Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.

Mentor: Lynn Sparrow Christy
August 6-September 2, 2014
Price: $119

Revised and updated, with additional resource materials, new guided meditations, and more downloadable experiential exercises! If you have participated in this eGroup in the past, Lynn will be happy to discuss these updates and revisions with you in more detail to help you determine whether you wish to re-experience Apprenticed to the Master with a new group of fellow travelers on the path of discipleship. Please contact eGroups@edgarcayce.org and your email will be forwarded to her for response.

Q: Is Jesus the Christ on any particular sphere or is He manifesting on the earth plane in another body?

A: … not in a body in the earth, but may come at will to him who WILLS to be one with, and acts in love to make same possible. (Edgar Cayce Reading #5749-4)

Imagine a great spiritual master arriving on the scene. Everywhere he goes, there are crowds, adoration and jeers. It’s dusty, hot and noisy. But when he speaks, they all become quiet, the devoted and the detractors alike. For there is power in his voice, the power that always accompanies truth. Some love this master because he has healed them or a loved one. Some follow him for the sake of what stirs in their souls as they listen to him teach. Others are led by curiosity, both deep and idle. Those who hate him, hate him because he is a living reproach to them. They cannot be in his presence without an inescapable disquiet arising within them, so they taunt and argue in attempts to quell their own painful encounter with truth. To all of these and for all of these he has come, although relatively few truly accept what he is here to accomplish.

His mastery of nature is complete. He can still a storm or calm the sea. He can materialize fish for a hardworking, poor fisherman or multiply it for a hungry crowd. As for psychic ability, he knows the thoughts and feelings of everyone who comes near him, and often astounds people with his knowledge of intimate details of their lives. To heal, to restore sight, even to raise the dead is completely within his power, as he has demonstrated before countless witnesses.

His mastery of nature is complete. He can still a storm or calm the sea. He can materialize fish for a hardworking, poor fisherman or multiply it for a hungry crowd. As for psychic ability, he knows the thoughts and feelings of everyone who comes near him, and often astounds people with his knowledge of intimate details of their lives. To heal, to restore sight, even to raise the dead is completely within his power, as he has demonstrated before countless witnesses.

Yet, more powerful than his miracles is the love and wisdom that he shares with all who will receive it. He has come to announce the arrival of the kingdom of heaven and the good news that it is within us, and he has come to offer himself as the bridge that will span the great gulf that separates that heaven from the hell in which most people live their lives. He has come to show the way to eternal life. The teaching part of his ministry is quite simple, really. We are to love God with all our hearts and minds and souls and our neighbors as ourselves. But he understands that, simple though this might be, it is the most difficult charge that human beings have ever faced. So, like all true spiritual masters, he is here to leverage the feeble efforts of those who seek to obey his teachings, and bring results far beyond what they are capable of on their own.

Imagine further, now, that this master is recruiting additional disciples. He assures them that the things he does are completely within their ability to do as well. He promises to teach them how to perform miracles. Astonishingly, he asserts that his students will be able to do even greater things than he has done on earth, once he has returned to the Father and is working with them at an unseen level. Anyone can enroll with him for instruction, regardless of current level of spiritual development or understanding. He is perfectly willing to do on-the-job training. In fact, the only thing he requires is a sincere desire to help him and a willingness to do exactly what he instructs, to the best of one’s ability – as well as a willingness to make corrections after those inevitable times when one fails to do as he has directed.

How eager would you be to get started?

This A.R.E. eGroup explores the possibilities of modern-day apprenticeship to Jesus in a context that honors the deepest truths in all of the world’s spiritual traditions. What if Jesus really meant it when he said "anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing" and "he will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father?" What if two thousand years’-worth of arguments about doctrine have largely missed the point? Can we go back now and re-think what it means to take Jesus as our Master and Teacher?

As He came into the world, as man knows the world, then He became as man; yet in the spirit world He seeks to make manifest that sought by those who do His biddings. (Edgar Cayce Reading # 5749-4)

During this four-week internet-based study group, your mentor, Lynn Sparrow Christy, will guide you through experiences that venture beyond belief and into action as a modern-day student of the Master. Joined together across time and space, the group will explore what it means to:

  • Establish your walk with Jesus on the guru-student model, where what you learn from him directly is far more important than what you have been taught to believe.
  • Experience the leverage of heart and consciousness that comes from contact with the Master.
  • Recognize the evolutionary breakthrough achieved by Jesus as your own destiny.
  • Take up your own crosses as an act of love and compassion for the human race.
  • Receive the "Holy Breath," just as Jesus’ earliest disciples received it from the risen Christ.

