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Gobekli tepeHeykelIn this fascinating lecture, explorer and best-selling author Andrew Collins shares his research into the 12,000 year old stone sanctuaries of Gobëkli Tepe in southeast Turkey. One of the greatest enigmas to archaeology today, Collins will demonstrate that they were built in response to a global cataclysm caused by a comet impact, and that Gobëkli Tepe’s existence, and the actions of those behind its construction, led to the stories of "the watchers" and angels of biblical tradition revealing to humanity the arts and sciences of heaven. He will also explore the connections between Gobëkli Tepe and Ra-Ta’s journey from the Caucasus Mountains and the rise of Egypt’s former civilization, as told in the life readings of Edgar Cayce.


Andrew Collins

Andrew Collins radio 115 x 132Andrew Collins is a science and history writer, and the author of various books that challenge the way we perceive the past, from ancient Egypt to modern-day crop circles. His recent book, Beneath the Pyramids, chronicles his discovery of hidden chambers beneath the pyramids and his newest, Gobëkli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods explores this fantastic megalithic complex.






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