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Hydrotherapies at the ARE spa


Castor Oil Pack  

The castor oil pack was one of the top Edgar Cayce recommendations for "everyone" to improve health and to maintain good health.  It was specifically given as a treatment for some diseases, as well as being one of the most-often recommended techniques to restore a body's vitality.   Most folks have heard of taking castor oil as a cathartic, but Cayce rarely recommended taking castor oil internally.  He said it was too harsh on a body and that, absorbed by the liver and ascending colon through the use of a pack, the properties were much better assimilated.

  In the Cayce information, among over thirty purposes given for the pack were:
  • Increasing and balancing eliminations, even releasing colon impactions
  • Stimulating and restoring health to the liver by removing toxins (residue from medications, pesticides and food additives are processed and sometimes stored in the liver)
  • Dissolving and removing lesions and adhesions
  • Relieving pain
  • Stimulating the gall bladder
  • Improving the flow of lymph in the body to strengthen immunity

In the spa, we often pair reflexology with the pack to help the client relax and achieve, to some degree, a meditative state.  Such a state was recommended with most Cayce therapies – a receptive, tranquil state.

With your castor oil pack application, you will receive instructions for the use and care of the pack at home. Retain the pack for six months of your own continued healthcare use.

Cedar Cabinet Steam/Fume Baths 

Recommended to increase eliminations through the skin and lungs. An essential oil or other substance is added to the steam. It vaporizes then settles on the skin to be absorbed through the pores. The steam cabinet has an opening at the top, allowing for cold cloths to be applied at the base of the neck and forehead to prevent headaches. A tepid shower is taken afterward to wash off the impurities that have been brought to the skin surface.

Having a steam before a massage helps relax muscles and aids in absorption of the massage oils. Not recommended for persons with high blood pressure, heart or kidney problems.   

Colon Hydrotherapy 

water2A colonic (as Edgar Cayce so often referred to this procedure) is an internal bath using professional equipment to cleanse the colon. Current scientific evidence shows that a properly functioning colon is beneficial to overall health.

During your colonic, warm filtered water is gently infused into the colon and then released, in a series of fills and flushes that generally continue for 40 to 45 minutes. The equipment is a closed system with disposable tubes and fittings; the out-bound tubing allows you to remain on the treatment table for both infusion and release.

If you’re scheduling a colonic, please read these pages: Self-screening and pre-colonic suggestions  

Epsom Salts Bath 

An Epsom Salts bath is an effective way to induce perspiration and increase eliminations through the skin, your body's largest organ of elimination. Sixteen pounds of Epsom salts are added to your tub. After soaking for 10-20 minutes, you wrap up on a massage table to continue your healthful sweat for 30 minutes before showering. 


mudpack Classic mudpack facials are helpful not only in relieving clogged pores and skin blemishes, but in preventing sagging facial muscles. Our facial procedure includes hot towels, herbal cleanser, Aztec clay mask, toning, moisturizing, and misting. While the mask is drying, your feet are gently massaged. The entire procedure lasts approximately 45 minutes and is very soothing. You’ll find these classic facials a component of some of our popular spa packages, for a relaxing and restorative value to your body temple!

Remedies and Wellness Techniques  

Some of the simple home remedies from the Edgar Cayce Readings were recommended as cures for specific conditions, and were further specified as preventive treatments to be used by anyone. Your therapist will guide you through the preparation and application of your treatment, furnishing you with the practical knowledge to implement any of these remedies for yourself or for your loved ones!

  • Potato Eye Poultice One of several therapies given in the Readings to treat cataracts or infections of the eye or eyelid, and as preventive for the same, the poultice acts to draw impurities from delicate eye tissue and to clarify the membranes around the eyes. The poultice is followed by an herbal alkalizing of the eye area, and the application of the violet ray to the closed eyelid. ½ hour

  • GlycoThymoline® Pack Recommended for healing or prevention of sinus congestion and infection, rolled cotton is saturated with Glycothymoline® (available for home use from Baar Products, see ad below) and applied directly to the forehead, closed eyes, nose, and cheek. Heat application increases the draining effect on the sinuses. 15 minutes of foot reflexology to the sinus area gives the therapy an energetic boost! ½ hour

  • stones
  • Turpentine Pack for the Kidneys Regular use of a pack of pure gum spirits of turpentine was advised by Cayce to address bladder and kidney infections and to dissolve kidney stones. To assure absolute purity and to prevent skin irritation, we use rectified pure gum spirits of turpentine, available from many health food stores. This simple remedy was recommended also as an excellent preventive against bladder and kidney disorders, and to retain or improve eyesight! Includes your take-home bottle of this pure turpentine. ½ hour



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