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Cayce Health Database


    Edgar Cayce discussed the causes and treatment of asthma in over 160 readings.  While recognizing the variability of the illness as it manifests in each individual, several patterns were noted with regard to causation and treatment.  Here are some common themes followed by typical excerpts on asthma from the Cayce readings.


  • SPINAL NERVE CENTERS - Pressure on spinal nerve centers was a common etiological factor in the Cayce readings on asthma.  In particular, the upper thoracic (dorsal) and lower cervical nerve plexus were implicated.  The locations of these nerve centers are also called the brachial and cardiac plexuses. (5687-1, 5682-2, 5445-1, 4393-1, 4281-17, 4153-1, 3906-1, 3661-1, 3634-1, 3634-2, 3537-1, 3211-3, 3046-1, 2542-2, 1047-1, 861-1, 674-1, 656-1, 595-1, 227-1, 90-1, 85-1)
  • TOXICITY - Poor eliminations were cited as a causative factor in several readings. Circulating toxins can irritate the lungs triggering an asthma attack.  (5630-1, 5445-1, 3863-1, 3290-1, 1268-1, 112-1)
  • HEPATIC SYSTEM INVOLVEMENT - Problems with the liver and kidneys were noted in several readings on asthma.  Edgar Cayce’s description of the hepatic system includes the liver, heart, and lungs as organs of the "upper hepatic circulation."  (5630-1, 5616-1, 5445-1, 4393-1, 1867-1, 1536-1, 911-1)
  • DIET - Certain foods were emphasized as causative factors.  Sugar, starches, and pork were mentioned as contributing to asthma.  Generally speaking, acid-producing foods were viewed as problematic. (5004-1, 4810-2, 3661-1, 3290-1, 3053-2, 1047-1)
  • DISTURBED CIRCULATION - Primarily, increased circulation to the lungs was cited in numerous readings.  This was often linked to pressure on the spinal nerve centers which regulate blood flow to the lungs.  (5682-1, 5639-2, 5630-1, 5445-1, 4281-17, 3211-3, 3127-1, 2542-2, 674-1)
  • GLANDULAR DYSFUNCTION - Glandular dysfunction was sometimes noted in readings on asthma.  (2102-3, 1413-1)
  • LYMPHATIC SYSTEM INVOLVEMENT - The lymphatic system was occasionally mentioned in cases of asthma.  (5192-1, 4393-1)
  • ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS - Environmental factors such as climate, pollen, and pollutants were mentioned as causative factors in numerous readings on asthma.  (5556-1, 5192-1, 5004-1, 4996-1, 4029-1, 3661-1, 3542-1, 3359-1, 3331-1, 2040-2, 1047-1, 911-1, 656-1, 161-5)
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS - Attitudes and emotions were mentioned as contributing factors in some cases of asthma.  (4029-1, 3359-1, 2102-1, 1529-1,    978-1)
  • HEREDITY - Heredity was mentioned in one reading on asthma.  (2742-1)


  • SPINAL ADJUSTMENTS - Directions for relieving pressure on spinal nerve centers were given in many readings.  Most often, osteopathic physicians were recommended. (5192-1, 3634-1, 3634-2, 3331-1, 3127-1, 3109-1, 3046-1, 2542-2, 2102-1, 2040-2, 1867-1, 978-1, 595-1, 161-1, 90-1). A specific technique for treating acute episodes was also described.  (1794-3)
  • DIET - Corrective diet was suggested in many readings for asthma.  Restricting sugars and starches, and fried foods while increasing fruits and vegetables were common recommendations.  (5682-2, 3331-1, 978-1, 90-1)
  • INHALANT THERAPY - Various formulas for inhalants were commonly recommended as antiseptics for the respiratory system.  (5682-1, 4281-17, 3127-1, 978-1)  Inhaling apple brandy fumes from a charred oak keg was recommended in a few readings for asthmatic conditions.  (4252-1, 595-1)
  • CALCIDIN - Calcidin is calcium iodate.  During Edgar Cayce’s era, Calcidin was available as an over-the-counter medicine for the treatment of respiratory problems.  Most often, it was prescribed for relief during exacerbations.  (5556-2, 2040-2, 1867-1, 978-1, 861-1, 595-1)
  • INTERNAL CLEANSING - Improving eliminations to decrease toxicity was recommended in several cases of asthma.  (3331-1, 1413-1, 1268-1)
  • EXERCISE - Mild exercise was recommended for some individuals with asthma.  (5630-1, 5468-1, 5192-1, 2742-1)


5687-1   F 5
    Now, these are conditions as we find them in this body, [5687], we are speaking of:  The blood supply in the system is deficient both in quantity and quality, especially, in the rebuilding cellular force or the red blood cellular force of the circulation, the overstrain both from conditions in the body from nerve and from organic conditions as is produced.  The nervous system - overtaxed, especially, at times these hard spasmodic conditions of breathing is shown or exhibited within the system proper...
    In the organs, themselves, we find the effect to the throat, larynx and bronchials, one of continual irritation more or less - sometimes a great deal more than at others - for there is in the 4th and 5th dorsal region a lesion causing the friction and reflection of the nerve and muscular forces about the circulation as produced through this portion of the body, a lesion being formed and producing pressure on the bronchials and lungs giving the asthmatic condition to the body, see.  The overtaxed, the weakened condition of blood and nerve forces, then poor assimilation of foods taken, the body becoming toward the anemia condition from poor elimination.

5682-1   F  CHILD
    These, as we find, in the advanced stages of same - which has existed for almost a cycle, or more than six years, or nearly seven - in the advancing there have been those pressures created also in the cerebro-spinal system, that prevents a normal flow of blood supply to the lungs and bronchi, and an asthmatic condition is a result of same.
    For the asthmatic condition, have those properties made into an inhalant, as this:
    To 4 ounces of pure GRAIN alcohol (not 85%, but pure grain alcohol - that's a 190%, or 190 proof), add:

                  Eucalyptol, or Oil of same.......................20 minims,
                  Benzosol................................................10 minims,
                  Oil of Turp, or Rectified Oil of Turp..........5 minims,
                  Tolu in solution......................................40 minims,
                  Benzoin, Tincture of..................................5 minims.

    Keep in a container at least twice the size, or an 8 ounce bottle with a glass cork.  Shake solution together and inhale Deep into the lungs and bronchi two or three times each day.

5682-2   F  CHILD
    In those for the relief of those inclinations in the brachial centers, and that as causes more of the lung pressure and bronchial tickling, or asthmatic reaction, these - as long as relieved or aided by the inhalants - will be well to keep handy and to be used when there is an inclination for these spasmodic reactions to occur.  These are, as seen, of the antiseptic nature, and will aid the system through this absorption by the inhalation of fumes and vibrations of same to clarify the blood and lung tissue, and to relieve those spasmodic conditions, or the tendency of the tissue to become over full from these pressures.  As we will find, with the proper adjustments in the dorsal - upper dorsal and cervical area, and the general treatments, these will - with the age and development - gradually disappear....
    In the matter of the diet, beware that there are not too much of greases or of sweets.  Starches, to be sure, at times will affect the asthmatic condition, but we would give these as an outline - though they may be changed occasionally for the satisfaction of the appetites and for the developing body:
    Mornings - citreous fruit juices preferable to the pulp of the citreous fruits themselves, though this may be taken occasionally, and rather than adding sugar to same add pinches of salt until palatable, and preferably use the IODIZED salt in same.  This may be altered with rice wafer or whole wheat toast, or Zwieback, with butter and honey, preferably honey in the honeycomb, with milk if desired.   At other periods there may be given cereal, and preferably such as carries more of the necessary elements in the vitamins; as in oatmeal use the steel cut, and as is cooked for a long period of time and altogether cooked with its own steam, NOT cooked in open pan or boiler.  As double boilers,
for three to five hours this should be cooked.  If of the dry cereal, the puffed wheat or puffed rice, or puffed corn - these are all well preserved as to their vitamins, but do not use cereal and the fruit juices, or citreous fruits, at the same meal - but they may be altered occasionally.
    Noons - sandwiches that carry lettuce, tomatoes, with a salad dressing, and milk - or those easily digested, but do not give at this meal any jams, preserves or the like; preferably as much green vegetables as possible, under the circumstance.  There may be used the yolks of eggs, but not the white, in sandwiches.  Hard boiled and mashed and mixed with dressings, but not with any acid dressing as of vinegar or acetic acid, or pickles.  It would be well at this period for the body to take a small dose of olive oil, just before the meals.
    Evenings - all of the green vegetables that are well cooked, and a little amount of fowl, fish, liver, tripe, or the like.  No hog meat, and especially no fats.  (There may be prepared with the noon meal, or lunch, the shredded breast of fowl with the sandwich, or the like, but no ham, or the like).  At the evening meal there may be also taken buttermilk, if fresh, or the Bulgarian milk.
    All of these would be well.

