Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.

Helena Patti Children's Daycamp


The A.R.E/Helena Patti Camp staff is devoted to the development of positive self-esteem and to the development of self-discipline in children. Counselors recognize the differences in the ages of children and in their abilities. Good rapport and constant communication with parents is necessary so there is consistency of child guidance methods from home to school to Camp.

As a staff in partnership with parents, we will:
  • Clearly define and be consistent in maintaining limits
  • Provide directions or suggestions in a positive way
  • Reinforce directions with action when necessary
  • Model the behaviors that are appropriate such as courtesy and thoughtfulness
  • Recognize potential problems and adjust action to prevent them
  • Take action when needed

Beyond safety rules, each child is an individual and discipline accordingly is individualized to fit the camper and the circumstances. We respond non-aggressively to a child’s misbehavior, such curtailing a favorite activity or placing the camper in a “time-out”. The following methods are prohibited at Camp and will result in the staff member’s immediate termination:

  • Physical punishment, striking a child, roughly handling or shaking a child, restricting movement through binding or tying, forcing a child to assume an uncomfortable position, or using exercise as punishment
  • Enclosure in a small confined space or any space that the child cannot freely exit himself; however, this definition does not apply to the use of equipment such as cribs, play yards, high chairs, and safety gates when used with children preschool aged or younger for their intended purpose
  • Punishment by another child
  • Separation from the group so that the child is away from the hearing and vision of a staff member
  • Withholding or forcing of food or rest
  • Verbal remarks which are demeaning to the child
  • Punishment for toileting accidents
  • Punishment by applying unpleasant or harmful substances

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