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Mentored by
Joanne DiMaggio
July 9-August 5, 2014
Price: $119

How many times have you heard someone say—“I want to find my soul mate” or “He (or she) is my true soul mate.” Perhaps you’ve held that secret desire deep in your own soul. For each of us, there is a yearning to find that one person that we believe is attached to us on a soul level. Unfortunately, people mistakenly believe that a soul mate is always a romantic partner. Nothing could be further from the truth.

So if not always a romantic partner, then who are your soul mates? Souls take on many different relationships with each other over multiple lifetimes so there are numerous possibilities for how we match-up with each other in any given life. Your “soul mate” could be your mother or daughter; your brother or sister; your father or son; your niece or nephew; your uncle or aunt; your close friend or business associate; your teacher or student; and of course, your romantic partner. Soul mates have been together for centuries, both in bodies and in spirit, so they are in sync with each other on every level. Do you have someone in your life that you can communicate without saying a word? That’s a soul mate.

This four-week eGroup will look at what Edgar Cayce had to say on the subject of soul mates and twin souls and the difference between the two; whether soul mates are helpers or hinderers; using the Akashic Records to identify soul mates; how soul writing is a tool to uncover soul mates; your pre-life planning session, what lessons you signed up for and the souls who agreed to join you; soul mates among family and friends; and finding the great love of your life.

Course Outline

Lesson One – Helpers or Hinderers?
This week we will cover a lot of basic material that will serve as the foundation of the work we will do going forward. Since soul writing will be an important element in our work, it’s important to get a clear understanding of the writing process and how to use it to obtain information on our soul mates. A PowerPoint presentation, given at one of my A.R.E. conference appearances, will give you an overview of the inspirational writing process as Edgar Cayce taught it.

With that completed, we will begin our study of soul mates. In a video I will give you an overview that defines the soul mate relationship on multiple levels. You’ll read the preface from Kevin Todeschi’s book: Edgar Cayce on Soul Mates and then you’ll write a description of your ideal soul mate. This will come in handy when we begin to uncover our actual soul mates through regression and soul writing exercises. Then you can compare whether he/she lives up to your expectations!

The best place to start in your search for your soul mate is with the Akashic Records, your Book of Life. This is where your every thought, word and deed has been recorded over the millennia of your lifetimes and it is here that you can read about your soul mate relationships over time. After we journey to the Akashic Records and the Librarian hands your book to you to read, you’ll record what you learned through both soul writing and on a thought-provoking questionnaire.

Lesson Two – Soul Mates in Family and Friends
As we discovered last week, soul mates are not always romantic relationships. Your soul mates are also your family, friends, business colleagues, and others you interact with on a daily basis. These soul mates come into our lives because of an agreement, mutually agreed upon in our pre-life planning session. During this lesson, you will focus on why you chose specific souls to come in with you in this life and the role they are playing to enable your soul to learn and grow. We will discuss the Pre-Life Agreement, and what happens between lives when we make those choices. You’ll read “We Choose Our Parents,” from Ann Jaffin’s book, Past Lives and Present Karma. Then, keeping these relationships in mind, you’ll create a list of all family members and friends who are both close and problematic to you in this life.

During a pre-life regression session, you will go back to when you were in spirit, working with the souls of your current friends and family to determine why they agreed to join you in this incarnation, why you chose them, and their role in your life today. A worksheet will be provided to describe what you experienced. Then you’ll do a soul writing session to obtain additional information about that pre-life session and the soul mates who have journeyed through time to be of assistance to you in the here and now.

Lesson Three – Soul Mates or Twin Souls?
This is often an area of great confusion for people. What IS the difference between a soul mate and a twin soul, or twin flame as it is sometimes referred to. We’ll explore that this week as well as study the Cayce readings and examples of how twin souls interact with each other, as opposed to the interaction of a soul mate. You will make a list of the common goals and qualities you have with someone else in this life in an effort to determine who your twin soul may be in this incarnation (if, in fact, he/she is working with you on this side of the veil). You’ll do a soul writing session to explore this further.

Lesson Four – Finding the Great Love of Your Life!
Going back to our first week in which we discussed the true nature of soul mates, this final week we will explore the soul mate relationship most people identify with—the great love of one’s life. We’ll discuss karmic memory and why the romantic relationships of the past have such a hold on souls in the here and now. You will do a meditation/regression to identify your romantic soul mate and discover his/her role in your previous life and why you are together again. That will be followed by a soul writing session to go even deeper into the understanding of that relationship and will end with a meditation to heal any wounds inflicted in the past or the present by that one person you’ve always identified as your soul mate.

Read what students said about Joanne’s previous eGroups:

“Joanne’s Lessons - voice, written, and meditations were so awesome, written and spoken so well and full of pertinent information.” – M.I.

“It was a great course. I enjoyed the flexibility of the online format.” – S.M.

“This course was phenomenal. I got soooo much from it. For me it was life changing. Issues I have struggled with for years became so clear. I now understand my part in it all. This course came at the perfect time for me. I am so grateful. Joanne is an awesome teacher.” – E.E.

Mentor Bio:  


Joanne DiMaggio, M.A. has been actively involved with the A.R.E. since 1987. In 1990, she became one of the founding members of the A.R.E. Heartland Region. She has been the Coordinator for the A.R.E. Charlottesville, Virginia area since 2008. Joanne earned her Master’s in Transpersonal Studies degree and her Spiritual Mentor certification through Atlantic University in 2010. Shortly after graduation, she was named the first president of the Atlantic University Alumni Association where she served for a little over two years. She also was honored as A.U.’s Outstanding Graduate of the year. Her culminating project was on inspirational writing and served as the basis of her book, Soul Writing: Conversing With Your Higher Self. Joanne has presented workshops on inspirational writing to audiences across the country, and has mentored several A.R.E. eGroups on this topic. Joanne also is a certified hypnotherapist and has been professionally pursuing past-life research and therapy for over 25 years. Her second book, Your Soul Remembers: Accessing Your Past Lives Through Soul Writing, was published in October 2013. In it she chronicles the experiences of 25 volunteers who are regressed to a past life and then used soul writing to acquire additional information about that lifetime. Joanne is the founder of the Unity Holistic Healing Center at Unity of Charlottesville (Virginia) where she maintains an office to conduct private and group past life regressions.

What's an e-Group?

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In the virtual meeting room, you will have access to the written and audio/video materials prepared for you by Joanne. Every Wednesday, she will post a lesson along with exercises for you to practice during the week. Posting is very similar to sending an e-mail, except that all the e-mails are viewed within your virtual meeting room. You may post your thoughts, questions, and experiences on the site for Joanne and the other participants to read and respond to. In this way, everyone will benefit from one another's experiences and insights and the coaching offered by Joanne to individuals.

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