Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.
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Spa Escapes 

Spa ExperiencesThese can be incorporated into an experiential package or as a separate event. For all: Please allow an additional 10 minutes to complete forms. Optional gratuities not included in the prices.

Three-Hour Cayce Remedies Intensive Workshop 
Minimum participation is 10, maximum is 20.
  • Potato Poultice for the Eyes
  • GlycoThymoline Pack for the Sinuses
  • Turpentine Pack for the Kidneys
  • Charred Oak Keg for Respiratory Health
  • Castor Oil Pack for Liver, Lymph, and Colon

This workshop intensive is a very hands-on, even a bit messy, experience! Wear casual clothing that you don't mind getting dirty or stained. We’ll be handling potato gratings, castor oil, turpentine spirits, and red GlycoThymoline.

In order to experience either the potato poultice or the GlycoThymoline pack, you cannot wear eye make-up or contact lenses. For the turpentine pack and/or for the castor oil pack, you will be asked to remove your clothing (either under the massage table sheet or behind curtained dividers for privacy), so plan to wear clothing that is easily removable. Whether or not you have a castor oil pack applied during the workshop, you’ll be given one to take home with you! (Cost $60)

One-Hour Sand Pack
Minimum participation is 10, maximum is 20.

A sand pack can be done if the beach sand is dry to a depth of about 8 inches and if weather is warm enough to allow participants to immerse themselves in the ocean water before and after the pack. Allow one hour total. A morning session should begin by 9 or 9:30 a.m.; afternoon sessions should begin after 2:30 p.m. Participants should wear bathing suits. This experience is "weather permitting." (Cost $25)

30-Minute Spa Experience
Minimum participation is 6, maximum is 36; two groups of 12 can be accommodated if spa time is rotated with shopping time, or three groups of 12 if rotated with shopping and film. We will need to know which services are preferred in advance.

For our 30-Minute Spa Experience, you can choose: massage or foot reflexology. (Cost $48)

60-Minute Spa Experience
Minimum participation is 5, maximum is 24; two groups of 12 can be accommodated if spa time is rotated with shopping and film. We will need to know which services are preferred in advance.

For our 60-Minute Spa Experience, you can choose: massage, foot reflexology, craniosacral therapy, or Reiki. (Cost $70) 

90-Minute Mini-Spa
Minimum participation is 3, maximum is 12. We will need to know which services are preferred in advance.

Facial and Massage combination – Try this relaxing and restorative value for your body temple
Acupressure and Massage Combination – Unknot tension and restrictions with this combination of Jin Shin Do acupressure and Cayce/Reilly® massage. (Cost $100)

Two-Hour Express Spa
Minimum participation is 3, maximum is 12. We will need to know which services are preferred in advance.

For our Two-Hour Express Spa, you will receive a 1-hour castor oil pack combined with a 30-minute foot reflexology, plus a one-hour treatment choice of massage, craniosacral therapy, or a colon hydrotherapy (please review the self-screening and pre-colonic suggestions). (Cost $155 )

Half-Day (Four-Hour) Spa Packages
Minimum participation is 3; only 2 packages of each kind can start simultaneously, only a mixed total of four can start at any one time. We will need to know which services are preferred in advance. (Cost $285)

Choose one of the following four-hour healthful, restorative therapies:

Cayce Cleanse

The Cayce Cleanse is a wonderfully restorative cleanse as well as a tonic for the whole body. The castor oil pack is the Cayce-recommended way to remove toxins from the liver and ascending colon, and reflexology gently stimulates organs, bone, and muscle. Next, your colonic works to cleanse the large intestine, followed by the steam/fume bath to help you detoxify through the skin, your body’s largest organ of elimination. Your therapist will guide you in selecting from our essential oils to add a healthful aroma to your steam. The facial and massage complete your package of refreshment to muscle, blood, lymph, skin, and nerve tissue.

