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Are you seeking to discover your soul's purpose? Do you want to bring more meaning into your life?

JoinEdgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment was founded more than 80 years ago with the purpose of helping people to transform their lives for the better through ideas and information found in the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce. Our goal is to be your resource for body-mind-spirit materials that will help you in your everyday experience to be all that you can be.

As a Member, You Receive:

  Venture Inward  
  Venture Inward Magazine

Venture Inward Magazine
This quarterly publication keeps you apprised of the latest research on dreams, meditation, holistic health, psychic development and many other topics covered in the Edgar Cayce readings. All members have access to the current and issue and archives in the special member section of our site. You can also receive the magazine by mail.  

Current and Archival Newsletters
Stay abreast of new developments through a quarterly Venture Inward newsletter. These newsletters provide regular, up-to-date information and news on topics including Ancient Mysteries, Personal Spirituality, and True Health. All members will have access to the current newsletter plus archives of many more in our online member-only section.

Edgar Cayce Readings Online
EdgarCayce.org's member section is your personal resource for information, inspiration, and community. Members can research the complete Edgar Cayce readings online through our online database which includes background and reports as well as a topical index. It contains 24 million words available exclusively to members.

Discounts and Savings
Enjoy a 20% discount on all A.R.E. Press-published books and 4th Dimension Press books, DVDs, and CDs plus savings on Astrology Charts at ARECatalog.com. Members also enjoy special pricing on A.R.E. programs and services.

Special Updates and Useful Resources
Special reports from the field and news from headquarters. Exclusive audio and video files* just for members. Resources to help you understand and apply the information in the readings. Online Cayce Health Database with disease overviews and therapies. Supplemental materials such as articles, glossaries, reports, and downloadable circulating files.

Free Astrology Chart as Gift for Joining New members will receive a special gift: a free personalized "Edgar Cayce’s Present Life" astrology profile chart valued at $24.95 will be sent to you by mail.

Spiritual Growth Groups and Region-Sponsored activities bring the A.R.E. experience closer to your home and your heart. International Centers in more than 37 countries, such as Australia, Canada, and Japan, give people everywhere the chance to be a part of this association.

Membership Options
  • With our Traditional (Mail) Membership you will receive your Venture Inward Magazine and Newsletter in the mail. We also offer a discount for automatic renewal.
  • Online eMembership is an earth friendly option that works exactly like our traditional membership, except that all of your benefits are received exclusively online. Save more by choosing our automatic renewal option.
  • Life Members will receive a lifetime of membership benefits including free tuition to one specially selected A.R.E. conference each year.
  • Membership Offer for Students — specially priced student online eMembership  

As a Member You Support:

  • The Mission of A.R.E. to help people change their lives for the better through the ideas and information found in the Edgar Cayce readings.
  • Worldwide Prayer Group serving 60,000 individuals a year.
  • Free Books to Prison Libraries, over 15,000 annually, to prisons and inmates throughout the United States.
  • A.R.E. Library, housing one of the most impressive and rare metaphysical book collections in the world.
  • Research in many areas, from archaeological expeditions to holistic health.
  • Free information online and through the mail, given to thousands of people who contact us with life questions and issues, each and every month.
  • Spiritual growth groups and region-sponsored activities, bringing the Cayce message to the locales of thousands.
  • A.R.E. Health Center and Spa, applying Cayce's holistic health principles every day with clients and patients from all walks of life.