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Banner- Mindfulness in Practice

Mentored by James Van Auken, MBA
August 14 - September 10, 2013
Price: $119

In this four-week eGroup, you will gain skills for enhancing your personal meditation practice and your professional personae, rejuvenate yourself for a fresh approach to daily life, reduce your stress levels, and reconnect with your soul purpose. Featuring guided mindfulness meditation sessions, walking meditation, mindful eating, body scan meditation, guided imagery, and an in-depth exploration of the mind/body connection, this experiential curriculum is designed for self-exploration and self-discovery. This eGroup is open anyone interested in living more fully in the present moment. No prerequisites or prior meditation experience required.

Week 1: Establishing a Foundation
Week 2: Building the Practice
Week 3: Enhancing the Practice
Week 4: Putting it All Together and Beyond the Cushion


Mentor Bio:  
James Van Auken egroup Mindfulness

James Van Auken, MBA is the Director of Academic and Administrative Affairs and a Faculty Member at Atlantic University where he teaches courses such as Listening and Dialogue, The Inner Life, and Becoming a Teacher of Meditation and The Inner Life. He also teaches a course on Dreams and Meditation at the Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy. His ongoing goal is to seek out the wisdom available to us all through a variety of spiritual traditions and apply it to the practical nature of everyday life.

What's an e-Group? 

Your A.R.E. eGroup will meet on an Internet discussion board. This discussion board has been created especially for A.R.E. by BulletinBoards.com, a secure Internet site that makes learning online interactive and easy. In Internet terms, your eGroup is called a "discussion board", a virtual meeting room where you will join with other like-minded people and your mentor, James Van Auken, in an interactive discussion on Mindfulness in Practice: Bringing Meditation into Daily Life.

In the virtual meeting room, you will have access to the written and audio/video materials prepared for you by James. Every Wednesday, he will post a lesson along with exercises for you to practice during the week. Posting is very similar to sending an e-mail, except that all the e-mails are viewed within your virtual meeting room. You may post your thoughts, questions, and experiences on the site for James and the other participants to read and respond to. In this way, everyone will benefit from one another's experiences and insights and the coaching offered by James to individuals.

Once you register for your A.R.E. eGroup, we will send you an e-mail from eGroups@edgarcayce.org detailing how to access and navigate our discussion board for the eGroup Mindfulness in Practice: Bringing Meditation into Daily Life. Then, you're in! You will be able to visit your eGroup any time you desire. The meeting room is accessible 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week and you may participate at your convenience from anywhere in the world. There are no specified times that you have to be in the room. You decide when and how often you wish to post and participate.

If you would like more information or to be notified when a group is forming,
please e-mail us at egroups@edgarcayce.org.