5639-2  F  50
(Q)  What relation is there between the different physical troubles I have?
(A)  These have been explained, in how the various conditions affect the body in the different ways.  As is seen, the effect upon the heart's action, the tendency - or attacks of the asthmatic condition, the inclinations for the fever or the reaction to the pollens - these, as has been given, are varied conditions, and where conditions rather than causes have been treated the effect has been - while an allaying in one direction - an affectation in another direction.  Hence that as given, that correcting those conditions existent in the cerebrospinal nerve centers from which radiate those depressions, causing the overflow of blood supply to the system in its various conditions, as in asthmatic conditions and the over sympathetic conditions, producing the hay fever - the use of the pollen-antigen, as has been given, and these all worked together with the correction, would relieve
these and separate or change the effects as produced in the body.
    Why not DO that?

5630-1  M  38
    Bronchia and lungs are near NORMAL, though these fill at times WITH the blood forces in system, that makes for a congestion - and, if allowed, must become asthmatic in its activity in system...
    Pancreas and liver show more the effect of the conditions and the disturbed forces as seen in the body.  Especially in the right lobe of the liver is seen the inactivity as to the normal forces for the body, as is indicated throughout that of the hepatic circulation - especially in kidneys, these make for those distresses as come in the form of the acid from the system, being of an auto-toxic nature, brings to the extremities those conditions as make for distresses in the muscular forces at times, and must eventually turn into that that would be of the nature as to cause greater distress.
(Q)  What exercise should body take?
(A)  Not too strenuous, as indicated, in the beginning.  The body should rest, physically and mentally, in the beginning. Then, the outdoor exercise may be good - provided it is not over done.

5616-1   M  ADULT
    In the physical forces of the body of [5616], there are strains on the body that so affect the physical functionings that the organs respond in too high a tension.  Such as is seen in the blood supply of the system, which is full - strong, even rich in its elements and in the various portions of its functioning; yet some of the mental strains have been so overtaxing, and some of the physical taxation so nerve racking as to allow for the TEMPORARY over-activity in the pressure as is produced in the heart's action.  Not an organic condition; PURELY that of nerve tension, with an unbalanced equilibrium in the activity of the eliminations as are set forth in the system.  While the eliminations are in ONE manner very good, yet they do not COORDINATE in their PROPER way and manner.
    Hence we find the restlessness is at times a tendency of the inactivity of the eliminations as would come through a nominal or normal activity of the hepatic circulation.  Hence the liver in its functioning - in attempting to adjust the condition - PUMPS, as it were, to the system, that of such a fullness as to cause high pressure in the upper portion of system.  This, as understood, were it to remain for a great length of time, would produce such a condition of plethora - even in the modified form as existent with this body of [5616] - increasing so much as to cause then ORGANIC disturbance, either of the upper hepatic circulation; that is, the liver, with the spleen and its activity to heart's action, or so increase the activity of the heart ITSELF as to be detrimental and produce smothering spells, followed in THIS case by asthmatic tendencies; for the plexus involved in the nerve system is that of the secondary cardiac, or that as associated from the 4th and 5th dorsal plexus.  Hence those fullnesses as occur to the head, with the dizziness, and the fullness in throat.

5556-1  F  63
(Q)  Is this climate suitable for this body?
(A)  It suits the body for the asthmatic condition, and is hard on the body for the arthritic condition; yet this climatic condition is better than cold or extreme heat.  Higher altitude, but near the same climatic condition, would be better for both.  Though WE would give, as has been given, for the present surroundings.

5556-2  F  63
    Keep up also, WHENEVER necessary - or whenever the condition is chest shows any tightness - those of the Calcidin tablets, see?  taking one at the time.  May be several taken in one day, or may be only one or none, according to the FEELINGS of the body as respecting the asthmatic condition.

5468-1  M  CHILD
(Q)  Any special diet?
(A)  That, that is blood and nerve building.  Exercises should be as much in the OPEN as may be had, without subjecting the body to those irritants that at periods cause depressions.

5460-1  F  32
    As for the asthmatic condition, this produced by the irritation from the pressure produced in the secondary cardiac plexus region, than from a condition in the bronchi and lung itself.  The condition in the bronchi being the result of deflections in this region of the 3rd and 4th dorsal center, and the irritation as comes from such a reflection in the blood supply.

5445-1  M  37
    IN THE NERVE SYSTEM we find the greater distress, for with the activities of the body physical, the nerve centers and the nervous SYSTEMS - not system, but SYSTEMS - are as the carriers on, or the incentives for the activities as are exercised in the system.  Now, we find in the upper dorsal region a condition wherein there is an impingement, which - being in its position, with that of the secondary cardiac plexus - brings to those PORTIONS of the system that of the filling of the lungs without proper amount of air being capable of being taken into the lungs themselves, or an ASTHMATIC effect.  This being, in this PARTICULAR case, more of a BRONCHIAL asthmatic than a LUNG asthmatic; for these come in conjunction with the nerves of the trachea, or the prongs to the bronchial tubes themselves, yet the heaviness is often felt in the lungs.  This produced rather from the effect of the lack of oxygen in the system, or of the blood itself, except under stress or strain, being oxidized, or the proper amount of the carbon begin thrown off, or carbon dioxide as is thrown off from the lungs themselves.  Hence a source of infection, but - as has been seen - not the WHOLE source of pus forming; rather the effect of a condition, and an aid to that which PRODUCES the distress.  Naturally, the blood supply not being oxidized, or not being carbonized with the oxygen for the system, makes for the tendency of distresses, or as starvation to the system as to resuscitation in the blood supply.  Hence the low pressure.  Hence the low activity or tendency in red blood cells.  In the reflexes from this, we find conditions in the cervical which are reflex, and naturally the sensory system - the eyes, the ears, the feeling, the taste even at times, become in a manner accentuated; that is, super-sensitive to odors, super-sensitive at times to the eyes, causing distresses - then tendency of the lachrymal ducts to fill, to cry easily, or irritation in eyelids and throughout the whole of the sensory system. Roaring at times in the ears.  These are indications, NOT causes.  To treat these is to make more accentuated, rather than being a curative nature; for where tissue has become inflamed form a reflex condition, too easily do we call on nature to supply an abundance of curative forces in the blood circulation, that makes for an accentuation, or a greater distress than nature would build had we treated the cause and not the effect...
    Digestive system, as is seen, shows disorders more from an over acidity.  Naturally the liver and the spleen become involved in the conditions, for these remaining torpid in their activity form for the system something of toxic forces throughout the body.  Hence the condition as has existed.

5360-1   M  56
    Yes, we have the body and those conditions which have long been a part of the constitutional disturbance to the body.  For, as we find, there was, in the early experience in this plane, an injury which caused a lesion which brought about inflammation first, later adhesions or strictures in the area of the bronchi and larynx and thus a bronchial asthmatic, or bronchial condition in which colds, or heat and cold, or undue excitement may bring on paroxysms of disturbance through the lungs.  These, with the nature of the properties as have been administered from time to time, have caused a disturbance through the digestive or assimilating system and eliminations.

5192-1  M  12
    As we find, there are disturbing conditions.  These have to do with those activities in the respiratory system, of the bronchi and trachea, especially as related to the lymph and emunctory circulation, because of conditions existent in the nerve forces from pressures in cerebrospinal system.  These, produce, then, an overflow under any disturbance from pollen or various forms of gas or of pressures from atmosphere, and these bring about an asthmatic reaction in trachea and bronchi.  There exists in the brachial center, from a condition existent from the periods of gestation and presentation a subluxation and a lesion which causes the bronchi and larynx to become expanded under the conditions which exist.
    As we find, if the body would be kept under the correct atmospheric pressures, and thus climatic conditions in such as Arizona, it would bring a varied or bettered condition. This only from the pressure, but with the corrections osteopathically made of conditions in the cervicals and the upper dorsal, or through the brachial area of the dorsal centers, there may be corrections that may eliminate the sources, with these changes which we will indicate...
    Do have regular exercise in the open.

