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There is a river
There Is a River
Thomas Sugrue


The I-Ching
17 / Seeking


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17seekinThe search for truth is fraught with obstacles and disappointments. Sincere seeking means making many choices along the way, and selecting one way at a crossroads means foreclosing another way. Even though mistakes and errors sometimes arise—even though gains along the way are offset by losses—keep true to your search and the ideal that inspires it.


(Q) What is the right road for me to take which I have not yet found?

(A) As indicated, first know what is thy ideal! There is none other. Let it be in the spiritual forces, not in the material. Seek to know the Christ Consciousness!

(Q) Why are there opposing forces in me that cause conflict and confusion?

(A) As has been seen through the experiences in the earth; yet will to do that thou knowest today, and then it will be given thee what to do tomorrow. 1167-2

Seek first, then, within self as to what is thy ideal. Hold fast, thou, to that strength as thou perceived that prompted the hearts and minds and bodies of those that served their fellow man without seeking for self-glorification. And with thy ideal set in the spiritual things, ye may find and ye will know the truth that was in Him. For the truth shall indeed make you free, when ye come to the understanding of same as ye apply it in thy relations to thy fellow man. 877-1

For an idea and an ideal are two different things—an ideal is that that may be sought for, while an idea may lead into troubled waters. 5502-2

Self-development, as the individual then makes for the personality in the material life and in the spiritual life, makes the associations with the creative influences in every walk, in every act, in every deed. And be ye joyous in this service.

How may such be accomplished in the present? Know in what thou has believed, knowing that He is able to keep thee against any experience that may bring fear or doubt. For, by faith are ye healed and that not of yourself, but is the gift of the Father to those that seek and those who have made Him that He has given in the earth as the ideal. 439-2

(Q) What counsel have you for Mrs. [Eileen] Garrett’s spiritual development?

(A) Present self in thine own inner conscience in such a way and manner that answers for the conscience within self of its own soul development. And as the soul remains true to that which is its ideal from within, it may never give that other than constructive in its speech with those that seek to know the mysteries of soul and self-development; that has made of itself a channel through which men may approach those mysteries of life, and their activities in the minds, the hearts and the souls of men. 507-1