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The programs for which we have information are listed below. For information on programs or countries not specified here, please contact the local representatives directly.




The Edgar Cayce Center in Buenos Aires offers courses and workshops on the following topics: body-mind-spirit; meditation; personal spirituality; reincarnation and karma; dream interpretation; astrology; universal laws; chakras; auras; and more. It also hosts study groups in English and Spanish.

For information, please contact:
Nora Rodríguez-Galíndez
Tel.: int. + 54.11.47 71 09 63
Tel. & Fax: int. + 54.11.48 23 94 46
Web site: www.EdgarCayceArgentina.com.ar



Lectures on various topics related to the work of Edgar Cayce, Search for God study groups, Prayer and Meditation meetings and other activities are organized throughout the year.

For information, please contact: A.R.E. AUSTRALIA
Russell Bowey
Tel.: 613.53452945
Web site: under construction


Lectures and programs on the principles contained in the Edgar Cayce readings are organized regularly on different subjects.

For information, please contact: Kurt Bruk
Arcturus Verlag
Tel. & Fax: Int. + 43.(0)3339.73 466
Web site:www.Arcturus.at


Dutch language e-mail study group.
In addition to the in-person study groups that have been operating in Belgium and the Netherlands for several years, a Dutch language e-mail group is now available. This online group was originally designed for individuals who live too far away from the existing in-person groups. The group is facilitated primarily by Johanna van Zwet, A.R.E.'s coordinator for online study groups worldwide. Johanna says it is a wonderful experience. She thinks the idea could be set up for other languages.

Internet Search for God Study Groups (English)
Internet Search for God Study Groups (ISGs) offer study group work and spiritual growth opportunities for those who are unable to join an in-person study group. Members of these groups live in different countries, and communicate via private e-mail. They don't converse real-time, but read and respond to the group's messages at a time of their own choosing. They meditate, pray, discuss the SFG material, carry out experiments in application of what they are learning, study related Biblical passages or other spiritual sources, and discuss their dreams. Love, fellowship and growth are experienced in an online group just as in an in-person group.
For information, please contact: A.R.E. BELGIUM
Johanna van Zwet
Tel.: int. + 32.14.72 50 55


Nicole Lerch, one of the A.R.E. Representatives in Brazil, is a violin player, composer, singer, music professor at the Rio de Janeiro University, and ex-member of the Rio de Janeiro Symphony Orchestra. She gives lectures and workshops, in English and in Portuguese, on "The Music of the Spheres to Harmonize the Chakras", and "How to Use the Power of Music to Keep Healthy". She also teaches a course titled "The Chakras, Sound, and Color — How to Use the Power of Music to Remain Healthy". Nicole weaves into her teachings the Edgar Cayce material on music, vibrations, sound and color.

For information, please contact: Nicole Lerch
Tel.: int. + 55.21.32 35 60 85
E-mail: nicolelerch1000@hotmail.com


Spiritual Growth Study Groups
Study Groups Across Canada

Contact: Marilyn Kendall Smith Telephone: 1-866-322-8209
e-mail: studygroups@edgarcaycecanada.com



Monthly Spiritual Movie Nights
Contact: Marty Ozols e-mail: Systemagic@Systemagicmotives.com

Comox Valley

Monthly- Metaphysical Exploration Group
Contact: Anjali or Norman Thomas Telephone: 250-338-1690


1st Thursday - Nanaimo Metaphysical Network
Contact: William and Judith Munns Telephone: 250-753-2110 e-mail nmn05@shaw.ca
Visit Web site: nanaimometaphysicalnetwork.org the for the latest event schedule and speakers
All events except Saturday Workshop, by donation.