5004-1  M  24
    As we find, there are disturbances preventing the normal balance, especially at times through the body.  These have come from adhesions and lesions in the bronchi and larynx, producing bronchial asthmatic reactions in the body.
    We find that these come from a pleural conditions which existed in times back when the body was very young.  First there was caused this strain where there are the lesions. Thus with cold, congestion, being overheated or getting too cold, there is brought on an asthmatic spell.  Certain foods - as sweets or certain pollens cause the same character of reaction.
(Q)  Will I ever be cured of asthma?
(A)  This depends upon whether the measures are taken in regard to the climatic changes and the adding to the system of those things that may take away the lesions.  But it will require long periods.

4996-1  F  ADULT
(Q)  Does climate have any effect on her condition?
(A)  More in the waters than in the climatic conditions.  These, of course, make for those depressions - as for the asthmatic forces, or those repressions in the RESPIRATORY system - but this is not ORDINARY asthmatic force - see?

4810-2  F  ADULT
    Yes, we have the body here.  We have had this before you see.  Now we find there are many changes in this body since we last had it before us here.  Those conditions in the bronchials, in the lungs proper, and the effect as this condition has on the pulmonary organism itself, is varied a great deal on account of atmospheric conditions as well as the effect that has been produced in the circulation by the change in vibration reached through the conditions brought about in the blood.  Also that of the organs themselves.  Other portions of the body give as much distress at times as does the asthmatic condition in the throat and lungs proper.  Much of the condition in the bronchials and lungs is produced by the diet the body takes.  Hence we have through the pneumogastric, with the cardiac expression to the lungs in the circulation, as is carried through the arterial forces from the lungs, becomes overcharged by the pressure produced down the canal itself in the end of the stomach proper, see.  The cardiac end.  This produces much of the distress to the body.  No sweets should be taken for this reason, no meats of the nature of pork or of hog flesh, see.  Rather that of the green vegetables or fruit diet, carrying more acids that will become the form of alcohol in the digestive forces to carry out in the system that of vital forces necessary in the blood to meet the conditions in the system.  And use the inhalations as directed, and not substituted portions as has been done in some of that taken in the system, for in this was the change made; that of the change was as this.  For this is what should be used as the inhalant, see:
To 8 ounces of grain alcohol add

Eucalyptol..........................1/2 ounce,
Canadian Balsam.....................20 minims or drops,
Benzosol (and not the substituted as has been used but Benzosol).1/4 ounce,
Rectified Spirit of Turp............20 minims.

4588-1  M   7
    In the NERVE SYSTEM we find that that may be termed as the seat, or the causes of disorders or distresses.  While we find the body a DEVELOPING, a GROWING body, yet we find in the cerebro-spinal system there are impingements that prevent the normal flow of blood to the head, especially to the central nervous forces of the nasal cavities, the antrums, the eyes - THAT portion of the system - where the eyes are shown to be as out of alignment, the impingement has, does produce the irritations, the inability of the body to FOCUS properly in eyes.  In the affectation same produces in the soft tissue of the face, prevents the normal and nominal eliminations from the system, see?  leaving those conditions to become as impediments in the soft tissue in nose, in antrum, in the face itself.  So much vitality in a developing body has prevented this from becoming LOCALIZED, except at times when cold or congestion arises, when we have trouble with throat, trouble with lungs, trouble with breathing, and depressions; and we must sooner or later come to a general debilitation, with an asthmatic effect - which occurs at times in the condition in the present.

4527-2   M  ADULT
    Now, we find the physical conditions in this body in some respects are better than when we had it before.  We still have in the upper dorsal region that impingement that produces the condition of spasmodic contraction through the lungs and bronchials, and with this contraction or relaxation in the system beyond the normal condition of the body this trouble or asthmatic condition gives the greater distress through this portion of the body.

4393-1  M  43
    IN THE BLOOD SUPPLY, here we find there is that which NOMINALLY would be called of little disturbance, yet were the activities of same classified there would be found that the metabolism and katabolism of the system was disturbed through the elements that are lacking, or over-predominant in the blood stream itself.  This condition produces, then, rather the impoverishment to functioning systems, or produces an over-abundance of other elements in other functioning organs that produces disturbance in that organ or portion of the system, as is seen in the manner in which the respiratory system responds to the functioning of the organs of the hepatic circulation.  While there are no evidences of disorders IN the respiratory system, other than that of the impoverishment which produces IN the lung area that of a FULLNESS, that does not become oxidized as proper in the functioning of the system, this makes, then, burdened conditions in the liver and spleen, as well as for the kidneys themselves.  This is rather, that there is the necessity that the liver AND the kidneys FUNCTION nearer in coordination, that there be  no disturbances in the ORGANIC functioning of the organs.  While the disturbance in the present is functional in nature, are these allowed to remain without the creating within the physical organism that which will produce or keep a more even balance, or a better coordination IN the hepatic circulation, there must arise no only FUNCTIONAL but ORGANIC disturbance in the  organs of the hepatic circulation.  Hence the lymph and the emunctories of the hepatic circulation are those involved in the present...
(Q)  What causes asthma and hay fever?
(A)  Those pressures in the upper dorsal area, and the condition in the blood stream - as for elements that make for proper coagulation and elimination in the respiratory system.  With the correction of INTERNAL conditions, and the correction of those subligations in the dorsal AND cervical, this should be ridded from the body, and all ASSOCIATE conditions where irritation to muco-membranes are affected by any outside influence; for unless a body is able to build resistances within the system (which is lacking in this one, particularly, as has been outlined), it BECOMES susceptible to cold, congestion, or those effects of an overflow in some portion of the body.

4281-17   F   9
(Q)  What can be done to relieve the asthmatic condition?
(A)  Relieve that pressure as is produced in the 3rd and 4th dorsal region.  This will relieve the condition.  Also use the inhalant, which would be in this proportion:  Do not use this other than when there is cold or congestion.  Remove it preferably by removal of the pressure, osteopathically, in this region, so we change the blood supply to it.  But when necessary, use the inhalant, in this proportion and quantity:
    To 4 ounce of pure grain alcohol, add:

Eucalyptol........................20 minims,
Rectified Creosote.................5 minims,
Benzoin..........................5 minims,
Rectified Oil of Turp.............5 minims,
Canadian Balsam, or Balsam of Fir...5 minims,
Tincture of Tolu in Solution.......1/2 ounce.

    Keep in a container twice the size of the quantity, with a glass corked container.  Do not shake solution other than when ready to be inhaled.  Inhale both through nostril and through the mouth, into the lung.  This will relieve the tendency to cough; also the asthmatic effect in the bronchials, see?

4252-1   F  45
    First there should be that of pure apple brandy, as would be kept in a CHARRED container - not of any other but a CHARRED container, at least two quarts of same in a container twice the size of the quantity, and so arrange that this being kept near a fire will produce fumes above same, and same may be inhaled into the throat, bronchials and lungs, at least twice each day - not a solution, only that gas as is thrown off by evaporation from same.  This will act as a healer for the lungs, the throat, the larynx, and the whole system.  Also a stimuli for the blood supply as will be carried into the system by this being inhaled.

4153-1   M  CHILD
(Q)  The condition to medicine is called 'Asthma'.
(A)  The condition as exists is of prenatal condition with that of the predisposition of the inebriety of the body before gestation and during same.  The condition as is produced in the dorsal region produces the pressure in those portions of the body.  Build the system as to overcome these with that stimulation necessary as we have given, we will overcome these conditions.

4150-1   M  ADULT
    The pressure as produced in the upper dorsal, you see, produces the asthmatic condition.  The condition as is produced in the pancreas is from properties as taken, and the first abrasion, or the first fracture caused in the body, brought on the asthmatic conditions.  We must correct these in the spine, if we would correct the asthmatic conditions, taking at times, when this is severe, the medicinal properties of Calcidin, may be taken until relaxation is brought in the bronchials.  Not take medicine for the condition but medicine should be taken of this kind for the spasmodic condition as arises.  This should be given frequently until the relaxing comes.  One tablet Calcidin (5 grains) dissolved in water should be taken every thirty minutes until relaxing comes.  Calcidin, composition Iodine Calcidin.  It both acts with the respiratory system and does not give the reaction to the blood supply, save as an active principle.  It doesn't react to the heart.

