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Mentored by: Patrick Belisle
November 19 – December 16, 2014
Price: $119

The Cayce readings tell us we are co-creators with God and that our “Mind is the Builder.”  They also give us guidance and tools to put those ideas into practice. This course will empower YOU to create the life you really want. Whether you feel “just OK” about the life you have created to this point or you just want to do some tweaking to make your life exactly what you’ve always hoped for, join mentor Patrick Belisle for this uplifting, transformative course.

Mentor Bio:    
Patrick Belisle

Patrick Belisle is enthusiastically living the life he has co-created – A spiritual world traveler who spent four years straight wandering North America and literally going around the world, Patrick was raised Catholic and has been a spiritual seeker since age 14 when he led his church’s youth Bible study group and went on to study theology with Benedictine monks in college. Since then, Patrick has lived with Buddhist monks in Thailand, taught meditation and dream work as an A.R.E. Camp counselor for 14 years, and practiced hypnotherapy since 1999. He worked with Dr. Ian Stevenson’s group researching the nature of consciousness at the University of Virginia, has given dozens of lectures and workshops on Cayce-related topics, and is always a popular draw because of his ability to put these potentially mind-bending topics into understandable and useful forms. Patrick believes strongly in the power of Love; he has officiated dozens of weddings and led many marriage-preparation workshops in his role as an ordained clergyperson for the Church of Spiritual Humanism. When he is not offering himself in service to others or wandering the world, he is raising money for Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. in Virginia Beach where he has worked as the Development Director since 2006. Patrick blends his joyful humor with deep substance to help others find meaning and inspiration.

What's an e-Group?

Your A.R.E. eGroup will meet in an interactive and dynamic online classroom called PBWorks. This new online classroom encourages student-centered learning while providing limitless access to lesson material, student comments, helpful links, audios, and videos. Learning in an online environment connects students from all over the world bringing the philosophy of Edgar Cayce right into your home.

In the virtual meeting room, you will have access to the written and audio materials prepared for you by Pat. Every Wednesday, she will post a lesson along with exercises for you to practice during the week. Posting is very similar to sending an e-mail, except that all the e-mails are viewed within your virtual meeting room. You may post your thoughts, questions, and experiences on the site for Pat and the other participants to read and respond to. In this way, everyone will benefit from one another's experiences and insights and the coaching offered by Pat to individuals.

Once you register for your A.R.E. eGroup, we will send you an e-mail from eGroups@edgarcayce.org detailing how to access and navigate our discussion board for the eGroup Creating the Life You Want – Purpose, Love, and Livelihood the Cayce Way. Then, you're in! You will be able to visit your eGroup any time you desire. The meeting room is accessible 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week and you may participate at your convenience from anywhere in the world. There are no specified times that you have to be in the room. You decide when and how often you wish to participate.

If you would like more information or to be notified when a group is forming,
please e-mail us at egroups@edgarcayce.org.