Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.
Inner Shaman

Mentored by Henry Reed, PhD
November 4 - December 1, 2015
Price: $119

Shamanism is the native expression of our inborn understanding of healing in relationship to all life. For a long time, shaman was a job description, but in our age of consciousness, we understand shamanism to be a potential for healing wisdom within oneself. In this eGroup, we will learn some facts and ideas about shamans and shamanism from a modern point of view. Our main focus will be to experience certain shamanic realities and get a handle of certain shamanic tools or skills, so that we might approach healing and spirituality from a native perspective.

Edgar Cayce's life story is a good example of modern shamanism. A common theme of shamanic initiation is to be "called" by one's own illness, as was Mr. Cayce. A major shamanic skill is "setting self aside," as Mr. Cayce would express it, or the "art of ecstasy," as certain scholars of shamanism have named it. An important service provided by shamans is "soul retrieval," which Mr. Cayce practiced through giving readings and recovering past life memories. Cayce indicated that souls were created for the purpose of companionship. Shamanism allows for the experience of communication with all life forms, animals, plants and minerals. We will explore these shamanic activities.

By the end of our eGroup, you will have learned:  

  • To appreciate the general nature of shamanism, independent of any ethnic group.
  • To understand your own history of personal challenges as the way you've made "medicine."
  • To set self aside in a process of an altered state of consciousness, to achieve the state of "ecstasy."
  • To go on a journey to locate a power animal to assist you in your work.
  • How to "shape shift."
  • How to practice "soul retrieval," and what it's like to serve another person in this way.
  • How to communicate with other life forms.

Week 1: The Universal Shamanic Initiation

You'll gain an understanding the archetypal shamanic pattern. You'll use life Review and explore becoming aware of your potential shamanic initiation. Gathering your medicines will be part of this exploration.

Week 2: Shamanism as the Art of Ecstasy

You will learn the basic shamanic art/skill of "ecstasy," or setting self aside. You will learn to use ecstasy to recall lost parts of self. We'll be exploring shape shifting.

Week 3: Shamanic Soul Flight and the Quest for Inspiration

Using the drumbeat to go on a "soul flight." Discovering the ideal within the Spirit Guide. You'll be acquiring a power animal.

Week 4: Serving Others Through Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Practicing shamanic soul retrieval to serve another eGroup member.  You'll also practice shamanic communication with a chosen animal and plant.

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Mentor Bio:  
Henry Reed

Henry Reed, Ph.D., has been the prime designer of A.R.E.'s psychic development program, in its various aspects, for the past twenty some years. He is one of the trainers of A.R.E.'s most successful, and long running, psychic training conference, "The Edgar Cayce Legacy: Be Your Own Psychic." He developed A.R.E.'s program of evaluating psychics. He has published scientific articles on his research into intuition and psychic functioning. He is the author of Edgar Cayce on Awakening Your Psychic Powers, Edgar Cayce on Channeling Your Higher Self, and Your Intuitive Heart.  

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