4055-1   F  59
    As we find, there are disturbances which arise from a strain and a subluxation caused in the area where the muscles of the scapular or shoulder blade coordinate or work with the nerves of the sympathetic and cerebrospinal systems in the upper dorsal and lower cervical areas.  Thus there is caused a slowing of the activities of the central nervous system to the organs of the chest, or the bronchi and larynx and also in the areas of the soft tissue - as the mastoid and sinus areas of head and face.  Thus a temperature is caused or a form of rose fever, or slight fever, that produces that irritation in the bronchi and larynx causing the cough.
    Also there is the shortness of breath, and with the activities of walking especially climbing stairs or descending stairs there is asthmatic reaction.
    Here we find that the correcting of the conditions in the upper dorsal and cervical areas could preferably be done by the osteopathic or neuropathic applications of massage, and the applying about once a week of the short wave heat through the areas.

4048-1  M  42
(Q)  What can I do for the hay fever and seasonal asthma?
(A)  Do these things that we have indicated.  For these will correct the subluxations, by the massage along the whole cerebrospinal system, that causes the disturbance.  Then with the changes wrought in the vibratory forces of the body, relief from all of the disturbance would or should come.
    Do keep in the open when it is practical.  Do use the body or exercise, though do not strain the body.

4029-1  F  55
    As we find, if the environment would be changed for this body, especially for some six to ten weeks to such an environment as Arizona, the body would be able to return to these environs without disturbances of the asthmatic nature or the spasms in the bronchi and trachea, the lungs and other organs; provided the mental activities are kept in much better accord.
(Q)  What produces the asthmatic condition?
(A)  The incoordination between the cerebrospinal and sympathetic nerve system in the brachial center or the upper dorsal, and the pressures, the mental attitude - all of these have their part.  Thus the change in the atmospheric pressure as well as the environs will be necessary if there is to be brought any semblance of a balance between these two systems of the body.

3906-1   M  12
    If these disturbances are corrected pathologically in the early developing years, so that those pressures apparent in the areas from the 9th dorsal to the 1st cervical are corrected, we may allay oft those bronchial-asthmatic reactions that take the life and breath from the body.

3863-1  M  ADULT
    IN THE BLOOD SUPPLY, in this we find the effects of the greater distraughtness as is produced in the system by the varied conditions as are brought about in the various portions of the body - as is seen in that condition as is produced in bronchials, larynx, lungs at times; as that as produced in the nasal cavities; as is shown in the digestion - all of these are effects of an abnormal condition existing in the body, and these effects are as the results of this condition existent and produced or shown in the blood stream, through the change of the condition existent in same, by the cause of non-elimination in its normal way and manner.  Hence most of the conditions that have been applied to the body for betterment have been found to be effective only in part, for rather the effect than the cause has been treated in the physical forces of the body.  In the effect produced, then, in the blood supply, we find there forms of that as may be called a congestion in the tissue as separates the various portions of blood stimulus to the tissue in the body, see? or a catarrhal condition, as is seen in the various passages in system where the fluids of the system are distraught at times - as in case of digestion, as in case of that as is produced in the form of asthmatic condition to the bronchials, lungs, nasal, eyes, and the effects are as of    such disturbance in the mucus producing portions in the various organs.
    IN THE NERVE SYSTEM, in this we find the real seat or cause of the trouble.  In certain centers, then, along the cerebro-spinal system, we find there are deflections that have caused improper incentives.  With these deflections, there has come this congestion.  With congestion there was brought about these poisons left by non-elimination setting up in tissue in the form of this non-eliminated poison and producing this catarrhal condition in the system.  In the centers, as seen, these are the 2nd and 3rd and 4th dorsal, the 4th and 5th cervical - the 2nd, 3rd and 4th dorsal being the greater trouble, for through these we find reflexes as come to the lungs through that of the reflexes to the cardiac, or secondary cardiac plexus.  Also with this cardiac plexus there comes the disturbance as is seen through the activity of the system in the plexus of the pneumogastric and the hypogastric.  Hence the varying conditions as exist in the digestive system, and with this over taxation in the digestion, the liver and kidneys show a small amount of irritation by inflammation to the mucus producing portions of the system - as is effective in the functioning of the organs through the various times.  Hence we find a debilitation throughout the system, yet not such as to prevent the normal functioning of the body in its abilities, mentally and physically - yet ever hindered by a dread, a disturbance throughout the body.

3661-1   M  60
    These as to being helped will depend upon many factors.  And if the body would find real help, these must be considered as a part of the whole condition.  As there are scars from hindrances that have long existed in the body, from these deflections where pressures in the upper dorsal and through the cervical have prevented the proper circulation through bronchi and trachea, these have made for a thickening of the walls of tissue.  Thus when there are changes of pressure in atmosphere, or when there are certain characters of foods taken, when there is the least cold or that which produces an unbalanced chemical condition in the body in the acids and alkalines, we find that there are recurrent spasmodic reactions through those areas where these scars or hindrances have been produced from this deflection.  It is called an asthmatic condition, or asthma.

3634-1  M   2
    As we find, there are improvements in many ways through the body.  The tendencies for the conditions through the bronchi and trachea have been improved.  But we would every few months have a series of at least three or four adjustments, and as indicated, we will so adjust the body that in its growth those tendencies for the bronchial asthmatic reaction and the susceptibility to colds, through the pressures upon the sympathetic ganglia in the upper dorsal and through the cervical area, will be materially aided.

3634-2   M   3
(Q)  What causes the attacks of asthma?
(A)  As has been indicated, a condition in the trachea and bronchi from pressures in the brachial center.  This has been given.  These are being corrected.  Don't get overanxious and do other things or that which will hinder what is being done by the osteopath.

3542-1  F  50
    In the circulation we find there are indications as to how there are disturbances in the trachea and bronchi, that form what is commonly termed bronchial asthma.  This plethoric condition existing there is irritated by the passage of air to the lungs themselves.  Thus when there is the breathing in of any of those elements that float in the air, whether it be gaseous or any particles of dust, it produces irritation that causes coughing - which further irritates the general condition of the body.

3537-1  M   7
    We would take this developing body to [Dr.] Taylor ... and have the neuropathic treatments, correcting those subluxations that exist in the coccyx and the lumbar areas, in the 2nd and 3rd dorsal, and in the 3rd and 2nd cervical.  And we will be rid of those tendencies towards the bronchial asthmatic condition.

3359-1  M  25
    Here we find the bronchi and trachea at variance to cold and heat, also at variance to anger or disappointment.  For, a bad cold or anger will give the body just as severe attack of asthmatic condition in trachea and lung as anything else.

3331-1  F  36
    Also we would have corrections made osteopathically; not merely corrections as of moving segments but including a massage so as to cause the activities of the sympathetic and the emunctory centers to coordinate, and not leave this spasmodic reaction of nerve energies to the areas.  These will be from the 6th dorsal to the base of the brain.  Ordinarily, the application is from the 1st cervical down.  Here, begin at the 6th dorsal and - on either side of the spine - work up.  And you won't do it all in just two or three minutes.  There should be given time for the corrections, as pressures are made in the various segments on either side, and include those areas at those segments especially of
the 4th, 2nd and 1st dorsal, 3rd cervical, 2nd cervical, and 5th cervical, and just about in the order given should there be the reaction to these to the nerve supply - that, of course, carries the reaction to the bronchial tubes of the trachea and the upper portion of the  lungs.  With any change of atmospheric pressures these change, - with even a little cold as from a draft, dampness of feet or some such, and bring on these paroxysms of asthmatic reactions.  Hence do have these corrections...
(Q)  Is there an organic condition exists that creates this asthmatic condition?
(A)  Naturally such paroxysms cause a strain on the heart, as well as causing - from those things given - poor eliminations and slow activity of the liver and the kidneys.  But these are not organically affected; though they are sympathetically or reflexly involved.  With the type of applications carried forward as suggested here, these should gradually adjust themselves.
    Do keep good eliminations, even a little excessive.  The vegetables or the character of vegetables indicated should aid in this.

3290-1  F  69
    These, then, are the conditions as we find them with this body:  The blood supply indicates a toxic condition through the system from poor eliminations...
(Q)  Suggest remedy for asthma, sinus and bronchitis?
(A)  As just given.  The massages, the Fume Bath and the correcting of these.  But lose some of these disturbances of  pressures by the fleshy portions in the body.

