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Inspritalional Writing 2011

Mentored by
Joanne DiMaggio
May 8 - June 4 , 2013
Price: $119

"To know the truth is to make you free.” — (Edgar Cayce Reading 323-2)  

Edgar Cayce said it is our birthright to communicate with our Source and listen to that still small voice—a voice that guides and inspires us to find the answers that lie within. Through the ages, souls have sought ways to initiate that longed for, two-way conversation. Inspirational writing is one such method—a tool, as Cayce put it, “. . . of individuals grasping for attunement to the divine.” (Edgar Cayce Reading 3653-1)

Inspirational Writing is a transformational tool that gives the writer a perspective that would have otherwise eluded him/her when in a conscious state. It is a written form of meditation; a method of channeling information from a Higher Source emanating from one’s soul. Some people believe that Source is God. Others credit their guardian angels or spirit guides, while still others believe it is their higher self or subconscious mind. It doesn’t really matter what you call it. In the end, it is a connection to the Infinite—to the All That Is.

A Four-Week Transformational Experience 

Week One: Learning to Plug In
In this first week you will be introduced to the concept of inspirational writing and explore the difference between it and its more known counterpart, automatic writing. To understand the difference between the two, we need look no further than the Cayce readings. Many writers came to Edgar Cayce asking how to improve their craft. More often than not, they referred to doing automatic writing. Cayce made it clear that the difference between the two was in its purpose. You will review the Cayce readings on inspirational/automatic writing and learn how to establish a writing ritual based on Cayce’s suggestions and Joanne’s 25 years of experience doing this form of sacred writing. At the end of the week, a guided meditation will lead you into the writing process. Since this is a first attempt, there will be no expectations in terms of finding answers to specific questions. Instead you will open yourself to the experience and get a feel for the writing so you can practice it and become more comfortable with the process several times before beginning the next week’s session. A questionnaire will be provided for you to record your experience and share it with others on the bulletin board.

Week Two: Tapping Into The Creative Forces
Many famous artists, writers, and composers often identify a moment of inspiration when they gain an insight that is different from anything in a waking state. While in this reverie, elevated to the place where universal wisdom resides, they produce extraordinary work, yet struggle to name the source of their inspiration. During week two, you will learn about the common experience of writers, composers and artists who entered an altered state of consciousness—whether through prayer, trance, or in a dream-like state—to become the vessel through which Spirit shares its message. The list is impressive and you’ll soon realize you’re in good company. This week’s discussion will center on the creative process, the importance of having a spiritual ideal as outlined in the Cayce readings, and how it applies to inspirational writing. You will be given a list of topics, such as karma; truth; reincarnation; letting to; love; synchronicity; spirit guides; trust; and many more, with examples of how inspirational writing provides a greater understanding and deeper insights into these topics. At the end of this week’s studies, you will be led in a guided meditation and asked to focus on one of the listed topics of special interest to you. After the guided meditation, you will ask your higher self to provide insights on that topic at greater length as they pertain to your life. You will have a questionnaire asking about your second week’s experience with inspirational writing. Again, you will be able to post your writing, ask questions and/or discuss your experience on the bulletin board.

Week Three: Applying Inspirational Writing To Your Life
Inspirational writing is in many ways a form of prayer. As such it has endless options in terms of its application to all aspects of your life. The answers you receive are expansive, going beyond the simplicity of the question you ask to a deeper understanding of the core issues behind the question. Asking about an illness, for instance, may bring an answer that a doctor cannot give, such as the root source of the circumstances that brought about the illness. This deeper knowing of why something has happened often has little to do with one’s conscious thoughts. Inspired writing creates an entirely new perspective, gently prompting the writer to peel away the layers of the obvious to the more obscure origins of an issue. In this third week, we will explore some of the more common uses of inspirational writing after which you will select one of these areas to formulate your question. You will write out your question and after the meditation, use inspirational writing to record your guided message. Again, a questionnaire will provide a framework in which to record your experience and discuss your writing on the bulletin board.

