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Activities at Virginia Beach Headquarters
Each year, the A.R.E. Headquarters in Virginia Beach attracts tens of thousands of individuals from around the world - vacationers, scholars, researchers, philosophers, health care professionals, and students of all kinds. Learn more here, and check out our Weekly and Monthly Events Calendars. Visitors Center Building

Activities at A.R.E. Houston Center
Please visit our Houston website for more information.

ARE CampCamp/Retreats
The A.R.E. offers a wide variety of retreats that come complete with a Cayce-oriented conference and/or workshop, a great menu, and relaxing atmospheres far from life’s everyday cares. In addition, we offer several opportunities for children of all ages to experience Cayce concepts with their peers at A.R.E. Camp in Rural Retreat, Va. If you like to camp and experience the bountiful wilderness, A.R.E. Camp in Rural Retreat is for you, while the A.R.E. Seabeck, Asilomar, and Wildacres Retreats feature retreat-style accommodations.

Conferences SpeakerVirginia Beach Conferences
"Find Yourself at the Beach," or in your own backyard, with an Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. Conference. Visitors from around the world come to A.R.E. conferences to hear popular expert speakers on subjects like ancient mysteries, astrology, health and wellness, life beyond death, meditation and prayer, psychic development, and much more. For a one-of-a-kind experience that you just can't get from anyone else, join A.R.E. for a conference at our headquarters or at an event near you.

Online-LearningEdgar Cayce’s Online Learning
Want to learn more about Edgar Cayce and his insights? Edgar Cayce’s Online Learning is the perfect solution for those who want to dig deeper into the rich philosophy of Edgar Cayce, yet need the flexibility and convenience of learning on their own time. You can take advantage of our online learning options any time—24 hours a day, seven days a week—and from any location. Choose from mentored or self-study courses, and live-stream or on-demand conference video events as well as many free videos from our YouTube channel, EdgarCayceTV.

Obtaining wisdom has never been easier or more accessible!

Region Directory with Map with Listings by State or International
The A.R.E. has regions and urban centers in North America. These organizations serve as communication links to Virginia Beach Headquarters with the primary goal to foster spiritual community throughout their geographic locale. In addition to local and headquarters sponsored events, you’ll find a listing of Study Groups by state.

Tours Travel Program
ARE ToursA.R.E. Tours Travel Program offers a tour like no other! We give like-minded individuals the opportunity to travel together to a variety of international and domestic destinations, many of which were mentioned in the Edgar Cayce readings-places like Egypt, China, Peru, Tibet, Hawaii, Bimini, and various sites of spiritual relevance in Europe. All of our tours are led by outstanding speakers and teachers in the metaphysical and holistic fields with an Edgar Cayce perspective. Top local guides, who are also part of each program, highlight the historical and cultural aspects that would be included in any first class tour. Emphasis is placed on sacred sites and areas of historic spiritual significance.

ARE SpaWellness & Rejuvenation Retreat with the A.R.E. Spa
Take advantage of over 75 years of experience in holistic health with this 7 day, 6 night all inclusive fully Cayce-based spa retreat in Virginia Beach. You'll enjoy signature holistic spa and clinical services that are known the world over; from these and from diverse and engaging small group work you will take home an individual plan for continued growth in health and in mental and spiritual well-being. Limited to eleven people, this spa retreat will target your specific concerns and provide you with a safe, 24-hour-a-day environment to spark and supplement a total lifestyle improvement..