3211-3  M  55
    There are subluxations in the second and third dorsals.  These deflect the circulation of nerve supply, and thus the blood to the bronchi and trachea.  This causes a bronchial asthmatic disturbance.

3127-1  F  26
    As we find the disturbance here - there have been such expansions in the bronchi and trachea as to cause, from any excitement, a spasmodic or asthmatic reaction to the breathing or to the activity of the arteries that carry the blood into the lung area...
(Q)  What connection is there between either or both my hay fever and sinuses, with my asthma; what can be done to correct these?
(A)  Well, all of these are associations with the lymph circulation, and with this engorgement these naturally cause - from the sinus - a general disturbance; as also does the hay fever.
    Using an inhalant will also be helpful for the body, prepared in this manner:
    To 4 ounces of grain alcohol add, in the order named:

Oil of Eucalyptus....................20 minims,
Rectified Oil of Turp................5 minims,
Compound Tincture of Benzoin.........15 minims.

    Put the solution in an 8 ounce large-mouth bottle or prepared so that two vents may be made through the cork with glass tubes inserted with corks.  Several times during the day and especially during the spasmodic condition of the asthmatic reactions, shake the solution, remove the corks and inhale into the throat and nostrils.

3109-1   M   2
(Q)  Will there be a tendency towards asthma and hay fever in later life?
(A)  Not if the osteopathic corrections are made properly along the spinal column, so that the whole of the lymph circulation is changed.

3053-2   F  11
(Q)  Why is she now having such severe attacks of asthma?
(A)  The diet!  Keep away from those things that are sweet, or those combinations causing acid in the stomach itself.

3046-2  F  44
(Q)  Could there be a disturbance in the rectum or vagina which is causing the asthma?  (I only ask this question because I have had several people tell me about the doctor in Kansas City who treats asthma from that part of the body.)
(A)  There could be disturbances, but this is not the source - as we have indicated.  The source is in the upper dorsal and through the lumbar and sacral areas.  Do as outlined for the better conditions for this body.

3046-1  F  43
    There has long been a subluxation that exists in the upper dorsal and cervical areas.  This has produced a form of activity through the lungs as to produce an asthmatic condition.
    We would have osteopathic adjustments to alleviate, very gradually, the subluxations in the 2nd and 3rd dorsal, and in the 2nd and 3rd cervical.  We would stimulate this area first, before making the corrections, and make these very gradually; else we may bring on a very SEVERE attack of the asthmatic reactions through the bronchi and lungs.

2782-1  F  51
    First, in the blood supply, - this we find with a tendency towards an acidity; that at times brings such disturbances to the adrenals as to produce pressures upon the sympathetic nervous system, in such measures as to cause lesions along the cerebrospinal and sympathetic nervous system junctions.
    Thus in throat, in head, in the mucous membranes, there are produced spasms of irritation, or at times in the bronchi and larynx the feeling as of a burr or a distinct disturbance to those areas.
    These, then, as indicated, are reflexes; though these may cause such disturbance - by this unbalancing in the chemical forces of the body-functions - as to cause even an asthmatic reaction - by the form of lesions produced, unless these conditions are removed.

2742-1  M  23
    Because of the hereditary forces there is NOT the NECESSITY of, or there should not be entertained that as a necessity of weakened lungs or of asthmatic tendencies.  But the conditions in the physical structural forces, and the reactions in the present, may bring ABOUT such conditions IF THERE ARE NOT MEASURES TAKEN TO ELIMINATE THE SOURCES OF THESE TENDENCIES towards the weakened conditions in the areas indicated.
    First, - have some specific time each day, when at all practical, for exercising in the open.  There is little better than the general setting-up exercise, - walking, golfing, rowing, swimming and the like; and as much of such as may be had in the experience of the body would be most beneficial.  The forms of specific corrections we would have, - such as may be made by Saxmann.  While these need not be wholly osteopathic, neither should they be merely or entirely chiropractic; but there should be specific corrections made in those areas from the 4th and 5th dorsal to the 1st cervicals, with some specific made - during the periods - in the lumbar and the sacral.  In these there should be periods.  Take a treatment every three days, or three times a week if practical, for some two or three weeks.  Then leave off for ten days or two weeks.  Then take for another week, leave off for two weeks.  Then take for another week to ten days.  These should correct those tendencies, provided the outdoor exercises are maintained as much as practical.

2542-2   M   3
    There are the tendencies in the cervicals for hindrances to the proper circulation, by a subluxation; which tends to give an asthmatic condition in the larynx and trachea.  These need correction osteopathically.  Have at least three or four corrections, and these would not be bad if given during this period when there is the stimulation necessary for the reduction of cold and the reducing of temperature.

2245-1  F  ADULT
    Yes, we have the body here.  (Give special attention to the asthmatic condition).  Now we find there are some abnormal conditions in this body that produce the asthmatic condition, and we have the effect that this condition has produced within this system.  The affect is to the nerve forces, the functioning of the organs, the lungs themselves and bronchials and the effect produced in the circulation...
(Q)  Mr. Cayce, when did [2245] have the fall that caused the asthmatic condition?
(A)  The asthmatic condition has been the development from the condition the fall produced, which was when the body was about five or six years old, you see.

2102-2  F  27
    Put a teaspoonful of Compound Tincture of Benzoin and one-half teaspoonful of Oil of Eucalyptus in boiling water, as in a croup cup, so that the fumes may be inhaled by the body.
    This will relax the lungs from this severe attack of the asthmatic reactions in the present, and not be too hard upon the lungs or the heart or the digestive system.

2102-3  F  27
    We find another condition that concurs with the very nature of the disturbance is that there are the more severe paroxysms of the contending influences in the bronchia, the trachea, and the nerves of the lungs, and the asthmatic reaction, at or following those periods of elimination - or the excess activity of the glandular forces...
(Q)  Are glands of internal secretion involved?
(A)  Every gland is involved, where so much of the lymph and emunctory circulation is involved, - as in ANY long standing asthmatic reaction.

2102-1  F  27
    While the body suffers from the effects of asthmatic reaction, from the bronchi and the lungs, we find that the applications for the effective activity upon the system have produced many disturbing forces that at times become a great aggravation to the conditions.
    But, to meet the needs of the conditions under the existent circumstances:
    While we will have periods when there will be quite a reverting to old conditions, and some periods when a great deal of relaxation will be needed, we will find that if the sources of the conditions - or the causes - are carefully considered, and the applications followed which we will indicate, we will gradually get rid of a great deal of the trouble, - even under the existent conditions.
    First, - know that the attitude of the mental self has much to do with the effects created; just as the self finds that overheating, overeating, overanxiety, anger, and conditions of any nature that work the body up to a state of exhaustion, produce a great deal of disturbance to the body; just as  there has been builded into the mind of the body that there is the effect from, or as of the body being allergic to, so MANY things that are really helpful and necessary, if the corrections will be made properly!
    These, then, as we find, are the basic causes of the condition; and if there is the DESIRE for the POSITIVE positive position of same, have same X-Rayed!
    There is in the 1st and 2nd and 3rd dorsal a subluxation INTERNALLY, or downward; and this has for a long period produced a pressure upon the trachea, and the tubes to the lungs themselves.  This irritation causes the spasmodic reactions to the body-forces, and causes the quickening of the circulation in the attempt for the superficial activity of the nervous system to replace, or to give sufficient vent to the openings into the lungs for the oxidization or  purifying of the air.
    This must necessarily be relieved.  It is of such long standing that it will require several series or periods of the adjustments; not merely those that may be had by the chiropractic aligning of portions of the cerebrospinal system, but rather those that may be had in the OSTEOPATHIC manner, with the use of relaxing of other portions that will aid in correcting the tension in the areas, - as in the areas from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th lumbar, as well as the upper dorsals and through the cervicals.
    We would take these as a regular thing; twice a week for four weeks, - leave off four weeks; then take again twice a week for four weeks, and leave off four weeks.  Continue in this manner for at least six to eight to ten such rounds of taking same.

