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The Golden Thread of Love
in the Burlap of Human Consciousness

Tom Baker, MDiv, LCSW

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The Golden Thread of Love
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Join us online as we bring you Tom Baker’s presentation, The Golden Thread of Love, part of our The Golden Thread of Wisdom and Oneness: The Great Teachings That Enlighten and Unite Us All conference.

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Featuring beloved long-time A.R.E. presenter Tom Baker MDiv, LCSW, this inspiring talk will explore the dynamic illusion that we are unloved and separated from God, resulting in the response to become judgmental and the impulse to punish—leading human beings to turn to hate and fear to solve problems. The grace and humor, Tom will discuss how the development of the ego and the false self has become one of the greatest challenges confronting humanity, overshadowing the thread of love and compassion that unites all great teachings—and how forgiveness stands at the center of human love.


Tom Baker- GoldenThread


Tom Baker, MDiv, LCSW, is a psychotherapist in private practice. Tom grew up with the Edgar Cayce readings and went on to become a Catholic priest, serving in parish work, seminary teaching, and administration. He resigned from the priesthood after 10 years of service and later received his master’s in social work in 1994. He has studied and taught A Course in Miracles for 33 years.