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Mentored by
Nancy L. Eubel
February 11 – March 10, 2015
Price: $119

Electricity or vibration is that same energy, same power, ye call God. Not that God is an electric light or an electric machine, but vibration that is creative is of the same energy as life itself.
Edgar Cayce Reading 2828-4

Vibrations are the essence of the Universe. We each are vibrating at our own unique rate. Through our life's passages we accumulate energy that is not ours. As we become more enmeshed in the physical and less aware of our Divine connection we unconsciously lower our vibrations to match our circumstances. Spirit is pushing us to raise our vibrations so that we can access the higher dimensions to assist us in our journey home.

The first century of the new millennium will see a whole new way of living on earth - a change even more drastic than the one five hundred years ago when the Middle Ages ended and the Renaissance began. A new consciousness in humanity will arrive in the twenty-first century - something that is so completely different that Cayce called it a "new root race." It will profoundly affect political, social, economic, and scientific aspects of our society".

The world is undergoing a mass shift in consciousness, as higher vibrations are being sent to the Earth right now to raise us to a new level of awareness. As Cayce predicted, this shift is being accompanied by disruptions in the Earth and in the weather systems. Old institutions and ways of existing are crumbling, and there is a sense of things speeding up beyond our control. By letting go of the limiting patterns of the past and intentionally raising the vibrational frequency of our energy bodies we can more easily create what our heart truly desires and be a light for those who are struggling with the changes. During the four-week eGroup you will come to a new understanding of vibrations - spirit in motion - and learn tools to assist you in moving to a higher spiritual dimension.

Four Weeks Designed to Assist You in Raising Your Vibrations
and Lifting Your Consciousness to Higher Spiritual Dimensions

Week One: Our Multi-Dimensional Body and Vibrational Changes – Learn about the true nature of the world in which we live - the world composed of vibrations. Explore how the shift in the collective consciousness affects you on an energetic level. Learn about the aura and how to heal tears and weakness in it, plus ways to protect it from outside influences. A guided visualization will lead you in clearing your energy body. Learn an exercise to enhance the flow of Earth and cosmic energy through your physical body and your aura. Working with the elements of this week's lesson will lay the groundwork for coming into alignment with higher vibrations in your journey of soul development and consciousness raising.

Week Two: The Chakras: Our Information Gateway – Explore the chakra system and how to enhance its performance. A guided audio visualization will lead you in clearing, opening, and balancing the chakras. Learn an exercise to transform a negative attitude held in each chakra. Clear blockages and attune your chakra system to raise your vibrations and bring in more Universal energy.

Week Three: Raising the Body's Vibrations – Discover how to increase the frequency of your body in a healthy way – through being rather than doing and by feeding your body what it needs mentally and physically to access the spiritual dimensions. Learn the effect of your environment on your vibrations and how to make appropriate changes. A guided visualization will lead you in clearing energetic blockages so that you can radiate your light as you connect with the web of life and higher consciousness.

Week Four: Spiritual Tools for Healing and Transformation – Use the vibrations of sounds, colors, and crystals to assist you in the shift and in living a happier, more peaceful life. A guided audio experience will use sound and color to attune you, and a mental quartz crystal exercise will help you amp up your vibrations. There will also be exercises using sound, colors, and crystals to enhance your vibratory body and transform low vibrations to more spiritually advanced ones. Each week will include reading materials and exercises available online; guided visualizations; journaling; and both group sharing and individual dialogue with Nancy Eubel via the on-line bulletin board.

Each week will include reading materials and exercises available online; guided visualizations; journaling; and both group sharing and individual dialogue with Nancy Eubel via the on-line bulletin board.


The course was wonderful, came at the perfect time, and made us all, I'm sure, dig deeper into who we are in relationship to our God, our purpose and spiritual ideal. Thank you for the time, attention and obvious spirit of love which you invested into the lessons. W.R.

I have read about auras and chakras through ARE material many times before, but this interactive experience made it more understandable and practical. C.P.

I feel way more peaceful now. It has helped me a lot to do what is right - myself. I thank Nancy and A.R.E. for this eGroup. R.K.

Mentor Bio:  
Nancy Eubel

Nancy L. Eubel, MBA, MHt, Rt, is a master clinical hypnotherapist, workshop presenter, and shamanic practitioner, who has studied current and past-life therapies in the U.S, India and Turkey. She is the author of the A.R.E. Press book Mindwalking: Rewriting Your Past to Create Your Future. She is a former Executive Director of the A.R.E., taught the Dreams and Meditation Class for the Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy, and was also a hypnotherapist at the A.R.E. Health Spa in Virginia Beach. She mentors several eGroups and is a frequent speaker at A.R.E. programs across the country.

Nancy’s extensive travels have taken her many places around the world including India, China, Nepal, and Tibet. She also led an A.R.E. Tour to Tibet. Her places of study include Culver-Stockton College, Loyola University of Chicago, the Tibetan Nyingma Institute, and the Berkeley Psychic Institute.

Prior to her work with the A.R.E., Nancy was a corporate controller, has an MBA in accounting, and was a Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

She is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, International Association For Regression Research and Therapies, Inc., the Society for Shamanic Practitioners, and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

Nancy has a private hypnotherapy/past-life regression practice in Northern California.

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