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    Breast cancer is a complex and devastating disease and the most frequently diagnosed cancer in American women.   Breast cancer may occur in men as well as women, but is much more common in women.  Annual rates for breast cancer are currently an estimated 182,000 new cases diagnosed in the United States accounting for an estimated 46,000 deaths per year.  Breast cancer not only has very serious medical consequences, but also has a major psychological and social impact women with this illness.

    Although in most cases the cause of breast cancer is unknown, breast cancer incidence rates appear to be linked to the conditions of life for modern women.  Risk factors associated with breast cancer include heredity, increasing age; early onset of menstruation; late menopause; never having had children or having a first child after age 30; and high-fat diet.

    Standard medical treatment for breast cancer usually involves complete or partial removal of the breast followed by local radiation and chemotherapy or hormone-blocking therapy.  Social support is often helpful and can be obtained by joining a support group where members share common experiences and problems.

    Treatment outcome is related to the progression of the disease.  Early intervention in cases where the cancer has not spread provide the best outcomes with a five-year survival rate of about 85%.  For patients with extensive spread of the cancer the five-year survival rate is about 10%.  Thus, early detection and intervention are emphasized.  Even with aggressive and appropriate treatments, breast cancer often metastasizes to distant sites such as the lungs, liver, and bones.


    Edgar Cayce gave many readings for persons suffering from a wide variety of cancerous conditions. Here are some of the key points to consider with regard to Edgar Cayce's perspective of cancer.

  • CANCER IS AN ENTITY UNTO ITSELF.  In most cases, cancer is a group of cells or tissues which separates ("segregates") itself and forms its own entity within the larger system of the body.  In a sense, cancer has its own separate identity like a parasite which infests a host organism.
  • CANCER REPRESENTS A FAILURE OF NATURAL PROCESSES.  Edgar Cayce observed that the same processes which result in cancer are present in the body all the time.  Cancer usually results from the failure of natural processes such as coagulation and elimination of wastes.
  • CANCER DRAWS FROM THE VITALITY OF THE BODY.  Cancer uses the body's life-force energy to survive.  Like any parasite, cancer is a drain upon the resources of the host organism.
  • CANCER HAS MANY CAUSES.  There are many etiological (causative) factors associated with cancer.  Heredity, environmental toxicity, poor eliminations, injury, lack of vitality, and depleted immune system were the most often cited factors linked to cancer.  Specifically, chronic irritation or bruising were often said to be triggering factors producing tumors which could become malignant.
  • THERE ARE MANY FORMS OF CANCER.  Edgar Cayce recognized the various kinds of  cancer.  On two occasions he stated that there are nineteen forms of cancer.
  • CANCER CAN OFTEN BE PREVENTED.  According to Edgar Cayce, keeping a healthy diet and good eliminations can help prevent cancer.  Specific therapies such as iodex and ash ointment and plantain salve were recommended by Cayce to prevent lumps and tumors from becoming malignant.  Gentle osteopathic treatment was also often prescribed to set up "drainages" and improve eliminations thus decreasing the chances for cancer.
  • EARLY TREATMENT RESULTS IN BETTER PROGNOSIS.  In agreement with modern medicine's view of cancer treatment, Edgar Cayce noted that early intervention produces better therapeutic results.
  • CANCER INVOLVES MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL ASPECTS.  Edgar Cayce's holistic approach to health and healing is notable in the readings he gave for person's suffering from cancer.  The mental and spiritual aspects of prevention and treatment were strongly emphasized.  Cayce also stated that excessive worry and negative attitudes can make a person with a genetic predisposition for cancer more vulnerable to developing the illness.
  • CANCER IS SOMETIMES A KARMIC PATTERN.  Consistent with the perennial philosophy which acknowledges the continuity of consciousness, Edgar Cayce observed that in some cases cancer can result from past life experiences.
  • THE TREATMENT OF CANCER INVOLVES MANY MODALITIES.  Edgar Cayce recommended a wide variety of therapeutic modalities for the treatment of cancer.  Treatments directed at decreasing toxicity and increasing vitality were emphasized.  On the whole, natural therapies that worked with the body to heal itself were given priority.
  • EDGAR CAYCE SOMETIMES RECOMMENDED SURGERY AND RADIATION.  In certain cases where the cancer was progressive and extreme, surgery and/or radiation therapy were recommended.  Modern chemotherapy techniques were not available during Edgar Cayce's era.
  • SOME CASES OF CANCER WERE REGARDED AS INCURABLE.  Although Edgar Cayce was generally optimistic with regard to the body's innate ability to heal itself from almost any illness, in some cases of cancer the disease was too advanced to expect a physical cure.  In such instances, Cayce would recommend therapies to decrease the pain and suffering while emphasizing the mental/spiritual (soul) aspects of healing.


