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Pray for the World and World Leaders
Prayer by Meredith Ann Puryear

"We pray for all nations, territories, and islands of the world and their leaders. We pray for all troubled spots over the earth. We pray for the stability of the continental land masses and the island groups, the purification of all the waters of the earth, the healing of the atmosphere and of mother earth herself, and that all the peoples of the world may be good stewards of the earth and all the resources of their lands."

"We pray for all religious leaders and teachers, religions, and spiritual groups that teach the oneness of god and the brother-sisterhood of all humankind."

"We send your light, love, joy, healing power, and peace to every receptive center of consciousness in the earth...and in the universe...and pray that it be reflected there from to bring peace and harmony throughout the whole."

 List of World Leaders
 Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments from the CIA web site (Opens in a new window)

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