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Reasons to Join from our Members

quotel left Edgar Cayce and the A.R.E. have, through the years, helped me develop more towards being the right kind of person that God wants me to be. And is still helping me. I am more confident, gentle and loving because of it, although I'm still working on it. The A.R.E. inspires me.S. R.-Canon, GAquote right 2011

Warren and Marge

quotel left You are one of the sources of positive, spiritual thinking and practice. You are educating the world in these areas.S.G.-Corvallis, ORquote right 2011


quotel left The A.R.E and Cayce work provides now and will continue to provide invaluable resources for all of us to either start or continue the journey of self discovery expression of self. Any issue that could arise in regard to the human experience can have some light shed upon it through the work of A.R.E and Cayce work. Any knowledge we choose to seek, to better ourselves and in turn, the planet, can be found in this organization. Having the A.R.E as a part of my life has always been a blessing and has gotten me through not only difficult times, but joyous times as well. Whatever it may be that I am seeking from God, I find either an answer or helpful information from whatever A.R.E or Cayce resource I connect with. Truly discovering who I am, and being able to express that is the most important thing because the better I become, and the more I manifest God here in my life now, the better influence I have on the planet as a whole.
A.C.-Petersburg, NYquote right 2011

Susie Thomas

quotel left Our lives improve as we understand what has come before us i.e., past lives, civilizations, etc., as well as by learning how to nurture our health and happiness, concepts which seem to be addressed in the Edgar Cayce readings. As far as "making manifest the love of God and humankind," I can't think of anything more valuable, powerful, or crucial. We humans need "signs," and I believe that whatever manifestations of God's love A.R.E. can reveal will do more than anything else to heal both individual lives and the world.
E.B. Ridgefield, NCquote right 2011

Jim Yang

quotel left Your information is very inspiring and hopeful. Keep putting out quality information and keep creating lasting relationships with your members and financial supporters. Your caring heart really shows through, even just by reading the magazine.Anonymous, Onlinequote right 2011

Woman with tea 7-5-2011

quotel left This is the Only Thing that gives me peace of mind soul n body, because of the A.R.E. Thanks 'n I'll Always be a member!! A lifetime member very soon!!T.C. Facebookquote right 2011