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International Prayer List
Instructions for Joining

To participate in this cooperative prayer effort:

  • Glad HelpersSend in only your own name to request prayer. If you have a personal prayer list, please use the World Prayer Group  Web site, not the International Prayer List.

  • Select a time of day, such as morning, noon, sunset, or evening that you will participate in the prayer effort.

  • Pray for others whose names appear on the list at the same time as yours. For instance, if you sign up for the morning section of the list, you would pray for everyone in the morning section.

  • To renew your name for the next prayer list, please send in your request before the 15th of the month.

  • This international prayer effort is solely funded by your generosity. Please consider giving a donation-EdgarCayce.org/donate

Once your prayer request is received, the Glad Helpers healing prayer group will pray for you while the list is in production.

Sign up for the International Prayer List.

Download the current International Prayer List.

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