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2012 Financial Statement

Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc. (A.R.E.) is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation funded primarily by the generosity of our members. We strive to use our funds as efficiently as possible, illustrated by the fact that 88.3% of our operating expenses went directly to program services while 5.1% went to support services and 6.6% to fundraising in a year we publicly launched our CREATE comprehensive campaign. This data is from independently audited financial statements. Sales are net of cost of goods rather than gross sales.

The year included a number of very positive changes that will continue to impact the growth and health of the Cayce organizations in the years ahead. According to CEO Kevin J. Todeschi, "More and more individuals have become excited about our educational and outreach programs, and the fundraising for our 67th Street Construction Project (the September opening of our new de Laski Education Center, October launch of CREATE, and the planned construction of the Cayce/Miller Café) have all gone extremely well. In terms of education, Atlantic University has been successfully launched as an online university, offering both graduate programs and courses for personal enrichment."

A.R.E.'s use of technology continues to expand.  Overall traffic to EdgarCayce.org was up over 2011 with over 87 million hits, 13 million page-views, and 3.1 million sessions; average daily session of 7,926 (up from 6,655) and monthly page-views exceeding 1 million (1,093,299 vs. 840,470 for 2011).   We continue to have a global appeal with 24% of visitors outside of the U.S. Top countries for web activity (ranked by site visits) include Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Philippines and Netherlands.The launch of the new member section was completed; we now have an integrated search with all materials and over 30 video files and nearly 20 audio files including several historical files from the archives and self-study lesson based on A Search for God. With our integrated sign-in to ARECatalog.com, members can update their contact information, check their dues paid thru date, and purchase products. Reflections: The Wisdom of Edgar Cayce, our Internet Radio Show with CBS Sky Radio, has over 100 podcasts available for download to the public. Our YouTube site has now exceeded 3.3 million views. Our social networking statistics continue to grow: the Official Edgar Cayce Page on Facebook had 32,472 fans at year-end and Twitter had 5,198. We expanded our Facebook pagesGoogle+, and Pinterest posts to include images with Cayce quotes, available for sale as prints, and we are also on FourSquare and Meetup. We launched the Dream Dictionary and Thought for the Day apps on Android and Apple and a new Spa App. In 2012, 5,894 free apps were downloaded plus 2,601 paid apps. We are continuing to expand the virtual online Library; adding eBooks and eGroups; and expanding our publishing initiatives through A.R.E. Press and 4th Dimension Press (books, eBooks, DVDs). Ongoing outreach includes youth and camp programs, and ever-increasing Cayce-related educational materials and online resources for members, small groups, and the public.

In terms of how members have helped the organization financially, the 2012 results include:

  • Almost 4,000 of our 28,000 members were also donors
  • Over 550 individuals were Golden Circle members (donors of $1,000 or more) – the most in our history
  • There were 285 members of the Edgar Cayce Legacy Society (individuals who have the organization in their wills or estate plans)
  • Volunteers provided 21,125 hours of support 
  • More than 4,700 individuals attended conferences



Sales $869,063
Fees and Tuition $2,587,384
Memberships $968,211
Contributions $3,288,936
Other Income $479,286
Total Revenues $8,192,880





Program Services $7,146,596
Support Services $413,985
Fundraising $533,419
Total Expenditures $8,094,000


*Independently audited financials.
Note: Sales are net of cost of goods rather than gross sales.

2012 Audited Financial Statements (pdf)
2012 Form 990 for A.R.E. (pdf)
2012 Form 990 for Atlantic University (pdf)