The river can also be symbolic of some kind of emotional journey. From the rest of the dream’s imagery, and the fact there are two llamas, I think the dream is suggesting that there may have been some kind of a relationship problem or argument (symbolized by the army fatigues) that has caused someone a great deal of anxiety and unhappiness (symbolized by the screaming llama), and that you have been trying to “fall in line” and get on with your life. An alternate interpretation is that external events have caused a couple to undertake some kind of activity or journey that they really don’t want to do. I hope that helps.

Here's my dream...fish
First of all I would like to say thank you. My background is that I have a boyfriend and we are getting engaged. The dream is my boyfriend caught a gray fish and put a red ribbon on it and put it back in the pond. At that time, I did not see the fish and so I wanted to see that fish and I could not see it. I asked him where did he drop the fish and he said that it did not matter because he will always show up when he comes. And it did as soon as he came the fish jumped out of the water with the same red ribbon on the fish. The fish was also jumping with other fish. What does that mean? 
Dear Dreamer, One strong possibility is that the dream suggests your boyfriend has strong spiritual and/or religious beliefs, and he has set these beliefs aside for the time being (perhaps feeling as if you were not ready or willing to hear them). The dream suggests that he is going to present these beliefs when he feels the time is right. With this in mind, the two of you need to sit down and share your religious and spiritual beliefs—perhaps discussing what kind of role they will play in raising a family. I hope that helps.

Here's my dream...lion

I dreamt of my husband who was attacked by a lion. He was sitting in the car and I saw a lion approaching him. I tried to warn him to close the car but it was too late. The lion attacked him on his shoulders and he was naked after that. I ran to the mountain and as I ran I saw my brother-in-law killing the lion and they opened the inside of it.

Dear Dreamer, A lion is generally a symbol for personal power, anger or aggression. Your husband being attacked and then killed by this symbol may suggest that he is in danger of being overcome by anger (e.g. his own or someone else toward him). His being in a car when this occurs suggests that the attack may be associated with his life's direction (e.g. work or home). Overall, I think the dream is suggesting that he needs to be very careful of anger or else it may have very serious ramifications in his home or worklife or both. If your husband has a problem with anger, he may wish to see a counselor. The presence of your brother-in-law has several possibilities. It may indicate that your brother-in-law has a similar problem with anger, or your husband once vented his anger towards his brother, or your husband's brother-in-law has some positive personality traits that you wish your husband would adopt instead of his anger.

Here's my dream...monkey and grasshopper

I am an A.R.E. member and dreamt that I was driving to work on my usual route. It is a pretty road through fields in an affluent area. I looked-up and saw hundreds of small young monkeys parachuting to the ground. Each one was holding a large green grasshopper. I did not know if the grasshopper was going to be their first meal when they landed, or what they were for. My mother asked me if she should let my sister (who is retarded) go for a walk back at home and I said no, they better not go out. I have no idea what this means, but I don't think it is good.

Dear Dreamer, The dream has many possible meanings but I think that the fact you were headed to work might indicate that the dream is work-related. Monkeys are often seen as a symbol for chaos or humor or wild, unbridled energy. The fact that they are holding a grasshopper could be a timing indicator suggesting the late spring or the summer. Parachuting from the sky suggests that their arrival has already been determined in someone's head. Things in the air can often be associated with ideas and plans. Taken together, I think that the dream may be suggesting that some kind of major change is going to occur at your work. This change may entail some kind of arrival of younger, new executives who are going to create chaos, or it might suggest that "monkey-business" in terms of plans or ideas are about to rain down havoc on your work life. Overall, the sense is that something chaotic or just unbridled foolishness may be headed your way at work.

Here's my dream...snake

I had a dream where my daughter was eaten by a snake. My daughter is 7years old.

Dear Dreamer, Since your daughter is too young for puberty, the dream may be suggesting one of two things: either your relationship with a male is taking time away from your daughter (e.g. "eating it all up), or there may be a male who is excessively controlling or verbally criticizing your daughter. You are probably best able to judge what the real situation is about.