Dec 18 – The Consciousness Project with Vancouver Island University faculty Vancouver


Monthly Mutual Interest Group/Movie Night
Contact: John Golka Telephone: 604-736-7762



Jan 23-25, 2015- January Meditation Retreat Topic: Gratitude
Contact: Larry Smokorowski Telephone: 416-923-3538 e-mail: smokysr@rogers.com


Thérèse Leman 613 731 4901 (anncatjt@hotmail.com)


Mondays - Search for God Study Group
Contact: Hélène Thibert Telephone: 705-745-7188 e-mail: helene_thibert@hotmail.com


Montreal ((South Shore)

Bi-weekly Healing and Meditation Group
Call Peter Kendall Telephone: 450-676-4203

For information, please contact:
President: Marilyn Kendall Smith
Toll free: 1.866.322.8209 (Canada, U.S.A.)
E-mail: contact@edgarcaycecanada.com
Web site: www.EdgarCayceCanada.com  



The Edgar Cayce Center in Chile is located in Algarrobo, a lovely seaside resort south of Santiago, the capital of the country. In addition to study group meetings and activities, the Center offers lectures, workshops, classes, and training courses on various topics. It also offers holistic therapies, including massage, reflexology, Reiki, aromatherapy, cranio-sacral, energy work, and others.

For information, please contact: LA PIRÁMIDE DE CRISTAL — CENTRO EDGAR CAYCE CHILE
Centro Holístico de Terapias Naturales
Norma Albright
Tel.: Int. + 56.35.48 37 28
E-mail: piramidecristal@yahoo.com
Web site: www.PiramidedeCristal.org


The Edgar Cayce Center in China sponsors lectures on Cayce's life and different aspects of his work, including health, spirituality, the Akashic Records, prophecies, astrology, and more. It also facilitates study groups, and offers other activities and services based on the Cayce philosophy.

The Edgar Cayce Center in China also has a new web site for blogs, http://blog.sina.com.cn/searchforgod, as well as a Forum where people can post their questions/ideas: http://love-light.5d6d.com/bbs.php. There is also aQQ instant message group: EdgarCayce(28926139). Cayce products are available through this website, http://shop61522238.taobao.com.

Winston Cui has a series of web lectures on Tuesday evenings, 8:00-9:30 PM.
The address is at YY chatting room 58211138 (download the software from here: http://www.yy.com/s/download.html).

For information, please contact Winston Cui cui.winston@gmail.com Cell 186-2119-8792 Web site: www.EdgarCayce.cn


Lectures on various topics, as well as study group meetings and other activities are organized throughout the year. In December, the annual Christmas party is an opportunity for all the members and friends of the Danish Edgar Cayce Society to come and tell about their own experiences with subjects like dreams, prayer, meditation, spiritual growth, and life-changing episodes.

For information, please contact:
Secretary: John E. Pedersen
Tel.: int. + 45.55 76 33 55
E-mail: cayce@mail.dk
Web site: www.Cayce.dk


Josefina de Alzamora and Maria de Lourdes Laniadoare the representatives in Ecuador of the A.R.E. in Virginia Beach. Their goal is to spread Edgar Cayce´s legacy and holistic material. Together they coordinate activities in Ecuador by inviting international lecturers and therapists to introduce people to the work of Edgar Cayce. They offer conferences, workshops and training courses in holistic therapies, including massage, reflexology, cranial-sacral, energy work and others.


On-going events organized by Edgar Cayce Freundeskreis ('The Edgar Cayce Circle of Friends') include lectures, seminars and workshops by local speakers, as well as study groups.
Programs also feature international speakers both from Europe and the United States.

For information, please contact:
Renate Werner (Tuesday and Thursday, 9-11 am)
Tel.: int. + 49.(0)30.703 709 30
Fax: int. + 49.(0)30.703 709 31
e-mail: renatewerner-ecf@web.de
Web site: http://www.cayce.de/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cayce_edgar

Watch an interview with Stefanie Piel about Edgar Cayce and his teachings.
Note: the WeltenWandel.tv interview is in German.
Das erste Mal im deutschen Internet-TV:
Die Cayce-Expertin Stefanie Piel stellt im Gespräch mit Wulfing von Rohr Edgar Cayce
und sein Werk vor



Weekly meeting - Athens
Every Monday evening, from 7 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. The meeting starts at 7 p.m. with a 45-minute meditation, followed at 8 p.m. by a lecture. The topic of the lecture varies each week.
Weekly prayer group - Athens
Every Thursday night, from 9 p.m. until 10 p.m. The prayer group meets once a week for an hour.
Tripolis - Retreats
The Edgar Cayce Center, located in Tripolis, outside of Athens, hosts retreats several times a year. During these events, various aspects of the Cayce work are explored in depth.