2040-2   M  50
    It is the form of pressure that causes the phthisis, or asthmatic reaction, and is producing hardships upon the circulation from the lungs to heart, to liver.
    For the asthmatic reaction, take CALCIDIN - in this manner: Dissolve two or three one-grain tablets in an ounce of warm water, and keep this warm - not by heating it, but by keeping it in a warm place, you see.  Stir and take a teaspoonful of the solution about three times a day.  Stir it thoroughly before taking the dose, but keep warm - and keep covered.
(Q)  Any specific directions for the osteopath?
(A)  Correct those as indicated, - the subluxations in the upper dorsal.  These will be found as indicated; subluxations producing pressure, and becoming the contributory cause to the phthisis or asthma.

1867-1  F  50
    Rarely, then, have the lower lobes of the lungs themselves been expanded sufficiently to carry the full flow even of the QUANTITY of blood through the body for its purification; thus again causing congestion through those areas in the hepatic circulation, both upper and lower, as to produce the spasmodic reaction in the bronchi and larynx and at times the whole of the respiratory system - when there is an unbalancing or an excess acidity...
    These, through the supplying of the nerve energies to portions of the system, produced a condition where the spasmodic reactions as in the bronchi and lung cause the asthmatic reaction.
(Q)  When the asthmatic attacks come, what should be done to relieve same?
(A)  Take Calcidin, - this dissolved in a little water, - one to five grains in an ounce to two ounces of water - this kept warm and a little bit sipped every fifteen to twenty minutes - will allay as well as relieve disturbances.
    But if these [spinal] corrections are made AS INDICATED, the attacks should not come.  It is understood, to be sure, that the impulses to the bronchi are received from the upper dorsal and through the cervical areas of the cerebrospinal system; but these are SECONDARY!  IF those lesions in the coccyx, sacral and to the 9th dorsal are removed, then those applications for the adjustments through the upper portions will become almost the NORMAL adjustments in themselves!
(Q)  Does the doctor in Canada really cure asthma?
(A)  About one in ten, yes, - where there are the needs for the corrections upon those portions of the body producing pressures, he relieves.  Where these have become those conditions that are constitutional, and are dependent upon organs' activity, no.
    All of these are taken into consideration with this individual body, [1867] - in that we have outlined here.
    Do THESE, and we will find the relief desired.

1794-3   F  46
    Make pressures upon the coccyx end of the spine to the left and then to the right, but at the same time holding a pressure at the center from which the larynx obtains its impulse for the circulatory forces as well as the nerve supply.  This will be found to relax the system from the asthmatic reaction.

1536-1  M  29
    These then cause the disturbance, and without correction may eventually cause not only
constitutional asthmatic reflections in the bronchi and lungs but may also cause a deflection in the circulation between the liver, the lungs, the heart and the hepatic circulation; or a FUNCTIONAL disturbance of heart activity.

1529-1  M  62
(Q)  Is the source of my frequent asthmatic attacks purely physical, or partly from interference from other entities?
(A)  As we find, if there would be release given of a physical or mechanical nature [via osteopathy?] in the upper dorsal area, we would find MUCH of the ability of self then released so as to throw off this more and more - and not become so SENSITIVE to indecisions in others.

1413-1  F  20
    This disturbance while deep-seated, and is primarily a constitutional disturbance, may - with consistent and concerted effort - be eradicated from the system; both that which produces the asthmatic condition and the disturbance in the superficial circulation - that is a part of the asthmatic condition - the eczema.
    But there must be, as was once given, a purifying, a clarifying of the blood stream; as well as the relieving of the pressures in the cerebrospinal system that produce a disturbance that makes for the condition in the bronchi and larynx, as to cause the asthmatic condition in the respiratory system.  For these conditions, as has been experienced at times, vary; and that which has been applied that eases the one (the asthma) works a hardship upon the abrasions in the bodily forces, or causes an aggravation to the lymph circulation through accumulations of poisons that would allay those portions of the bronchi and larynx that relieve the asthmatic reaction.
    Hence it may be seen from these very conditions that, while these are in the NERVOUS REACTIONS of the body, it is a mechanical or structural pressure to a great degree that is the primary cause of the asthmatic condition; and the combination of disturbance to the glandular system, the accumulations of poisons in the body, the incoordination of the superficial and the deeper circulation, that aggravate and produce the abrasions in the superficial circulation...
    When there is the spasmodic reaction of the asthmatic condition in the respiratory system, during the period of the manipulations and the taking of the Atomidine as indicated, we would also take six drops of the Atomidine in a tablespoonful of water - SIPPED!  This may only be done once in six to eight hours, but let the reaction of IODINE take place in the system; for this iodine (the Atomidine) is to CLEANSE the system and to make for glandular reaction that has been deterred and submerged, and will be ready for reaction when there is the release in the cerebrospinal system of nerve pressures (which will produce at times some very disagreeable experiences in the asthmatic condition as well as the other disturbances, which are a part of same - but these pressures must be removed).  So when there are the spasmodic reactions that produce the asthmatic condition, take at such a time six minims of the Atomidine in a tablespoonful of water; this sipped, not drunk but sipped - and swallow the saliva as produced by the effect of this in the mouth.  Take this large dosage, however, only when there is such an oppression...
    Owing to some of those things that have been given as sedatives, there is the inclination for a slowing through the colon of the eliminations; and poisons arise there, which at times produce very disturbing conditions, both to the circulation and the blood stream as well as to the respiratory system.
    Hence it is well that colonic irrigations, or preferably enemas, be used sufficient to keep the eliminations a little above normal.  Take them body-temperature; not too high but sufficient to cleanse the colon.  A saline solution is preferable; that is, a heaping teaspoonful of table salt to half a gallon of water; with occasionally a pinch or a quarter teaspoonful of baking soda added.  These should be well dissolved in the water that is body temperature.  A Fountain Syringe is preferable to any force enema apparatus. These will also make for a relieving when there are the disturbances to the body from or through the respiratory system.

1268-1  F  50
    Bronchi and lungs and larynx are very good considering the poor circulation.  But the heaviness of breath, this does not arise alone from the heaviness of body but from pressures that produce a tendency towards an asthmatic reaction in overexercise - as climbing steps, or long walks or overexcitement.  Thus the body becomes subject to cold, producing - from a general toxic force - overacidity.  This is the unusual in some respects for the general conditions...
    The body should make for the use of colonic irrigations, preferably the Tyrrell's Elevator we would find would be most excellent for this body; though there may be used the Fountain Syringe or Fountain irrigator that will cleanse gradually, not all at once, the colon.  If these irrigations are taken every day or every other day for a period of a week or two weeks, and then left off for a few days, then begun again, this will be found to be most helpful.  Use a saline-soda solution when such is done.  Do not have water greater temperature than that of the body.  Proportions for these for this body would be to each half a gallon of water put a heaping teaspoonful of table salt and a level teaspoonful of baking soda.  Thoroughly dissolve same before it is used.

1047-1  M  ADULT
    This, then, is of that nature in the blood supply, in the nerve system, in the organ itself, of the asthmatic condition.  Or there are periods when there is the swelling of the tissue in the throat and in portion of the lungs, when there is caused a very labored breathing - as it were - from or by the body.
    In the lung forces:  Here we find, in the cerebrospinal system there is in the dorsal area a subluxation that has gradually - through the impulse created there - impoverished the flow of the blood, or impulse.  Not so much the blood; at times this overflows, but this produces then - by this lack of impulse - a spasmodic reaction of an asthmatic nature, either from cold or heat, too much sweets or too much of pollen or dust, too much of any of those influences that will make for an attack upon the sympathetic systems through the mucous membranes of the throat and nasal passages and to the bronchi and larynx and lungs.

978-1  F  ADULT
    As to the functioning of the ORGANS themselves, we find there has been the slowed circulation through the nasal passages and to the frontal portion of the face itself, through pressures that have been indicated for sometime back in the upper dorsal and through the cervical area.  This slowed circulation has produced the effect of a catarrhal condition in the antrum, in the nasal passages, in the soft tissue.  Thus, with the reactions of the atmospheric pressures - or from cold or congestion, there is produced the swelling that causes the lack of the bronchi and larynx to ALLOW the circulation to pass through in a normal way and manner.  Thus there is caused a disturbance in the bronchi and lung area.  For without the flow of the air through the passages, the slowing of the circulation in the upper portion of the lung and in the left trachea especially, there is produced a congested area.  And until there is a relaxation, spasmodic reactions are produced in the breathing...
    In the digestive system we find sympathetic reactions and the lack of the proper balance in the gastric flow to produce the proper activity in the glands as related to the thyroids and the mucous membranes.  For with the increase, or the attempt of the flow of supply to the disturbed forces, there has been produced a drain upon the lymph circulation.  Hence from coughing, the reactions from the spasmodic conditions, phlegm rises from the throat, from the trachea, even from the lung itself at times.  This is an overflow of the LYMPH that is lacking in those elements in the digestive forces of the body...
    First we would begin by having prepared an inhalant, in this manner:
    To 4 ounces of pure grain alcohol, in a 6 to 8 ounce container with glass stopper (or the screw cap, provided it is not metal but rather of the bakerite, or a cap of such nature), add - in the order named:

    Oil of Eucalyptol....................20 minims,
    Rectified Creosote....................5 minims,
    Compound Tincture of Benzoin.........15 minims,
    Rectified Oil of Turp................10 minims,
    Tolu in solution.....................40 minims.

