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What is mythology?

There is a general myth of a earlier paradise, in which everything functioned in harmony. An evolutionary step, in the bite of an apple, was the emergence of self-awareness. But the separation it required had the unintended effect of creating judgment, duality, and the possibility of becoming blind to God. As the cycle turns toward oneness, the coming "Apocalypse," or lifting of the veil, will return the unconscious to consciousness. Boundaries will dissolve. Ego identity will be challenged.

Dream of the "Research Dance":
We are gathered together for research into enlightenment. We do not know how to proceed and we are stumbling around in the dark. Suddenly, we begin dancing in a circle. Each person displays a personal symbol in a round design. As we recognize one another by our symbols, a shower of sparks sprouts up from the center of our dance. We can see! The dance is our desired method of research, we have found it!"

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Post paradise myths involve the journey to once again be able to embrace oneness while maintaining a sense of individuality—reclaiming paradise and knowing it for the first time. Carl Jung called this process "individuation." Edgar Cayce and other metaphysicians often called it "Christ Consciousness." Integral Philosophy calls increased complexity of consciousness the goal of evolution. We use the formula provided by Edgar Cayce: "The purpose of the heart is to know yourself to be yourself and one with All."

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The May Pole, The Native American Sun Dance, the image of the astrological Zodiac, the disciples around Jesus, these are among the many images of the mythological motif of the "MANY and the ONE." See the Sundance: The Community Dream Journal for a discussion of these images and their relevance to today's search for unity in diversity and non-dual awareness on CreativeSpitit.net.

While "mechanistic science" sees nature as a world of material objects working together like a giant machine, mythology delves into the "meaning" of existence. Why are we here? Why do we have the experiences we do? How do we find meaning in our experiences? The stories of myths, like dreams, require learning a new language, as myths communicate to the intuitive dimension.

To repeat a bit of history, the path of discovery of the Intuitive Heart began with Henry having a dream after being introduced to Edgar Cayce. The dream led to developing the dream tent (pdf). Henry had another dream, upon his first visit to A.R.E. The dream of the "research dance." When dreams about the dream tent led to the development of the Dream Helper Ceremony, the dream of the research dance proved to have mythological significance.

While still on the faculty of Princeton University, Henry received a letter in the Princeton faculty mailbox, addressed to him c/o "Sundance College." In the dream, Henry wondered how a letter so addressed would reach him at Princeton. It led to the realization of the mythological underpinning and heritage of our arrangement of the Intuitive Heart Discovery tools into the Edgar Cayce Intuitive Heart Discovery Group. It is with the intent that as participants in such a group develop their familiarity and skills with these tools, they will create the conditions for them to have a shared experience of this new emerging consciousness.


Sundance Community Journal coverThe "mandala" represents the integration of the "four directions," meaning the four essential modes of awareness: sensory, thinking, feeling, and intuition. Native American spirituality, the psychology of individuation developed by Carl Jung, and the teachings of Edgar Cayce all reflect a similar understanding of the intention of evolution: for our awareness, our consciousness to expand to be able to include the experience of being at one with all, while also remaining an individual in your experience and expression of this realization.

To achieve this consciousness is not a solitary act, but requires learning how to be ourselves, to look within for guidance and understanding, and to look within also for our relations with others--to "find them in our heart." Edgar Cayce once noted that it is the "purpose of the heart" to allow you to simultaneously experience your individual window on infinity as well as merge with and become one with it, the All, or God. That personal "enlightenment," however, is but one step along the path. There comes a time when the enlightenment experience can be shared. Then we find ourselves in "Heaven" together.

Such a vision was the background for the mythological study and research that led up to the formation of the Intuitive Heart Discovery Group, which is intended to help folks discover their own natural intuition so that they may then discover what it is like to experience and communicate with each other from this dimension. To read how Henry Reed first envisioned this mythology, how his "dream of the research dance" led him to develop Sundance: The Community Dream Journal, which correlated people's dreams of the future. He analyses these dreams from an archetypal perspective. He realized how a group of people could be taught the skills to experience themselves and the group members. To read his mythical account and the story of how he has applied this research, visit CreativeSpirit.net to read The Sundance Experiment. You will see how a group of citizens' dreams might alert the country. In a similar fashion, dreams in a group can also suggest ways to experience connectedness, to attain that state of transpersonal consciousness that is on the cusp of our new age of awareness. Intuitive Heart skills are preparing folks to make this natural transition to a new mode of understanding, beyond separation and judgment to oneness and discernment.

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