Here's my dream...snake (python)

As background information, I am currently suffering a health problem that scares me. In the dream, I'm swimming in a swimming pool. I'm scared and anxious about something. I raise my right hand above the water and I am alarmed to discover a large green python has bitten my right hand and was still holding on biting it. I had to work hard to extricate its fangs from me but I managed to. It wasn't a poisonous snake.

Dear Dreamer, There are a number of options, here's one that appears likely. In the dream the emotion you feel about being scared and anxious is probably a similar emotion to how you feel in terms of your health situation. With this in mind, the dream may be about your health. Fangs biting into a person are often associated with words spoken or biting criticism. A snake can be symbolic of a number of things, such as the caduceus (and healing), temptation, the energy of kundalini, and oftentimes a male energy. With all of this in mind, the dream might be indicating that part of your health care problem is associated with ongoing criticism from a controlling male, and you may need to extricate yourself from the situation in order to heal it.

Here's my dream...spiders

I've had a fear of spiders for as long as I can remember but they never were subjects in my dreams until this year. Usually twice a month I have a nightmare involving a spider. It is crawling on the ceiling, heading straight for me at a quick pace. As it approaches I am frozen with fear and cannot move. Once it gets right above my head I am once again able to move and I jump out of bed, which is the point where I wake up. Only in real life I have jumped out of my bed and I have to turn my light on and check for spiders. In the dream it is always the same ugly black spider except he seems to get bigger with every dream. Please help me understand this nightmare.

Dear Dreamer, For many people, a spider can be a symbol of something that is “bugging or biting” them. Because culturally we are familiar with Black Widow spiders, a spider can also be a symbol of an aggressive or cruel female. However, in your case you told us that for you spiders are something you fear. In the dream imagery the spider is overhead getting closer and closer to you – looming ever larger in the process. With this in mind, I think the spider is associated with something you have been worrying about that is appearing to become a happening in your life (e.g. a problem at work, at home, or in your personal life). Whatever you are worrying about is manifesting as the spider dream. If this is the case, as soon as the issue has passed or been solved, the spider dreams will most likely disappear.


Here's my dream...spiders

I have written to you before about this dream and I am having it again. I need help in understanding it. I am dreaming about spiders, but these spiders are jeweled spiders. In one dream, a spider was coming down from the ceiling heading for my forehead. It was composed of Rubies and diamonds and I was afraid of it at first but then as it got closer its beauty mesmerized me. It did not seem to act in a mechanical way. The Rubies and Diamonds seemed fluid and the spider moved naturally. I woke before it touched my forehead. Later in the same month, I dreamed of hundreds of spiders running around in my bedroom. They were composed of pearls of all sizes. Again they moved in a fluid natural way, and I was again afraid of getting out of bed because I did not want to be bitten. As I watched them, I noticed they were sensitive to me and my movements and I become more confident about getting out of bed. I woke up before my foot touched the floor. In the third dream, the spiders are composed of Amethysts, Rubies and Diamonds, fluid and natural, and are coming at me down the walls. Fear is first, then fascination. I always wake up before contact. Can you help me understand what this means? Thanks so much.

Dear Dreamer, Spiders can be associated with such things as something irritating or “biting.” They can also be connected to female energy. Sometimes they might be symbolic of intrigue or secrecy. With the above in mind, it appears that something that once looked scary and threatening has become more intriguing and appealing. The preponderance of jewels in the dream could by symbolic of personal talents or a relationship. If I had to guess, I would say that the dream is suggesting that a relationship or a talent that once frightened you now appears appealing. I hope that helps.

