Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.

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Your child’s safety is the Camp staff’s priority. An emergency drill is held on the first day of each week of Camp. If your child is unable to attend the first day of the week, a parent/guardian must sign a waiver stating that the child has been notified of the Camp emergency policies listed in the Parent/Camper Handbook.

In the case of an emergency concerning your child the following steps will be taken. In the case of a medical emergency, the appropriate medical professionals will be alerted and directed to reach the child as soon as possible.

The Camp Administrator or Camp Manager will contact the parent and give information as to where they can best meet their child.

In the case of a natural or national disaster, the children will remain at the Gibbons House until you arrive to pick them up. If the children are away on a field trip, the Day Camp staff will return them to the Gibbons House as soon as is safely possible.

In the event that the Oceanfront/Camp must be evacuated, Camp staff will transport your child to the A.R.E.’s Youth House located at 2287 Landstown Road, Virginia Beach, VA. The route taken, unless otherwise directed by law enforcement, is included in the Parent/Camper Handbook. SIGN OUT procedures are the same as for regular departure.

If your child is not picked up during Emergency Departure, he/she will remain with the Camp Administrator or Camp Manager until arrangements can be made to meet at the Gibbons House, Youth House, or other location. SIGN OUT procedures are the same as for regular departure.

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