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Growing A.R.E. from the Grassroots Level:
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The Edgar Cayce readings tell us to "start where we are" with spiritual growth and change, and that change enfolds in cycles. This workshop will help you use these cycles of change and the Universal Laws that guide us all to energize and grow a Cayce community where you live—one that is vibrant, active, supportive, and flourishing. By establishing and nurturing a network of like-minded individuals in your area, you can help “make manifest the love of God and man.”

Lora Little, Ed.D.Lora Little, Ed.D. Researcher and author Lora Little, Ed.D. has been an A.R.E. member for over 30 years and a member of an A Search for God spiritual growth group for 25 years. She is currently ASFG Coordinator for both the A.R.E. Southeast Region and the Mid South Area Team. She is also a member of the A.R.E. Board of Directors and a part of the A.R.E Atlantis Research Team.







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