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The I-Ching
61 / Sincerity


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61sincerWhen one must deal with difficult people, he should concentrate on being internally firm and externally gentle. In this way, he can manifest the penetrating understanding necessary for fruitful communication. Through sincere discussion, the sage gains knowledge needed to make a truly just response, thereby averting disharmony.


(Q) Please advise Gladys Davis if there are better methods of handling the work which comes under her supervision.

(A) Only don’t find fault so often. Look within self. And ye can create, ye can add to, ye can stimulate sincerity in the minds and in the hearts of thy helpers—who will be entirely changed in less than sixty days and you have it all to do over again! So begin with self first. Be sincere. Be patient. Be gentle, be kind. And let each understand that to someone this means life and death, hope and despair, and that if this were thine only channel for help what should be thy attitude? 254-115

It is not what one knows that counts, but what one does about that it knows! Then it is the application of these attributes to which this soul, each soul, must adhere—to prevent confusion, to bring about harmony, to bring about not gratifying at all times but contentment in the experience; that first of sincerity of purpose, that of long-suffering with others, that of patience with self, that of understanding of others’ viewpoints—and seeing thyself as others see thee in the light of that thou proclaimest to others that thou believest. 1182-1

Be kind, be gentle, be patient. For he that waiteth on the Lord in patience, in sincerity, in honesty, shall not be lacking in principle nor in opportunity—either in the material things or in the peace that brings the more perfect understanding. 1983-1

Remember, fame and fortune and power are not the rule, but sincerity, patience, kindness, long-suffering, gentleness. Against these there is no law, for it is the law—of love, of knowledge, of wisdom. 189-3

But impress upon self, and upon all, that the body is associated or affiliated with not a goody-goody attitude but being purposefully good for something!

Parade not thy ideals. Be humble. Be gentle. Be kind. Be sincere.

Be true to self, to self’s obligations, to self’s promises; that there may be within self the purpose to meet all factors—good, bad, indifferent—in such a manner that the experience may be for betterment of every nature, for every member of the family—as well as those ye meet day by day. 934-6

Then, according to how thoroughly ye live up to them, is to how much peace, how much harmony, how much development ye will find in this experience. For sincerity and consistency are real virtues; and in a woman, sincerity is indeed a jewel, for in a man, it rarely exists! 2175-8