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There is a significant provenance to ECIIS's Intuitive Heart Provider Certificate Training. Its story makes it unique in many ways. The origin of these several one-of-a-kind Intuitive Heart Discovery methodologies has resulted in an integrated pattern of unique qualities that inform this training in such a way that the benefits to those enrolled exceed expectations in many ways.

The core mission of ECIIS is to introduce the public to the innovative social uses of intuition, consistent with our mythical understanding of the evolutionary momentum, to leaven social relations and prepare us for dealing with the future in a more creative, collaborative manner.

The origin of the rituals arose from dreams and interactions among people participating in Edgar Cayce activities.

Mythology has important insights to offer in this regard and we are proud that our efforts are mythically aware. Myths relating to "Creation," "Paradise" the "Many and the One," and "Apocalypse" are most relevant.

Here is a list of two of the most important unique qualities of our Intuitive Heart training.

Developed organically in Edgar Cayce communities

Mythology has important insights to offer in this regard and we are proud that our efforts are mythically aware.

An examination of the history of the Intuitive Heart work reveals that it's origin story, its "provenance," as it were, involves people who are working with each other to apply ideas from the Edgar Cayce readings.

Briefly stated, James Turrell (a MacDonald "Genius" award winner), a student of Cayce, introduces Henry Reed to recalling and recording dreams in 1967. Henry has a significant dream that he uses personally to begin a spiritual recovery from alcoholism. A few years later, in 1974, this same dreams proves instrumental in his conducting his pivotal "dream tent" research at Edgar Cayce's summer camp. Simultaneously, Henry develops a "home study" version of "dream incubation" for use in a pivotal research project involving A.R.E. members at large, that shows that people can make constructive use of their dreams if they attempt to enlist them for constructive purposes. Several participants in this project had dreams suggesting that the larger world could profit from sharing their efforts at learning to develop a relationship to dreams. As a result, in 1976, Atlantic University funded Henry to create Sundance: The Community Dream Journal. Later, so-and-so would write, "that with the creation of the Sundance journals, Henry became the father of the modern dream-work movement by rescuing dreams from psychotherapy and helped initiate the formation of the International Association for the Study of Dreams." Henry went to take the primary.

The Intuitive Heart training provides people with an active, hands-on, contemporary "gringo" shamanism expressed in familiar concepts.

  • Provides innovative dream technology useful in self-help groups
  • Learning to use intuition with others for consensual validation
  • Learning how to use intuition to create harmony, innovation, spirituality
  • Substantiated by research published in peer reviewed journals: The Intuitive Heart Discovery Process is perhaps the only commercially available, "proprietary" training program that has several peer-reviewed, scholarly papers published attesting to the effectiveness of its methods,and encouraging replication and open sourced innovation of these methodologies. The Inspired Heart, which is the basic meditation used in the training, has research to back its effectiveness, from the work of both Autogenic Therapy and the Heart-Math Institute.
  • Uses Cayce's concept of "buddy system" to provide training support
  • "Learn by Earning" strategy expresses spirituality of economics
  • Spin Off Tools. Although the main form of sharing the Intuitive Heart is a six-week small (5-7 persons) group process (there are three levels of training, each a six week program), many of the training exercises function well both as standalone intuition training exercises (suitable for brief (from an hour to a day) gatherings, and as tools useful for many purposes. For example, the initial exercise, "In My Experience,” is a very powerful process for people to use to develop their own understanding of Tarot cards.
  • Open source, transparent


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