    Shake together, then remove the cap, and inhale the fumes (not taking the properties, but inhale the FUMES); first through one side of the nostril, then the other.  Then shake again, and inhale the fumes DEEP into the lungs through the mouth; just the fumes that arise from shaking the solution, you see, for these gradually disintegrate.  Inhale these early of morning or late in the evening, or WHENEVER there is the tendency for the spasmodic conditions; for these are the times when more reactions occur.
    The reaction is antiseptic, and is to ALLAY irritation, to prevent the swellings that occur by the
inflammation being disturbed in the body.  Also it is to allay those tendencies for the catarrhal reaction and this drying that occurs at times, while at others it becomes - as it were - very wet; asthmatic reaction...
    Also for the spasmodic conditions that arise in the system, we would take - especially - those
properties found in Calcidin.  Take internally a one grain tablet once or twice a day.  Have these on hand and take regularly at such periods.
    And we would prepare a solution to be taken internally, prepared with Calcidin.  Dissolve five grains of Calcidin in an ounce of distilled water.  Keep it warm; shake the solution together and sip it occasionally; a quarter to half a teaspoonful every two, three to four hours.  This will overcome these spasmodic conditions when they arise, from cold or congestion or from excitement...
    We would also begin with some corrections osteopathically, or chiropractically; making for perfect alignment in the upper dorsal and cervical area.
    Take these adjustments about two weeks.  Then rest by leaving them off a week.  Then take them two weeks again.  Then rest three weeks.  Then take two weeks again.  Then rest a MONTH.  Then take for two weeks again, see?  This is so the body may make for the corrections in the normal way and manner...
(Q)  Please outline a specific diet.
(A) As indicated, hold to those things that are alkalin in their reaction.  Not too much of sweets,  not too much of starches; but rather those things that are well-balanced and those special foods as indicated should be a portion of the diet from day to day.  This is better than just saying do this or do that.  Keep a well-balance; knowing that the alkalin reacting foods are PREFERABLE for the body; for they prevent acidity.  And acidity is irritating to the blood flow, hence irritating to those tendencies existent in the areas as outlined...
    Keep the body - or keep the MIND, and it will keep the body! - in a constructive manner. That is, think the pleasant things, even when the outlook may be the darkest.  Do not allow the little things that are hindrances make for irritating, or to hurt the feelings.  For naturally the body is sensitive to feelings of others, through the overflow of those activities in the sympathetic system.  But know that God IS!  Know that He protects those who put their trust in Him; that what is necessary will be supplied thee if ye will keep joyous, keep happy, keep IN that way of CONSTRUCTIVE forces throughout!

911-1  F  24
    The change that may be seen in this is, specifically, that those odors which carry NOT any pollen will affect the body as readily as the activities in pollen or such conditions surrounding the body, and at ALL seasons or times there is a tendency for easy irritation to the membranes that would eventually - if these are not corrected - produce a form of asthmatic condition that would be even harder to combat, once set in system as a constitutional effect, than is that which is known as hay fever, or rose fever, at the present...
    Digestion is very good, save it is super-sensitive from the amount of the plasm necessary in the metabolism of the body for the creating of sufficient fluids to be supplied in the lymph circulation, and this makes super-sensitiveness to certain foods that are of sugars carrying a high percent of  the principles that make for activities in the respiratory system, or that are necessary for the creating in the equilibrium those balances necessary for the accumulation of the plasm that makes for coagulation.  Hence a torpidity of liver, with often a tendency for constipation - or the lack of the necessary peristaltic movement for the eliminations, especially through the colon area; and with these pressures produce an effect upon the lower portion of the hepatic circulation, or through the glands above the kidneys, producing an over amount of the eliminations in the bladder itself.  Not an organic condition, or bordering on same - for this only comes at times, but is a reflex condition of the pressure existent in the upper dorsal area.

861-1   M  ADULT
    We find in the NERVOUS SYSTEM as related to the blood supply that which may be said to be the cause of the existent condition, for the disturbances have been in the body for some time; and to give the causes is to reach to that in times past when there was an accident or an injury in the upper dorsal area that makes for, and has made for, a pressure upon the nerve forces that REGULATE the flow of blood supply and nerve energy through the brachial and bronchi and upper portion of the lung area.  This pressure has gradually builded into the system until it has become a portion of the body.  And the asthmatic reactions that occur when there is cold, overheat, overtiredness or a reaction to the system, are the effects of this center in the 3rd and 4th dorsal area of producing a pressure upon he system in such a manner as to prevent the proper flow of energy, or so producing in the bronchi itself a filling up, not allowing the air to pass into the lungs in a proper way and manner, making for the heavy breathing, for the change in the respiratory activity, changing in the heart's activity.
    When there are the recurrent conditions of the spasmodic reaction, or the asthmatic reaction, we would take a grain of Calcidin.  Preferably, if these are severe, dissolve five grains of Calcidin in an ounce of warm water; keep warm, and when there is the asthmatic reaction take a little sip of same; a quarter teaspoonful every hour or less until the body is relaxed.

674-1   M  11
(Q)  What causes the difficult breathing and smothering spells at night?
(A)  The heavy circulation.  Asthmatic condition, produced by the pressures in the dorsal areas as we have indicated.

656-1  M  TEENS
    In times back there was produced a subluxation in the upper dorsal area, which -  with the deflecting of the nerve impulse - gradually created a tendency for the increasing of tissue in such measures as to deflect nerve energy at times, and so become susceptible to atmospheric pressures, cold, congestion; which in turn effects - through the sympathetic and imaginative forces of the nervous system - the bronchi and lungs, thus producing an asthmatic condition, or a wheezing and a shortness of breath.

595-1  M  ADULT
    As to the NERVE SYSTEM, here we find what may be termed the cause or the seat of the disorder.  In times back - seventeen, sixteen, seventeen (this winter) - there was a distress that was brought on by a germ, or "flu", or deep cold, that with a subluxation already existent which made a tendency in the direction produced a slowing of the circulation through the bronchi and through the larynx.  This, then, through the slowed circulation, tended to make for a plethora there, when there were almost those reactions of a form of pneumonia, or inflammation of the lung itself; but the high temperature, the slow blood supply, formed a lesion or a clot, or a thickening of the tissue in the bronchi itself.  Hence we have with excess of heat, or with a pressure from even disagreeing properties for digestion, or that requiring the circulation to be drawn to other portions of the body, that which produces spasmodic asthmatic conditions in the bronchi itself.  This makes for a filling of the tubes and a shortening of the breath, and slowing still farther the circulation through the lungs in the lower portions (and upper portion on the right side), and - causing the distresses and the deep circulation in attempting to fill - makes for a breath that makes for panting, requiring that something will allow the passages for the air into the lungs to be excited to such an extent as to reduce this plethora or fullness that is caused there.
    When there is an asthmatic spasmodic reaction, we will find that the inhalation of properties combined in this manner would be MOST beneficial:
    To 4 ounces of pure grain alcohol, add - in this order and quantity:

    Eucalyptol, Oil of................20 minims,
    Rectified Creosote.................3 minims,
    Tincture of Benzoin.............15 minims,
    Rectified Oil of Turp............10 minims,
    Tincture of Tolu in solution...20 minims.

