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    Edgar Cayce often recommended douches for a variety of conditions.  As an example, for women during menopause he recommended douches to cleanse the reproductive tract.  While keeping in mind that each individual body is unique, here are some general guidelines for women experiencing problems with the urogenital tract for which douches may be useful:

  • Alternate Atomidine and Glyco-Thymoline douches -- one of each every week for the space of several months;
  • Do not do the douches during the menstrual periods;
  • Use one tablespoonful of Glyco-Thymoline to a quart of water;
  • Use one half teaspoonful of Atomidine to a quart of water;
  • Use a fountain syringe, and not a force or spray;
  • Use body-temperature water.


    Here are some typical recommendations from the Cayce readings on the use of douches.  While there are variations in the prescribed treatments because each reading was given for a unique individual, the general patterns of application are consistent with the recommendations above.

    After the menstrual periods, use a douche with a Glyco-Thymoline base; the proportions being a tablespoonful and a half of the Glyco-Thymoline to each quart of water, body temperature (however, we would use more than one quart at the time).  Use only in the Fountain Syringe.   (1713-22)

(Q)  Shall I continue taking Atomidine, the D.D.D. ointment, and the Listerine?
(A)  These are very well, and we would reduce the quantity of the Atomidine taken internally.  But we would now take Atomidine douches; though, to be sure, not during the periods when the menstrual activity is upon the body - but after - every other day.  Have the water body-temperature, using a teaspoonful of Atomidine to the quart and a half of water for the douche.  Use a Fountain Syringe, and not a force or spray.   (1713-21)

(Q)  What causes the slight discharge?
(A)  As we have indicated, this is from the general conditions; hence the need for each of the applications indicated.
    At least once or twice a week we would use the douches with a little Atomidine in the water (not iodine, but Atomidine); half a teaspoonful in a quart and a half of water, body temperature; and we will find these conditions will disappear.  Use only the Fountain Syringe for such.   (1079-4)

    As we find, a better douche to be used by the body for those tendencies for inflammatory conditions through the vagina and the uterus forces themselves would be with Atomidine; proportions:  Two teaspoonsful commercial strength Atomidine to a quart of lukewarm or body-temperature water.  These as we find will not only add or make for a good antiseptic to make for a cleansing for the body but the astringent activities and the healing properties in same will tend to reduce those tendencies - if kept at this temperature - for accumulations upon portions of the organs of the pelvis.
    We would do this (the douche) about once or twice a week, or when there is an inclination for the leucorrhea to cause irritation by superacidity and that tendency it has to produce a pressure upon the bladder itself.  For the urethra - or the tubes to the bladder itself - at times becomes, through this acidity, an irritation that causes these anxieties and produces a natural strain upon the whole of the nervous system itself.
    For such douches we would use the Fountain Syringe rather than a force or spiral syringe.   (811-6)

    Also, at least every two to three days, we would take an Atomidine douche; but not, of course, during the periods of the flow, - though soon after, and throughout the rest periods from the flow.  Use a Fountain Syringe for this, you see, and the proportions would be only half a teaspoonful of commercial strength Atomidine to a quart of water - body temperature.   (780-9)

    Well, too, occasionally, of course, after the periods, that the cleansing douches be used.  These as we find would be the better with a weak solution of the Atomidine in lukewarm water, or body temperature water.  The proportions would be about ten minims in a quart of water.   (694-3)

    Take, even with the conditions, a GENTLE - not hot but body-temperature - douche with a little Atomidine in same, to prevent clotting, irritation, and to reduce the plethora produced in the pelvic system.  The proportions would be about a teaspoonful of Atomidine to a quart and a half of water.  Use a Fountain Syringe and not a force pump or the pressure nature, or force pressure.  These may be used once a day or every other day should be sufficient; or two days, and then skip a day, and then every other day after that.  (601-23)

(Q)  What can I do for the vaginal discharge?
(A)  Occasionally the use of an Atomidine douche would be better.  The proportions would be half a teaspoonful to a quart of water.  Use this whenever there is the feeling of discomfort from the irritations that arise.  This may be every day or two for a while, then left off for several days.  These are antiseptic properties and yet are not irritating, and - with the external use of those properties indicated for the Fume Baths - will make for a better activity to the system.  (601-22)

    We would find better conditions for the body, as we find, with rather a close adherence to a strict diet, with some applications that may be of the more beneficial nature - using a Glyco-THYMOLINE solution for the douches...
    The douche solution would be in the proportions of a tablespoonful of Glyco-Thymoline to a quart and a half of water, body-temperature; using the Fountain douche.  (410-3)

    Use at times douches for the cleansing of the uterus, with a weak solution of Atomidine - this about once or twice a month, see?  to be sure NOT during periods.   (337-22)

    Also we would use the douches of Atomidine, but about half the strength of those that have been indicated heretofore; that is, half the strength of Atomidine that has been used, see?  (313-19)

    We would continue occasionally with the Douches; especially just before and after the Periods; using the Atomidine in same, - about a teaspoonful to the quart of water.  Have the Douche at least body-temperature.  (313-17)

Note: The above information is not intended for self-diagnosis or self-treatment.  Please consult a qualified health care professional for assistance in applying the information contained in the Cayce Health Database.
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