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Mentored by
Mitzi Crall, Ph.D.
June 17 - July 14, 2015
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"Within each of us there are certainly great storehouses of abilities and capacities which we have never used. If they were manifested, we would consider ourselves in a different light."
Based on Edgar Cayce readings 262-5 through 262-11

Your mind is more than you think – so is the creation of your life. The predominant message being shared by today’s self-help gurus is that mastering your life is simply a matter of focusing your thoughts and visualizing a desired outcome. .. Before you can use your mind to master your life, you must master your understanding of your mind. Up to 99% of your life is determined at an other-than-conscious level. This includes every aspect of your life from determining whom you will marry to what kind of car you will drive to how you dress to how well you manifest your dreams and desires. Now you can unravel the code that underwrites how you live your life and why you make the choices you make. If you want to get the most from your “mind over matter” practice, or any practice that utilizes your subconscious mind, the knowledge contained in these lessons will take your results to an unprecedented level.

These lessons are chock full of techniques and practices that WILL change your life. This new, updated version contains even more information and additional skills to enhance your results.

  • Go beyond the familiar, worn-out messages to gain a rich understanding of the deep power contained in the differences between right- and left-brain dominance.
  • Discover the five most effective methods for influencing your subconscious mind.
  • Determine the unique language patterns that only your subconscious responds to, then learn how to use these language patterns to “trance-form” your life.
  • Learn how to use these unique language patterns to positively influence others.

From beginner to advanced, if you engage in any practice that utilizes the power of the subconscious mind, these lessons will provide you with insights, skills and inspiration to take your success to an extraordinary level. Learn how to develop rapport and cooperation with your subconscious mind rather than relying on discipline. What you gain from these lessons are the elusive pieces of the puzzle no one is telling you about. Not because they are holding out on you, but because they don't know them either. Launch your personal and spiritual development forward in ways you never dreamed possible.

You will learn:

  • The Role of Biology
    • Learn the "age" of your subconscious mind and how to "grow it up."
    • Identify and manage the challenges you encounter as you develop whole brain thinking.
    • Examine the biology of "gut instinct" and learn how to significantly enhance your intuition
  • The Mind Model
    • Learn how your mind decides which information to embrace, which to negate and how it processes that information.
    • Understand the role of the Critical Mind vs. willpower.
    • Discover the five critical steps and multiple techniques for bypassing the Critical Mind to powerfully engage the subconscious mind.
  • The Significance of Right-brain and Left-brain Dominance
    • Understand the impact of inferred vs. direct communication, with ourselves and with others.
    • Learn how hemispheric dominance is managed for greater personal power.
    • Gain insights into why opposites attract.
    • Can you achieve it if you can't see it? How to succeed if visualization is difficult for you.
    • Learn the impact of brain dominance in relationships so you can head off problems before they start and rescue a relationship already in trouble.
  • A New Look at Identifying Goals
    • Establish ways to recognize and resolve conflicts between your actual goals and the goals of your subconscious mind
    • Get a fresh look at what is standing between you and success; look at "blocks" in a whole new light
  • Know Thyself – Because What Works for You is as Unique as You Are
    • One size does not fit all. Know how you do what you do so you can own the process and make it work to your benefit.
    • Recognize, define, and eliminate the unconscious conflicts that are holding you back.
  • Exercises and Practices Galore
    • Gain access to many practices that can be personalized and tailored to assure success for every personality profile


This information and more will be presented in a series of four sessions, each of which will be supported with audio meditations specific to right- or left- brain dominance. The significance of that customization will become evident as you proceed through the lessons. Everyone who has worked with this information has found it fresh, insightful, effective and empowering.

Previous students consistently report that the information in these lessons is original and very effective. Most experience at least one profound change before the four weeks are over. Many experience even more.

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“Learning more about accessing and programming the subconscious was most important to me. The reading material was clear, well organized, and very well written” –S.W.

“The best part about the eGroup was the lessons and Mitzi's comments. They helped me become much more aware of how we think and how we use our minds. This awareness has changed how I see all aspects of daily life, for the better.” –C.S.

“The teacher was wonderful. She was proficient in the topic, enthusiastic, had a great sense of humor and she was also very caring about the students and was always making sure we got the most from the course.” –A.P.

“Mitzi is full of information and shared it beautifully with the questions or comments posed by us. I really felt that I could continue on with the work after it was over, which I think is extremely important and valuable.” –J.P.

Mentor Bio:  
 egroups - Mitzi Crall  2014
Mitzi Crall, Ph.D. believes that results matter. Skilled in a variety of alternative practices, Mitzi has distilled and interwoven her diverse expertise into customized solutions for individuals and companies. In addition to offering various trainings, Mitzi has authored a book on marketing, has had numerous articles published, is often heard on radio stations throughout the country, and is quoted in a variety of publications throughout the world including Entrepreneur Magazine and Reuter's Business, Europe. Mitzi is also an advanced practitioner of Controlled Remote Viewing, studying with Lyn Buchanan, former viewer and trainer for the U.S. Government. Mitzi lives on the remote island of Ocracoke, NC. She works with individual clients and companies as well as offering seminars and training on a variety of practices. She also serves as a corporate consultant and trainer.

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