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Welcome First time Clients


HospitalBuildingRenovatedWhen coming to the Spa, you may park in the main lot at 67th and Atlantic and come up the landscaped stairs and then proceed over the stone labyrinth to the main front stairway into the building lobby where Spa reception is. (This is the same entrance for the Cayce/Miller Cafe.)

If you prefer to avoid stairs, drive up 67th street, curve around the building and park in the closest spot on the gravel parking lot. You will enter the building from the ramp or a few stairs located on the south, or driveway, side of the building and just walk into the lobby - we'll be happy to see you!

Scheduling your appointment:

You may schedule your appointment by phone with the Spa 757-457-7202. You may also schedule an appointment using the online booking feature on our website. In either case, your credit card information will be needed to secure your appointment(s). Please share with our Spa Associate any specific preferences or requests with regard to your appointment or to your therapist.

Cancellation, Change or Reschedule Fees: Please be sure to give us 24 hours notice if you need to cancel, change or reschedule your appointment; otherwise a charge of 40% of your appointment cost will be made.

For our colonic clients: For optimum results, please see our colonic self screening and preparation suggestions. Alternatively, you can call 757-428-3588 and listen to the recorded information on extension 7557. In either case, be especially aware of the dietary suggestions: avoiding gas-forming foods and drinking plenty of water are the best ways to ensure an effective first colonic. A castor oil pack, one of the recommendations, is an external application to the abdomen of natural unbleached wool saturated with castor oil. If you are interested in using this highly recommended therapy, you may want us to schedule a castor oil pack for you. Once you have experienced the application, you take your pack home with you, along with instructions for care and application for up to a year of continued use.

Your appointment:

Checking in for your appointment.
Please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out the intake form(s) for the appointment(s) you have scheduled with us.

Bodywork at SpaAttire and Draping:
Please be aware that appointment times include time you use to undress and dress. A 1-hour massage appointment may include 50 to 55 minutes of massage. All the more reason to dress simply!

Our draping practices provide complete protection of your modesty. Your therapist will demonstrate use of the lower draping towel and chest towel. You are also covered by a sheet; only the area the therapist is working will be uncovered at any time.

Spa Packages and multiple therapy appointments.
If your appointment necessitates a change of rooms, we'll provide you with a spa robe and slippers. Learn more about our spa packages or you may be interested in our express spa.

Our therapists appreciate, but do not expect, gratuities. Gratuity is not included in prices for any Health Center Spa services.

Easy Ways to maximize your bodywork appointment.

Before: Eat lightly. Shower or use a whirlpool bath at home (unless you have a steam or Epsom salts bath scheduled with us). Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Arrive early and use the restroom. Center yourself.

During: Be honest with your therapist — let him/her know if the pressure is too great or not enough for you, if you want a blanket, if your body needs more work in a particular area, etc. Focus on your breath. Let go...allow your feelings to emerge and tensions to drop away.

After: Drink lots of water. Write in your journal, walk on the Labyrinth or the beach, rest in the Meditation Garden, or take a well-deserved nap.


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