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There Is a River
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The I-Ching
9 / Humble Strength


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09humblHere is not a time for action, except on a limited basis. One may possess the strength, but the conditions are not favorable. Be moderate. The cycle of preparation is not yet complete. The inner person should be strong, but the outer person should manifest gentleness. Any progress must be subtly achieved.

(Q) Kindly give me any advice that will benefit me spiritually, physically, mentally.
(A) ... Study to show self approved unto thy Maker, thy better self. Purposefulness, then, in that done or accomplished or thought, that brings constructive influence and experience into the hearts and minds and lives of individuals.

It isn't the great things. No great deeds of valor are accomplished without ages of preparation in the soul of one that accomplishes same.

It is just being kind, just being gentle, just being patient, first with self and self's relationships to thy fellow man.

These are not principles that are for the church alone, nor for the lodge, nor social organizations; but more and more the principles to be applied in the experience of the business man, the social man, in the everyday life. Thus may better the glory of the Lord shine through thine experience.

How much greater in the experience of each soul to at the end of any given day have the satisfaction of the best within self say to thee, "Well done!" than to have all the glory of man that you have tricked or have overstepped in some manner that may have been for material gain! 416-7

And in the application, study self. Be humble, but not timid; be positive, but not in that determination of rule or ruin. But rather in that as was given-mercy, justice, patience, love, long-suffering, brotherly kindness, and forgetting those things that easily beset one in grudges or hatreds or hard feelings-but rather study others. 1402-1

Open the door for those that cry aloud for a knowledge that God is within the reach of those that will put their hand to doing; just being kind-not a great deed as men count greatness, but just being gentle and patient and loving even with those that would despitefully use thee. For the beauties of the Lord are with those that seek to know and witness for Him among men.

That is thy mission, that is thy purpose, in this material experience. 1436-1

(Q) How can I still further advance into the perfection I seek to attain in the Father's eyes and the fellow man's?

(A) Put into practice day by day that as is known. Not some great deed or act, or speech, but line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little. Not as sounding of trumpets as to what is being accomplished, but in the quiet of thine own conscience lay the plans for that that may be accomplished, and in the acts day by day so build that as conforms to His way; for, as He has given, those that seek to know the Lord and do His biddings shall not go empty-handed; neither shall his seed beg bread. 257-78