Lectures on Health / Health Services - Athens
Lectures on health, as well as counseling, are provided through the Edgar Cayce Center by Nicolas Mamalis, a graduate of the Cayce-Reilly School of Massotherapy in Virginia Beach. Cayce remedies and health services are also available.

For information, please contact:
Nicolas Mamalis (Cayce-Reilly Health Services)
Tel.: int. + 30.210.347 23 40
Mobile: int. + 30.6946 92 23 06
Fax: int. + 30.210.341 43 51



Every Monday and Saturday morning, from 9:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.
Workshops on Meditation, Intuition and Psychic Forces, Colors and Auras, Creativity in Daily Living, Universal Laws, and other topics from the Edgar Cayce readings. The information is presented in a universal way, so that participants from different walks of life, races, cultures and religious backgrounds can find meaning in their lives, in search for the Truth that will set them free.
For information, please contact: Lanny Kuswandi
Phone: 62.21.426 5321
E-maIl: provital@cbn.net.id



Monthly Study Course on the Bible and A Search for God -
The course takes place every third Saturday of the month. It is given by Shigeru Mitsuda, president of the Edgar Cayce Center in Japan (E.C.C.J.). Shigeru has translated into Japanese more than fifteen books on Edgar Cayce.
Other programs:Lectures, conferences and other activities are regularly organized at the Center. Conferences feature local and international speakers.

For information, please contact:
Shigeru Mitsuda
Tel.: int. + 81.3.34 65 32 85
Fax: int. + 81.3.34 65 32 63
E-mail: cayce@eccj.ne.jp
Web site: www.edgarcayce.jp



A main goal of the Edgar Cayce Center in Mexico is to increase the number of study groups and strengthen study group participation, by organizing lectures, workshops and seminars in various cities across the country. The Center also focuses on service projects to help sick people, single mothers, children living in the street, and drug addicts. Activities, conferences and service projects are planned throughout the year, focusing each month on a different theme.

For information, please contact:
Javier Enrique Pinto Romero
Tel.: int. + 52.55.50 54 90 47
Fax: int. + 52.55.55 36 86 95

In Ajijic, Jalisco, Dionne and Poe Hearne facilitate study groups in English and Spanish. They also give lectures and workshops on various topics from the Edgar Cayce readings, including health and healing. Their lending library has a growing number of Cayce titles.
For information, please contact:
Dionne and Poe Hearne
Tel.: int. + 52.376.766 03 21 (local number)
Tel.: 1-970-704-6156 (U.S.A. number)


The focus of the Edgar Cayce Society of New Zealand (ECSNZ) is to build a membership, to start study groups, and to be a point of contact for those living in New Zealand interested in the work of Edgar Cayce. The local members receive newsletters and have access to the ECSNZ library, among other benefits.

For information, please contact:
Brian Alderson
E-mail: rainbowjournal@live.com


The Cayce group in Manila organizes many activities and service projects. They hold regular study group meetings, presentations on the Edgar Cayce remedies, lectures on different topics from the readings, and radio talks. They also have a lending library.

Monthly meetings - Manila
First Thursday of every month
Topics from "A Search for God".

Third Thursday of every month
Selected topics from the Edgar Cayce material.

For information, please contact: A.R.E. PHILIPPINES
Cecille Ferrer
Tel.: int. + 62.2.634 50 58
E-mail: whew729@yahoo.com

Anna Marie Llamado
Tel. & Fax: int. + 63.2.727 51 71
Lucito De Jesus
Mobile: 63.928.4543033
E-mail: dreamsdejesus@yahoo.com


Various lectures, classes, workshops and activities are organized in Southern Portugal by A.R.E. Representative Eleine Lachance, a graduate from the Cayce-Reilly School of Massotherapy and Atlantic University. Holistic therapies, as well as retreats, are offered at the health spa and conference center Quinta da Calma (web site: www.quintadacalma.com), a beautiful place in the hills of Algarve.