Along the way, you'll explore themes of guidance, attunement and life mission, as well as the common beliefs and attitudes that stop us from following in Jesus' footsteps. We may have a long way to go, but sooner or later this is the journey we must take. Let's travel a few miles of it together during this four-week period.

The Four Weeks Will Take You Through the Following Focus Areas:

Week One: Why Me?: Embracing 3rd Millennium discipleship; overcoming self-doubt and inadequacy; apprenticing yourself to Jesus as teacher, guru, living master; allowing your inner dialog with him to come forth through the practices of inspirational writing and centering prayer; visioning new possibilities for your life and our world; the specific master-disciple relationship as doorway to the universal Christ consciousness.

Week Two: The Deeper Meaning of the Cross: Discovering the cross as universal law; recognizing the way of the cross in Buddhism, Huna, Christianity – and modern principles of quantum physics; finding the power of the cross in your own life; turning burdens into "crosses of joy

Week Three: The Touch of the Master: The principle of transmission; Christ Consciousness as a super-charged archetype; what the incarnations of the Jesus soul mean as evolutionary breakthrough and power to us as individuals; identifying your growing edges through the chakra system; the "Heart Merge with Jesus" practice.

Week Four: The Power of the Holy Breath: Subtle energies and the Holy Spirit; healing of self and others; energy work in the life of a modern-day disciple of Jesus.

Each week will include the core lesson for the week as well as supplemental articles and links to further audio or video resources; the opportunity to participate in daily group meditations designed especially for this course; downloadable audios containing guided inner work; group sharing and personal online discussion with Lynn Sparrow Christy.

What those who have worked with this material are saying:

  • "Thank you so much for doing this. I needed to find my way again."
  • "What a wonderful lesson plan!!  This is a great way to shift the ‘drudgery’ of soul work into something greater than me and in Oneness of others.  I've never seen this concept you have presented and I loved it!"
  • "It’s been like spiritual grease enabling me to slip right back into well-being after a difficult time."
  • "Before I began this course, I wasn't sure of my purpose.  After listening to the [recording], I knew."
  • "I hope you are enjoying this course as much as me.  My experience with the reverie was incredible.  I was able to feel Jesus hold my hand as we traveled through the time line of my life."  
  • "I am just thrilled with the inspirational writing technique. I have for years felt like my prayers outside of ‘Thy will be done’ were a wish list….I certainly feel like I am having more of a conversation, and it makes me pause to hear his voice. Just great!"
  • "The audios were fantastic."
  • "I have enjoyed the breadth and depth of your responses…the imagery of the reverie is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for providing it."
  • "The guided imagery audios offered a whole experience of the information. Would purchase it as a CD if it were available. The apprentice comments were so informative and Lynn's responses were exceptionally insightful and compassionate. Thank you."
  • "Yes, this class is totally helping me feel supported and guided by the Christ light."
  • "The exalted Christology of the Edgar Cayce readings is extraordinary – and so few are speaking on this… Lynn understands this, relates it to other sources, yet centers on the meaning of the Christ…"
  • "I learned a lot about Jesus that I never knew before, such as his many previous lives. The most memorable thing for me was reading about the meaning of the cross and the inspirational writing I did afterward. It was all good!"
  • "The HeartMerge with Jesus practice was and is wonderful.  How did you come up with that?" 
  • [The HeartMerge with Jesus] meditation "… was very powerful for me and takes it to a higher level."
  • "The Power of the Holy Breath meditation is amazing."
  • "I have just finished doing the Holy Breath guided meditation and …thanks to your materials, I could finally see the relationships between the different circuits that run through our bodies and relate them to the Christ Archetype as you explained it so beautifully."
  • "I've been waiting for this class for years!...THANK YOU!"
Mentor Bio:  

Lynn Sparrow Christy is the author of Beyond Soul Growth: Awakening to the Call of Cosmic Evolution. She is a teacher, writer, and hypnotherapist-life coach with more than 40 years of experience with both traditional and alternative approaches to spirituality. Her earlier books, Edgar Cayce and Christian Faith and Reincarnation: Claiming Your Past, Creating Your Future, as well as her home-study courses, Meditation Made Easy and How to Discover Your Past Lives, have all explored Cayce’s contribution to leading topics in contemporary spirituality. Over the past several decades, Lynn has conducted numerous seminars in cities throughout North America and several international locations. Her other eGroup topics include: Apprenticed to the Master: Following Jesus in the 3rd Millennium, Life Lessons and Soul Purpose, and Transforming Your Karma: Expanding the Influence of Grace in Your Life.

In addition to her writing and seminar work, as a certified Master Hypnotherapist and hypnosis trainer, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Life Coach, Lynn maintains a private practice in Virginia Beach, where she works with clients on everything from habit change and personal healing to exploration of deep spiritual themes.

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