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Staying in residence at the Big House is an integral and necessary part of our Intuitive Heart Training

The Big House (Bighouselodge.com) is the residence of the LaPrelle family, a Quaker family, whom past participants have come to love for their warmth and caring hospitality. And the food is great! Folks arrive on Sunday evening of the week's program, in time for dinner at 6:30 p.m. The last formal session ends on Friday at 5 p.m. and is followed by a celebratory meal. Your room and board covers you through lunch on Saturday.

Residence at Big House is integral to program. The modest room and board fee of $380 is payable by cash or check to LaPrelle, is due upon arrival at the Big House. You get three country gourmet meals a day. You can see some photos and comments from past residents at our Big House programs by going to Creativespirit.net/bighouse.

We have a sample daily schedule (pdf) which includes the three family style meals, four 60-90 minute class sessions, two 20 minute meditations, and two movement/exercise activities. Evenings are somewhat free, although, we often have some other things to do to prepare for sharing the next day. During our 20 class sessions, we will experience each of the several Intuitive Heart Discovery tools. We will explore "behind-the-scenes" aspects of these tools, and how to use them in a wide variety of contexts, including how they are presented as "lessons" in the six week, Edgar Cayce "Intuitive Heart Group," which you will conduct yourself at least once in the coming year to earn your certificate.

During our week at the Big House, we’ll also be setting up the foundation for our special approach to learning-by-sharing. We'll be creating special pair bonds during the week that we'll use to integrate the development of the skills we first learn at the Big House. We'll initiate the sequence of post-Big House training-by-sharing cycles, which will include Henry Reed as your monthly mentor for twelve months afterwards as you increase your confidence in the use of the various skills. During the Big House component, we'll also explore general "professional" issues of interest to lightworkers and human service workers, as it pertains to the use of Intuitive Heart Discovery tools in one's work.

Participants will receive copies of several books and audio visual material upon their arrival at the Big House.

If A.R.E. camp is in session, one evening we will enjoy square dancing (or watching) to the accompaniment of a live bluegrass band.

Room and Board charge is $380 payable by cash or check to LaPrelle
upon arrival at Big House.

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