For information, please contact:
Eleine Lachance
Tel. & Fax: int. + 351.289.46 29 47
E-mail: eleine.lachance@gmail.com


See United States: Puerto Rico

SIERRA LEONE (Freetown, West Africa)        

Sierra Leone Center Grand Opening Celebration on January 26, 2014 


The ceremonies will begin with prayers led by Pastor Abdul. Members will be given an opportunity to speak commenting upon their personal connection to and hopes & dreams for the Center. A children’s singing group will perform and everyone will be able to tour the new Center. Refreshments will be served at the ceremony.  

Donations of books, to build a library for the Center will be greatly appreciated. Please contact Mohammad directly (his contact information is below) to arrange sending books to the Center. It has taken many years of planning and effort to open this Center. Donations will be greatly appreciated in support of the ongoing operational expenses of the Center. Contact Mohammed regarding the details on how to support the Center moving forward. 

The Center will host on-going study group meetings and monthly programs. A future goal is to provide a home for orphans at the Center.

For information about the celebration, please contact:
Sierra Leone Center Freetown, West Africa 
Contact: Mohammed Kamara
e-Mail: kamaramans@yahoo.com



Welcome to The Foundation Edgar Cayce Center Sweden, meet people with interests in spirituality and participate in the various annual activities the foundation conducts. All interested are welcome to participate in the activities below, but as a member you have a few benefits of which you can read more about on www.edgarcayce.se.

September 6-7, 2014: Annual National Conference Arranged by the Swedish Foundation Edgar Cayce Centre.  John Van Auken: Edgar Cayce on the Life Forces within You: Unlock Your Soul’s Dimension of Life. Tyringe Kurhotell. For details and registration: visit  EdgarCayce.se   

Unite more deeply with your own soul and find deeper dimensions of consciousness and existence. The conference features lectures, videos and exercises designed to experience a higher state of consciousness including meditation, breathing techniques, and chanting to rejuvenate mind and body and enhance vitality. The presentation will be in English and interpreted into Swedish. 

CONFERENCES - Join us and listen to lecturers who have a great variety of topics to talk about during this annual weekend activity in Furuboda in southern Sweden. The lecturers are both national and international, and when necessary the lectures are translated into Swedish. This is the Edgar Cayce related event that has the greatest amount of participants in Sweden. Listen to and discuss different matters with people with interests in spirituality.

EDGAR CAYCE DAYS - A one day event in Stockholm held twice a year. These days are similar to the conference, only smaller scope and different location!

STUDY GROUPS - There are a few study groups in Sweden. These people meet regularly, every week or so for discussions to get a better understanding of life itself and to enhance personal growth.

OTHER ACTIVITIES - A number of lectures and workshops with various kinds of topics are held throughout the year. The topics, number of lectures/workshops and location vary from time to time and also from one year to another.

For information, please contact:
Gun Olofsson
Tel.: int. +46 456 276 49 (no fax)
E-mail: info@edgarcayce.se
E-mail: gun.olofsson@gmail.com
Web site: www.EdgarCayce.se  


Monthly public lecture - Chaguanas
Various topics from the Edgar Cayce readings are explored through talks and audio-visual presentations given at the conference room, Xtra Commercial Building, 54 Eleanor Street, Chaguanas, by presenters from the Cayce Center in Trinidad, including Sat Sukdeo.

For information, please contact; THE EDGAR CAYCE CENTER
Sat Sukdeo
Tel.: 1.868.672 4560
Fax: 1.868.665 3927
Mobile: 1.868.351 5119


The 'Edgar Cayce Network UK' aims to help to preserve the Edgar Cayce material for the future, to foster and disseminate knowledge of Cayce's work and to try out the principles in his readings. We organize groups and events, and offer a forum so that others of like-mind may come together to discuss their favorite topics. We also aim to support the Search for God Study group program in the UK.

For how to obtain 'Cayce' products in the UK, and for further information please contact :
Lynda Marshall
tel: 07960774278 (mobile)
email: admin@edgarcaycenetwork.org.uk
website: www.EdgarCayceNetwork.org.uk