Here's my dream...spiders (tarantula)

My 5-year-old daughter has been having these recurring dreams about tarantula spiders. Since my daughter and I live alone, we still sleep in the same bed together. Almost on a weekly basis, she wakes up in the middle of the night trying to brush the tarantulas off her pillow or the bed. She tells me, in her sleep, that they are on her pillow or on her side of the bed. She has even tried to lie on top of me, saying that she can’t sleep on her side because there are too many tarantulas. I’ve questioned her many times about these dreams, trying to figure out if they are really tarantulas or just big spiders and she is sure that they are not just big spiders. I looked in the dream dictionary on this site and it mentioned that one possible interpretation is being smothered by a mother. I hate to admit this, but being that I am the only family member she has, and she is my one and only child, it is safe to say that I probably do smother her sometimes. I have also read in other dictionaries that dreaming of tarantulas can portend coming illness or worries about health. From the time she was born, she has suffered from asthma, recurring colds, and other respiratory ailments. What could these dreams mean? She has them so often, I know they mean something and I’m very worried about that

Dear Dreamer, In addition to some of the things you have cited, spiders can also represent criticism or (in a child’s mind) a bully of some kind. If this is the case, the dream could suggest that she was either being challenged by someone always correcting her or perhaps she is afraid of another child at preschool. Of course, you can help her by getting her to describe what goes on in her day when you are not around. In addition, it might work for you to give her paper and crayons and ask her to draw the spiders and, once they've been drawn, ask her to describe where they came from or how they got there. You can also work with pre-sleep suggestion, which was frequently suggested by the Edgar Cayce material: as your daughter is drifting off to sleep, speak reassuring words, tell her that she is safe in her own home, tell her what a good girl she is, and so forth.Finally, information on asthma is also available from the Cayce Health Database. However, you might be interested to known that “being smothered” by something can also facilitate asthma. It may really be a good time to get your daughter her own bedroom and her own room. Good luck to you both. 

Here's my dream...turtles

In my dream I am in an apartment that is small and cluttered. I open a door and I find a room that I didn't know existed. The room was larger and it opened up into a nice pool. I was about to go swimming in this pool and I noticed large turtles swimming in the pool. Well I thought to myself, I can’t go in now and then I woke up. What do the turtles represent? I couldn't find anything in the archives about turtles. Thank you.

Dear Dreamer, A turtle can be symbolic of longevity, the subconscious, something that is slow and methodical, or personal insecurity. The image of the small and cluttered apartment suggests that you may have a very confined viewpoint about yourself, your talents, your direction, etc. This could be about low self-esteem or it might be the image of a cluttered mind. The previously unexplored room is suggesting that there much more to you that you have heretofore given yourself credit for.  

Here's my dream...unicorn

Before going to sleep one night, I asked the question, “What is my purpose in life?” I had a dream in which my mother was telling me of a dream she had before I was born. She said she dreamt of seven white unicorns with red eyes that were lacking a heart. Recently, I had been looking up some dream interpretations and came across unicorns, so maybe that was why I dreamed of them. Otherwise I would be taking this dream very seriously. Do archetypal symbols like unicorns just pop into dreams if they had passed through the conscious mind recently?

Dear Dreamer, First of all, as background information, dreams have a meaning regardless of whether or not the same information was on the conscious mind of the dreamer before falling asleep. For example, if you are watching a scary movie about mummies and them dream about mummies, the dream still has a relevant meaning – your subconscious mind just has to filter what it is trying to bring to your awareness through the imagery of mummies. With that in mind, unicorns are often symbolic of innocence, purity, virginity, or metaphysical topics. White is also suggestive of innocence or purity. The number seven can correspond to spirituality or personal transformation. The heart is obviously connected to personal emotions. With this as the relevant symbolism, I think your dream may be suggesting that one of your purposes in life is to open up emotionally and to work on your own spiritual purification and transformation. Good luck to you.

Here's my dream...wolf

As a young man I frequently had the following recurring dream: I dreamt that a vicious wolf was following me, trying to nip at my feet and legs. In order to stay out of harms way, somehow I was able to float just above the ground, like I was in a cloud of some kind. Repeatedly I dreamt that the wolf was trying to bite me and somehow I was able to avoid getting bitten. Any help you could provide as to what this dream might have meat would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Dreamer, One possibility suggested by the dream is that as a young person you were frequently in a situation in which you felt belittled, criticized or condemned by someone around you (e.g. a parent, a teacher, an authority figure). The snapping jaws of the wolf would correspond to this overly critical individual. In order to cope with this situation, the imagery suggests that you spent a lot of time in your head (e.g. floating above the ground). I hope this helps.