Skin Cleanse

  • Abdominal Castor Oil Pack
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Epsom Salts Bath
  • Paraffin Bath for Hands and Feet
  • Facial and Massage
The Skin Cleanse provides a healthful pampering and rejuvenation of the body’s largest organ, the skin. The Cayce-recommended castor oil pack to cleanse and detoxify the liver and ascending colon is applied; then foot reflexology does its part to gently stimulate internal organs, bone and muscle. Sixteen pounds of Epsom salts added to your bath provide the buoyant and soothing cleanse through the skin, after which a triple paraffin dip for the hands and feet soothe dry skin and sore muscles and joints in these sensitive areas. The facial and massage, which complete your package, refresh muscle, blood, lymph, skin, and nerve tissue, leaving you with a beautiful glow.

Additional Information on Spa Services: 

  • Acupressure Acupressure provides a bridge between ancient and modern Asian theories using gentle, direct finger pressure on acupuncture points. Acupressure has been shown to release stress and tension, reduce pain .
  • Cayce/Reilly® Massage Our signature massage can be both stimulating and relaxing. It affects nerves, organs, glands, circulation, and muscles, and helps the body rid itself of toxins. Cayce/Reilly massage blends Swedish, osteopathic, and neuropathic massage techniques. For deeper relaxation, call to request hydrocollator heat packs or violet ray application available at no additional charge.
  • Castor Oil Pack Edgar Cayce endorsed abdominal castor oil packs as a home remedy for all types of problems involving lymph flow, such as inflammation, congestion, constipation, and liver, kidney, and pelvic disorders. With your castor oil pack application, you will receive instructions for the use and care of the pack at home. Retain the pack for six months of your own continued healthcare use.
  • Cedar Cabinet Steam/Fume Baths Recommended to increase eliminations through the skin and lungs. An essential oil or other substance is added to the steam. It vaporizes then settles on the skin to be absorbed through the pores. The steam cabinet has an opening at the top, allowing for cold cloths to be applied at the base of the neck and forehead to prevent headaches. A tepid shower is taken afterward to wash off the impurities that have been brought to the skin surface. Having a steam before a massage helps relax muscles and aids in absorption of the massage oils. Not recommended for persons with high blood pressure or heart or kidney problems.
  • Colon Hydrotherapy A colonic (as Edgar Cayce so often referred to this procedure) is an internal bath using professional equipment to cleanse the colon. Current scientific evidence shows that a properly functioning colon is beneficial to overall health. During your colonic, warm filtered water is gently infused into the colon and then released, in a series of fills and flushes that generally continue for 40 to 45 minutes. The equipment is a closed system with disposable tubes and fittings; the out-bound tubing allows you to remain on the treatment table for both infusion and release. If you’re scheduling a colonic, please read these pages: Self-screening and pre-colonic suggestions.
  • CranioSacral Therapy CranioSacral therapy treats the body system consisting of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord, creating what is basically a hydraulic suspension system for the heart of your central nervous system. Clients lie fully clothed on the massage table, while the therapist lightly palpates the head, neck, sacrum, arms, and legs, affecting the craniosacral pulse throughout the body. This often results in motion, a release of emotional memories, and an increased sense of well-being.
  • Epsom Salts Bath An Epsom Salts bath is an effective way to induce perspiration and increase eliminations through the skin, your body's largest organ of elimination. Sixteen pounds of Epsom salts are added to your tub. After soaking for 10-20 minutes, you wrap up on a massage table to continue your healthful sweat for 30 minutes before showering.
  • Facial Classic mudpack facials are helpful not only in relieving clogged pores and skin blemishes, but in preventing sagging facial muscles. Our facial procedure includes hot towels, herbal cleanser, Aztec clay mask, toning, moisturizing, and misting. While the mask is drying, your feet are gently massaged. The entire procedure lasts approximately 45 minutes and is very soothing. You’ll find these classic facials a component of some of our popular spa packages, for a relaxing and restorative value to your body temple!
  • Foot Reflexology Foot reflexology is the study and practice of gently pressing reflex points on the feet with specific hand and finger techniques to relax corresponding parts of the body. Our bodies, with more than 27,000 nerve endings on the bottoms of our feet, can be powerfully affected by a thorough session of reflexology.
  • Reiki Reiki is a Japanese word meaning "universal life energy." The gentle, but effective treatment is administered by the hands being lightly placed on the client's clothed body. The healing energy is subtle and non-invasive and helps stimulate the client's own inner energy flow. Its beneficial effects include reduction of stress, release of pain or discomfort, relaxation, and awareness.
All costs are per person.