    Edgar Cayce gave approximately 68 readings for 12 women suffering from breast cancer.  In addition to this core group of breast cancer readings, a number of readings were also given for women who were experiencing breast problems such as nonmalignant tumors and soreness.  The latter group of readings contain some excellent insights into the causes and prevention of breast cancer.

    Tabor's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary states that cancer "may be caused by various forms of chronic irritation."   This view is entirely consistent with Edgar Cayce's perspective, particularly with regard to breast cancer.  In numerous readings Edgar Cayce stated that various forms of chronic irritation were the source of breast cancer.

    Poor eliminations were the most frequently cited causative factor noted in the readings on breast cancer.  The mammary glands become "clogged" allowing waste material to accumulate.  Thus chronic toxicity leads to constant irritation.  Further irritation by injury (e.g., bruising) or a general lapse in the vitality of the system may further predispose the body to cancer.

    "Prenatal" factors were mentioned in several readings.  Presumably, this would include hereditary predisposition.  In such cases, mental worry and stress were sometimes said to contribute to the vulnerability to develop cancer.

    Here is an example of a woman who was having problems with her breasts.  While describing the pathological process and acknowledging the possibility that the condition could lead to cancer, Edgar Cayce encouraged preventative measures to improve eliminations and decrease irritation to the breasts.

(Q)  What causes drawing in breast?  [Incipient cancer of breast]
(A)  This produced by accentuation of properties not eliminated properly from the system, and these having become the center, or the centralization of impurities, this acting as a reservoir, producing a hardening (no, not of a malignant nature, but that of rather the reservoir), and unless proper eliminations are kept in system and should this become bruised, or should the system become so depleted as to produce an extra AMOUNT of refuse forces not being eliminated in nominal channels, or this to become over exacting, as it were, in its call on the system, and acting not so much AS the reservoir - it might become to grow, and become a growth that would be detrimental.  Could be turned into that of malignant nature, but not at present.  NOT to be removed! Use rather that of the gentle massage around and across the muscle and tissue that lead to the glands of the breast, from the intercostal, exterior and interior nerve centers, those as come from 5th, 6th dorsal, coming around each side of the body and about the breast itself, with those properties found in Iodex one evening; then the next evening use a combination of oil of butterfat with that of plantain, mixed one to twenty.    (325-20)

    The recommendation for gentle, natural therapies is a hallmark of the Cayce approach.  However, this woman did eventually develop breast cancer which was treated by a full range of medical therapies including radiation therapy.

    Here is another example of Cayce's approach to breast cancer.  Note the reference to "prenatal" (hereditary) factors which is documented by a family history of cancer.

    Yes, we have the body here.  This we have had before.  Conditions are not so well with the body as when we last had same here.  Those conditions as are prenatal in their effect, through the activity of forces made manifest in a physical body, are beginning to become in the manner of producing within the system an element as of its OWN resuscitation, living upon the life OF the body-physical.  That's a very good description of cancer, isn't it?  for it IS malignant in its nature, and has already attacked the mammary glands, and is going to be rather fast in its operation unless there are means taken as to check same.   (2457-4)

    This woman was 38 years old when this reading was given.  She followed the treatment recommended in her readings and was cured of her cancer.  She lived for another 36 years, dying in in her sleep at the age of 74.


    Although Edgar Cayce gave unique readings for each individual rather than for disease categories, when viewed as a whole, certain important patterns of treatment are obvious.  The most common recommendations for the treatment of breast cancer appear to be:

  • Improve eliminations and decrease toxicity via strict diet, manual therapy (spinal manipulation), and hydrotherapy (castor oil packs and colon therapy);
  • Utilize ultra-violet light therapy and animated ash to assist the system in fighting the cancer;
  • Provide specific treatment to breasts as needed (topical salves and ointments);
  • Increase vitality with beef juice and manual therapy;
  • Create constructive attitudes and emotions by working with the Ideals Exercise.
  • Consult with your physician regarding the role of surgery.  Make an informed decision as to whether this is a reasonable option for you.

    Keep in mind that the Edgar Cayce approach is complementary to the conventional medical approach. This means that it can be used in addition to other forms of treatment.  This approach does not require you to stop other forms of treatment.  Work closely with your physician in developing a treatment plan that is best for you.

Note: The above information is not intended for self-diagnosis or self-treatment.  Please consult a qualified health care professional for assistance in applying the information contained in the Cayce Health Database.

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