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Mentored by Peggy Joy Cross
June 5 – July 2, 2013
Cost: $119

"The greater abilities of the entity will be in the home in making and creating a home, not only for the self but for those that are naturally attracted to and by the entity. For the whole purpose of the entity as will be seen in the pattern of the life, is at home." (Edgar Cayce reading 2571-11)

The intent of this eGroup is to empower you to work confidently and competently with the energy within your home. You will hear what your home is telling you as it reflects your life back to you; you will see with "feng shui eyes", and you will address your goals, desires and ideals through visible changes that support your intentions for change in your life. These four weeks will be an introduction to essential concepts and an initial analysis of your home. These four weeks are an opportunity to learn another way of looking at your life. Feng Shui is an on going process. Our lives progress and our intentions shift, our circumstances change and indeed we change. As you embrace these principles and increase your awareness of these universal connections, you will make choices to live an intentional life.

Summary of the Four Weeks 

In these four weeks you will be introduced to principles and energy systems that are used to analyze the energy, functionality, and comfort of your personal environment. These include the balance of yin and yang, the five elements – water, wood, fire, earth, metal – all contained within the Bagua, the life map. Additionally, you will learn about the element cycles and how these systems relate to each other and how to use them together.

Become more familiar with the basic guidelines about "poison arrows", beams, adjacencies of room placement, and the importance of proper bed and desk alignment. Take a deeper look at clutter, physically and metaphysically – what it is and how it affects your life. Also, you will have the opportunity to consider the importance of color in your home – how it is expressed as well as the effect it has on your mood and energy. All of these are part of the energy systems integration.

You will be introduced to the concept of "object cures" (such as mirrors and crystals) that are used to enhance the selected energy areas within your home and metaphysically for various purposes as to "cure" a challenge, omission or inauspicious placement within your home. You will learn The Three Secrets, an intention setting ritual, for your object cures. As you ask questions about your homes, interesting situations always come up that expand the course content and enhance the knowledge that we share.

Know that you are responsible for bringing the clearest intent possible to this group and know that you have the power to make the changes in your life that you desire, if you so choose. Some may be overnight; some may be years to fruition – as within, so without. Feng Shui is environmental energy healing and in the process of raising our awareness we heal ourselves and our lives.

This eGroup will provide techniques that assist you to:

  • Bring more love into your life.
  • Create more opportunity in areas of your career.
  • Attract abundance.
  • Identify how clutter is holding you back in your life.
  • Express greater creativity in your life.
  • Heal estranged family or business relationships.
  • Manifest help when you need it and be conscious of helping others.
  • Create a more comfortable and supportive home environment.
  • Identify symbols around you that do not reflect who you wish to be.
  • Experience a deepening of self knowledge.
  • Improve your health.

Learning Methods:

  • Each week there will be an audio lecture on that week's teachings.
  • Journaling. Use this opportunity to note the changes you make within your home, the object cures you use, and any specific occurrences or general changes you observe in your life.
  • On-line readings and lessons. Each week you will be given articles to read, all of which are authored by Peggy unless otherwise designated.
  • Floor Plan. Have your floor plan ready. You will be using this plan for constant reference and to draw on in your personal Bagua and life enhancement work.
  • Edgar Cayce readings. You will have one or more readings each week that relate to Feng Shui teachings.


The best thing for me about this eGroup experience is that I can work at my own pace, in my own time. I can read what others are experiencing and not miss what has been said by either the teacher or my fellow students. (This is a big plus!) I can go over the material that I do not understand until I can grasp it without holding up the rest of the class. I can also move ahead and not have someone else hold up the class and thereby miss out on some fantastic material.

Mentor Bio:  
Peggy Cross

Peggy Joy Cross, A.S.I.D. has been a professional Feng Shui teacher, lecturer, writer and consultant since 1998.  Her studies include several Feng Shui schools, BTB Feng Shui being the one she turns to most often because she believes this school is more empowering for her and for her clients as the teaching honors our individual intuition.   In her lectures and consulting she combines knowledge from other schools and incorporates dousing, meditation, ancient rituals and the Edgar Cayce readings.

Peggy incorporates her background as an interior designer into her work in Feng Shui.  Her belief is that beauty is a constant uplifting energy for the inhabitants of a space. Previous careers while in Indiana included selling real estate and directing the volunteer program for the Indianapolis Criminal Probation Department. Since leaving Florida and moving to Virginia Beach, Peggy has become much more familiar with the philosophy and readings of Edgar Cayce.  Her first article on the alignment of Feng Shui and Edgar Cayce teachings appeared in the July/August 2007 issue of "Venture Inward".

Peggy Cross received her BFA in Interior Design from The Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL and her BA in Political Science from Indiana/Purdue Universities at Indianapolis. She is a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers and The International Feng Shui Guild as well as a Florida licensed realtor and Virginia Certified Interior Designer.

What's an e-Group? 

Your A.R.E. eGroup will meet on an Internet discussion board. This discussion board has been created especially for A.R.E. by BulletinBoards.com, a secure Internet site that makes learning online interactive and easy. In Internet terms, your eGroup is called a "discussion board", a virtual meeting room where you will join with other like-minded people and your mentor, Peggy Joy Cross, in an interactive discussion on Feng Shui the Cayce Way.

In the virtual meeting room, you will have access to the written and audio materials prepared for you by Peggy. Every Wednesday, she will post a lesson along with exercises for you to practice during the week. Posting is very similar to sending an e-mail, except that all the e-mails are viewed within your virtual meeting room. You may post your thoughts, questions, and experiences on the site for Peggy and the other participants to read and respond to. In this way, everyone will benefit from one another's experiences and insights and the coaching offered by Peggy to individuals.

Once you register for your A.R.E. eGroup, we will send you an e-mail from eGroups@edgarcayce.org detailing how to access and navigate our discussion board for the eGroup Feng Shui the Cayce Way. Then, you're in! You will be able to visit your eGroup any time you desire. The meeting room is accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week and you may participate at your convenience from anywhere in the world. There are no specified times that you have to be in the room. You decide when and how often you wish to participate.

If you would like more information or to be notified when a group is forming,
please e-mail us at egroups@edgarcayce.org.