Week Four: The Companion Mode of Healing
Using inspirational writing as a companion mode of healing is a fascinating process because it is centered around a question that has long reaching implications: If we are all tuning into the same Source, can we ask a question on behalf of someone else and receive a response that adds to their understanding of whatever issue they are facing? To test this theory, in this final session you will meditate on a question of your choosing. It can be about your career, relationships, finances, family, friends, health, your soul’s purposes, a particular past life, skills, talents, etc. Sample questions will be provided to assist you in formulating your question. For example, if you choose to use inspired writing to explore a past life, you could ask—Help me to understand the past life source of the financial issues that I am facing today. If you choose to use inspirational writing for soul’s growth, you can ask—What is my soul’s purpose? Or: What can I do to fulfill my life’s mission? Other questions will be provided to assist you in formulating one that pertains specifically to your life. Write out the question and then use the meditation to receive your guided message. You will post both your question and the answer you received on the bulletin board, at which time the other participants will be invited to meditate on what you wrote and use inspirational writing to see if they can obtain additional information on your behalf. Those who do so will post their responses for you to read and then you can report on whether the secondary writing had meaning for you. A final questionnaire will enable you to record your experiences and share that with the group. It is a deeply revealing and moving experience for all.

Mentor Bio:  

Joanne Dimaggio eGroup 2011

Joanne DiMaggio, M.A. has been involved with Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) since the 1980s when she became one of the founding members of the A.R.E. Heartland Region in Chicago. She served on the Executive Core Team for that region for several years and during that time presented programs to Chicago area members. Since August 2008, she has been the coordinator for the A.R.E. Charlottesville area hosting monthly programs on transpersonal topics (see www.arecville.org).

Joanne has been professionally pursuing past-life research for over 20 years. In October 1991 she founded PLEXUS (Past Life Exploration, Understanding and Sharing) in Naperville, IL and brought that to Charlottesville under the name Athanasy in 1995. A graduate of the Eastern Institute of Hypnotherapy through which she earned her CHt (Certified Hypnotherapist), she completed additional training in hypnosis at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, IL and studied under Dr. Irene Hickman, a pioneer in the field of non-directive hypnotherapy

Joanne earned her Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Studies from Atlantic University in May 2010. Her culminating project was on Inspirational Writing. She was named the first president of the Atlantic University Alumni Association in November 2010.

A writer by profession, Joanne is currently working on a book on inspirational writing called, appropriately enough, Soul Writer. You can read more about inspirational writing in an article she wrote for the April-June 2011 edition of Venture Inward, as well as on her Web site, www.soulwriter.net and in an article The report of her culminating project, Inspirational Writing—Research Project Results, is available online at EdgarCayce.org/members.

What Participants Have Said About Their Inspirational Writing Experience

This was extremely beneficial to me and I think it would be for every beginning inspirational writer. I do intend to continue practicing inspirational writing because I find the counsel reassuring in these very turbulent times. Taking time to be still regularly, to converse with the creative forces, I think will be one of the most effective activities I can make part of my daily life for improved mental, physical and spiritual well being.” — Jean

“Wow, has this been a wonderful, insightful, learning process! I have learned great lessons about myself, my journey, and where I should go from here. The comfort I get from these uplifting messages helps me to stay upbeat and be able to better live my purpose of love. I think this is an excellent example of starting a project to help another and in return receiving a wonderful gift. I definitely plan to continue with inspirational writing.”MaryAnne

“As I look back on the last few months of participating in this project, the first thing that comes to mind is a feeling of gratitude in being able to participate.  My next thought is a feeling of personal accomplishment, success in completing a goal, delving into new territory and finding answers. I have learned that answers to all of my questions are available to me, if I question with an open heart and an open mind and trust the answers I receive are the right ones for me.”Bobbie

"This class has given me the impetus and momentum to not only want to continue on with the Inspirational Writing, but leads me to wonder what magical things could be offered up to me in the future." — Vivienne

What's an e-Group? 

Your A.R.E. eGroup will meet on an Internet discussion board. This discussion board has been created especially for A.R.E. by BulletinBoards.com, a secure Internet site that makes learning online interactive and easy. In Internet terms, your eGroup is called a "discussion board", a virtual meeting room where you will join with other like-minded people and your mentor, Joanne DiMaggio, in an interactive discussion on Inspirational Writing.

In the virtual meeting room, you will have access to the written and audio materials prepared for you by Joanne. Every Wednesday, she will post a lesson along with exercises for you to practice during the week. Posting is very similar to sending an e-mail, except that all the e-mails are viewed within your virtual meeting room. You may post your thoughts, questions, and experiences on the site for Joanne and the other participants to read and respond to. In this way, everyone will benefit from one another's experiences and insights and the coaching offered by Joanne to individuals.

Once you register for your A.R.E. eGroup, we will send you an e-mail from eGroups@edgarcayce.org detailing how to access and navigate our discussion board for the eGroup Inspirational Writing: Tool of Transformation. Then, you're in! You will be able to visit your eGroup any time you desire. The meeting room is accessible 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week and you may participate at your convenience from anywhere in the world. There are no specified times that you have to be in the room. You decide when and how often you wish to participate.

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