    Keep this in a container at least twice the size of the quantity, or a 6 to 8 ounce container with a glass cork, you see.  Inhale the fumes, when this solution is shaken together, deep into the lungs and bronchi 2, 3, 4 times each day.  Of course, this - as any condition - might be overdone, but take 3 to 4 deep inhalations whenever it is necessary - 3 to 4 times a day.  We would also take at such periods a grain Calcidin tablet, which will alleviate the lung activity and make for better conditions in the system.
    Also at times, not always - but when the condition especially is bad in the evenings, or when there is damp weather, or when there is the tendency or the approach of storms or the like - we would use the pure APPLE brandy; not Apple Jack nor cider, but BRANDY - apple brandy.  A small quantity of it.  Or, to 4 to 6 ounces of same add 1/2 ounce of Rock Candy.  Shake this together until it is dissolved. Do not take at a dose more than a teaspoonful, or a good swallow - which would be 2 teaspoonsful.  Never more than that much, and let it go down VERY slowly, see?
    Now, as to the CORRECTIVE measures that will alleviate the condition:
    There should be about ten or twelve chiropractic adjustments made in the cerebrospinal system, especially in the 3rd and 4th dorsal center; and make the adjustment from the RIGHT side.  Necessary, of course, that a little massage be given through the cervical area at such an adjustment.
    After these treatments; that is, several months afterwards, or until the condition begins to improve; we would use the electrically driven vibrator, using the cup applicator directly on the body over the whole of the cerebrospinal system.  Then take the ball or the little hard applicator and apply from the 9th dorsal to the base of the brain on either side of the cerebrospinal system itself.  Go down on the one side, then go down on the other; but let these come FROM the head toward the central portion of the body, bearing rather hard - or making a DEEP vibration, see?
    Be mindful with the diet, that there are not those things that will tend to make for irritation to the respiratory system or the bronchi itself; that is, never too much of the tuberous nature of vegetables, and no hog meat - save there may be taken a little crisp bacon of mornings at times, but NO hog meat!  If meat at all is to be taken, it would be principally fish, fowl, mutton or the like.  Never fried meats.  If beef is to be taken, let it rather be in the form of the juices of same - that is, with stews and the like, see?  More of the leafy vegetables, and not too much of those that are of the too great quantity of starch; though corn may be taken in moderation, especially the roasting ears if they are BOILED - not fried, but boiled!  Then the corn may be cut off the cob and prepared in that manner for the body, or it may be eaten off the cob.  But the mastication of the food for this body should be the greater principle.  Chew any mouthful of food at least fourteen times.  Even in drinking water, CHEW it - or masticate it at least three or four times.  That is, sip it - let the activity of the glands in the mouth mingle well with the water; not gulping it but sipping it gently.
    And this will bring very great relief to the body. With the end of the chiropractic adjustments given in the area specifically as outlined, also begin taking Atomidine; never more than three minims in a glass of water, and sip this water as well as all the other that is taken.  This dosage may be taken twice each day, before the morning meal and just before retiring.

227-1  M  ADULT
    As to the pressure, normal at present, subnormal at other times, again above normal when the stress comes to lung force in spasmodic or asthmatic conditions as arise at times.  In throat, lungs, larynx and bronchials we find with this pressure or lesion at seventh dorsal the excess through sympathetic to the throat, larynx and bronchials, and the asthmatic effect to lung cell, though not organic condition in either of these.

161-1  M  11
(Q)  What can be done to cure his asthma and rapid, painful, breathing?
(A)  We are doing all of that here, if we will apply these conditions! for the manipulation is to raise these portions where the pressures are produced, see?  so that the DRAINAGES come off from the system in their proper relationships one to another.  This removes the strain as is caused in this region - the manipulation - raising of the lungs to produce for same drainage IN the system.

161-5   M  11
(Q)  Is Virginia Beach the proper climate for his asthmatic condition?
(A)  Virginia Beach is a good climate for ANY condition, provided there are set up the proper vibrations.  A HIGHER altitude, or home, is a BETTER, in the PRESENT conditions.

112-1   F  ADULT
    Now, these are conditions as we find in this body:  In the blood supply, which is limited for the condition and is weak, tending toward anemia, though not anaemitized - anemic wholly, - poor elimination, often poor assimilation.  So the weakness to the whole system becomes a thing apart, and to the entity, when taken by the psychological forces, the effects become all over the system, affecting the organs and the whole body  throughout.  In portions of the system we find this being produced, that is, that which causes it; not an entire auto-intoxication or toxins absorbed, but rather of the impure form of toxins or alcoholic forces formed in the system and producing toxins from these, as we find this through the PEYER'S gland or the PYRENIAL [Peyerian?] gland.  Then there
is the effect that this circulation has in portions of the body where it goes to be clarified:  that is, through the veins carrying this to the lungs for the clarification, there is often produced an open plethora condition in the lungs, when the body from the bronchials and from the lung force suffers from the condition produced there; rather a toxin from the system producing asthmatic conditions.  Then at times through portions of the body there is poor digestion at times.  Of course, with the bad assimilation, the nervous system through many of the centers becomes overcharged with this same toxin in the system, as is apparent through that of the cardiac plexus, producing also a reflex to the cardiac end of the stomach and all of the forces of the cardiac, and to the secondary cardiac plexus, also to those of the lumbar region, so that at times the body suffers even from pains across and through the lumbar region. These are rather reflex than direct, being of the nature that is produced by the nervous system itself.

90-1   M  ADULT
    To assist the lungs, the bronchials, the larynx, to overcome that asthmatic condition as appears from time to time, use tablets (5 grains) Calcidin, see?  Let these dissolve and swallow same, as they dissolve in the mouth, see? or this may be dissolved and taken as a dose, or it may be taken internally, see?  This will reduce the irritation.  These may be taken every few hours, when it's necessary, but, as the manipulation and the adjustments are made, these may be gradually reduced, as the diet is kept with same, and we will build the system, else, if these corrections are not made, we MAY find such depressions in the heart's action as to produce acute conditions in the heart's action, or in the lung and heart's action, through the coronary artery, see? Do, then, as we have given.  Ready for questions.
(Q)  Is there any organic trouble with the heart?
(A)  Purely the reflex condition as is seen from this pressure produced through the secondary cardiac plexus, and through cardiac plexus proper, and with sedative overcharging the blood supply, through hypogastric and through the arterial circulation, see?  Not an organic - rather the effects of conditions, though it may become organic, is this kept up, for this reduction, see?  in the body, resistance, the vitality being run low, is the effect of the system trying to adjust itself and of those conditions applied to the body to adjust heart's action and to overcome the asthmatic condition.  The sedatives for the lungs increase the heart's action, and that as has been given for the heart's action has been detrimental in the REBUILDING centers in blood supply and through the whole system, for, as we see how that with segmentations in the dorsal region, as given - 5th, 6th, 7th, 4th, 3rd, see?  This affects directly the heart's action through the pulmonaries, producing irritations from the first segmentation in the 5th and 6th vertebra to the lungs, and to the bronchials, see?  Then, with the stimulation of circulation, and the relaxing of the lung proper, through inhalation and through the taking of properties to overcome this, we draw up, as it were, the diaphragm, in attempting to pump the blood through, see?  Now, when we relax these conditions, we must diet the body so that this condition will not be crowded into the system.  Keep eliminations open, liver acting well.  Do not overload the kidneys, for sugars will, you see. So will stimulants as coffee and tea, etc., see?  These may be taken in moderation.  No heavy meats, but rather that of whole wheat, cereal, fruits, such as those, see?  and it will take, as is given, thirty-six to forty-two (36 to 42) such adjustments, which should be given every other day at least until these are corrected.

85-1   F  ADULT
    IN THE NERVE SYSTEM, in the cerebrospinal nerves, we find in the region of the 4th, 5th and 6th dorsal there has been at times back a lesion produced by subluxation of one of the dorsals themselves.  The subluxation has in part been alleviated.  While the strangulation to the sympathetic nerves of the secondary cardiac have not been relieved, this produces the choking as is produced in the bronchials and larynx, and the asthmatic condition as produced in lungs proper.  This then becomes reflexly to the bronchials, throat and lungs.  At such times we find the blood surcharged.  As given, at such times we find the other organs of the system become involved before or after through their cycle of functioning, as is produced by the overtaxed condition in the system.  In the functioning of the nerve portions of the body from this, we have times when the breathing in the lungs becomes of a strangulated nature, producing the inability of the correct vibrations in their functioning.  Hence the blood becomes choked, fullness of flesh to face, the spasms of asthmatic conditions being produced under such strain.

Note: The above information is not intended for self-diagnosis or self-treatment.  Please consult a qualified health care professional for assistance in applying the information contained in the Cayce Health Database.
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