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Past Lives: Discover Your Past Unlock Your Present

Mentored by
Nancy L. Eubel
April 10 – May 7, 2013
Price: $119


"For each entity in the earth is what it is because of what it has been! And each moment is dependent upon another moment. So a sojourn in the earth, as indicated, is as a lesson in the school of life and experience."
Edgar Cayce reading 2823-3

For Life and its expressions are one. Each soul or entity will and does return, or cycle, as does nature in its manifestations about man; thus leaving, making or presenting - as it were – those infallible, indelible truths that it – Life – is continuous." Edgar Cayce reading 938-1

Past lives are a treasure trove of information for understanding why your life is the way it is – as evidenced by the 6,900 references to past-lives or past-life experiences given in the Edgar Cayce readings. Your past-lives also hold the potential for healing and for helping you create the unique life you chose for this incarnation. As part of this 4-week eGroup you will revisit several of your former lives to discover karmic patterns that have followed you through time and are now ready to be transformed to more beneficial ones. You will learn spiritual tools and experience regressions to assist you in this process of healing on all levels. A guided visualization will take you back to the pre-birth meeting with your personal Council of Seven Guides to learn about the lessons and plan you established for this lifetime. Then, traversing with your Higher Self through an opening in time to the past, you will discover, bring back, and incorporate the remembrance of a life of happiness. From a prior life you will retrieve a unique gift, skill, or talent you had then and carry it forward into the present to be updated and used now. Additionally you will travel through another time opening – this one to the future - into the field of all possibilities where you will select the pathway that is most in keeping with reason your reincarnating in this body and this life. Finally, you will incorporate these new learnings into a plan which you will begin to act on to unlock your desired present and future.

Summary of the Four-Week Experience

Four Weeks Designed to Assist You in Reshaping Your Life – Unlocking Your Present and Future

Week One: Past-Lives, Reincarnation, and Karma: During this first week explore the concept of reincarnation, karma, past-life threads and their impact on your current life. Create a safe place and meet your Higher Self, who will assist you during the eGroup process. Learn self-hypnosis to assist you in traveling to the past so that you can reformat repetitive patterns. Re-experience one of your happy past-lives during a guided regression and bring its unique qualities back to support you in creating your new future. Uncover potential past-life influences through your answers to a karma questionnaire.

Week Two: Physical is the Result: Learn how past-life experiences can affect your physical body. Decipher the spiritual message a physical condition is attempting to deliver. Send your Higher Self to the past and to the future through openings in time to retrieve guidance regarding this condition. Journey through the body to a past-life memory that is creating a physical difficulty and take action to correct its energetic blueprint.

Week Three: Pre-Birth Planning and Soul Lessons: Revisit the time just prior to this incarnation and meet with your personal Council of Seven to discover your selected lessons for this lifetime. Release last thoughts, vows, or agreements from a former lifetime that are perpetuating a karmic pattern in the present. Learn what is necessary to fulfill your pre-birth agreement and resolve past-life karma related to it.

Week Four: Unlock the Present and Future You Desire: TTravel through time to investigate potential futures. Discover your options and see which best fulfills your soul's life plan for this incarnation. Recover a latent gift, skill, beneficial attribute, or talent from the past, bring it back, and update it to use in the present. Learn what steps or corrections actions are necessary for you to take to get on your divine destiny track. Choose this path of resolution and co-creation and commit to a plan of action as you unlock your desired present and future.

Each week will include lessons and related questions, reading materials and exercises all available online; guided past-life regressions or visualization audio sessions; journaling; and group sharing and individual dialogue with Nancy Eubel via the on-line bulletin board.


The information was so well organized and every detail explained by the presenter. Also she was quick to answer and comment on all input on the discussion board, even offering personal help to participants when requested. It was both an enjoyable and a learning experience due in great part to the expertise of the presenter and her genuine interest in reaching out to everyone in the group. I really liked the topic and the way it was covered. S.N. 

I liked that Nancy responded with a comment, suggestion, or question to each post. J.M. 

I really liked the structure of the class and the format of the material. The material was well written and it was easy to follow. I also enjoyed reading Nancy's responses to the questions/experiences written by the other students. This was by far the best eGroup class I've taken. I can use the material and continue on my own after the class has completed. L.M.H. 

Mentor Bio:    
Nancy Eubel 

Nancy L. Eubel, MBA, MHt, Rt,is a master clinical hypnotherapist, workshop presenter, and shamanic practitioner, who has studied current and past-life therapies in the U.S., India, and Turkey. She is the author of the recently released A.R.E. Press book Mindwalking Rewrite Your Past To Create Your Future. She is a former Executive Director of the A.R.E., taught the Dreams and Meditation Class for the Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy, and was a hypnotherapist at the A.R.E. Health Spa. In a recent Venture Inward article Nancy described her own past-life experience and clearing after visiting the Taj Mahal. She has mentored the Past Lives: Discover Your Past, Unlock Your Future, Mindwalking Rewiring Your Consciousness, Vibrations Moving You to a Higher Dimension, and Transform Your Thoughts, Transform Your Life eGroups. Nancy also presents talks and workshops about Cayce concepts, spiritual growth, and self-healing across the country.

She is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists, the International Association For Regression Research and Therapies, Inc., the Society for Shamanic Practitioners, and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

In her private practice in northern California, Nancy Eubel combines various modalities, including information from the Cayce readings, hypnotherapy, and regression, to assist her clients in achieving the spiritual lessons they came into this lifetime to learn.

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In the virtual meeting room, you will have access to the written and audio materials prepared for you by Nancy. Every Wednesday, Nancy will post a lesson along with exercises for you to practice during the week. Posting is very similar to sending an e-mail, except that all the e-mails are viewed within your virtual meeting room. You may post your thoughts, questions, and experiences on the site for Nancy and the other participants to read and respond to. In this way, everyone will benefit from one another's experiences and insights and the coaching offered by Nancy to individuals.

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