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Oriental medicine organizes the body into many interrelated systems. The efficiency of our many systems will either promote our health or create disease. Any symptom is regarded as a sign indicating an imbalance within the body's digestive, circulatory, nervous, endocrine, muscular-skeletal, or energetic systems. Symptoms come in many forms: back pain, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, depression, hypertension, anxiety, overeating, addictions, etc. Acupuncture treatments are used to bring greater balance and organization to our bodies' systems, leading to a reduction of symptoms and an increase in overall health.

Acupuncture 072014Acupuncture works by promoting circulation, elevating mood, relieving pain, increasing immunity, and balancing the nervous system. As the body's systems become more balanced through treatment, symptoms gradually disappear. With an addiction, for example, as a person becomes healthier through treatment, the desire to smoke, or drink, or overeat can lessen because the need that was the basis for the compulsive behavior no longer exists.

Integrating acupuncture, herbal medicine, lifestyle and nutritional modifications, energy work, and much more, our acupuncturist creates personalized, holistic treatments addressing the individual patient's needs. Your first appointment for acupuncture at the Health Center & Spa must be the initial acupuncture appointment.

Your first treatment will last about an hour and a half, with subsequent treatments lasting about forty five to sixty minutes.  Your practitioner will review your new patient paperwork, conduct a detailed interview, look at your tongue, and feel your pulses.  Based on your practitioner's findings, she will select points unique to your condition, insert the needles, and let you relax for 20 to 30 minutes.  Other adjunct therapies may be utilized, depending on your condition.

For over five thousand years, acupuncture has been used as a complete holistic medical system used to assess and treat people on all levels of body, mind, and spirit. The most ancient Chinese medical text, the Nei Jing, states that:

"In order for healing to be complete,
it must be rooted in spirit."
Likewise, Edgar Cayce reading 3384-2 states:
"For all healing, mental or material, is attuning each atom of the body, each reflex of the brain forces, to the awareness of the divine that lies within each atom, each cell of the body."

Assessment Overview  

Peter Schoeb - 072012Your Cayce-based health assessment is a 2-part appointment. Part 1 consists of a 60-70 minute health and nutritional consultation by phone or Skype with Dr. Peter Schoeb. Part 2 of the assessment is a 60-minute physical examination, assessment and treatment which takes place at the Health Center & Spa with our Cayce-based chiropractic healthcare provider.

At your convenience in the weeks prior to your appointment with us, complete and return the assessment forms which are the .pdf attachment below (or which can be mailed to your home by requesting them at 757-457-7202). Please mail the forms to A.R.E. Health Center, 215 67th Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451. We must receive your completed forms at least five business days prior to your Part 1 scheduled appointment. Please also send results or reports from any lab testing or medical procedures you have had in the last 6 months - these will be helpful in providing you the most complete holistic health assessment.

During this consultation, Dr. Schoeb will address your health profile as formulated through the information you provided us:
  • Health History and Lifestyle Overview Important information drawn from this overview will be reviewed from a holistic and Cayce Health Readings-based standpoint. It will be integrated with the sections below providing a solid foundation for health-promoting lifestyle changes and recommendations for continued care where you live.
  • Nutritional Assessment The Cayce readings contain numerous suggestions to modify the diet. The detailed nutritional analysis provides a thorough review of a person's diet to identify unhealthy nutritional habits and to assess for possible nutritional deficiencies. You are provided with a Cayce-based personal guide to improving your nutritional status and to assist you on your way to more radiant health.
  • Cayce Comprehensive Symptom Inventory (CCSI) You complete the personal Health History form which provides a sketch of your past and current health challenges. In addition, your answers to the CCSI questionnaire will be tabulated to provide a personalized report of your current imbalances based on Cayce-Health Reading parameters, and therapeutic applications that can be implemented at home will be recommended.

Download Assessment form PDF - Please complete and return.

On the Part 2 day of your assessment, you will come to the A.R.E. Health Center, located on the ground level of the Cayce Hospital building. The Cayce-based health professional will spend approximately one hour with you, providing you the following:

  • Cayce-based neurological/orthopedic examination of your musculoskeletal system. This special assessment includes attention to the structural components of the body- your skeleton, your joints, muscles, and tendons. The goal of this part of the process is to evaluate any restrictions or limitations that impede your vitality.
  • Cayce-based spinal adjustments and/or manipulations and massage based on examination findings, you will receive an individualized whole body treatment. Treatment findings can be used as a basis for continuing care when you return home. See Integrative Cayce/Reilly Therapy.

On the day of your Part 2 appointment, we will also provide you with your Cayce Health Assessment binder, which will include copies of everything you submitted to us, notes from Dr. Schoeb detailing his recommendations for your improved health, notes from our Cayce health professional on your examination and treatment here, and information on Cayce health techniques which may be beneficial to your particular state of health.


Cayce-based Health Consultation – by Phone or Skype

A one-hour Cayce-based health consultation with Dr. Peter Schoeb is available on Mondays by phone or Skype. Information and guidance you receive from this consultation is not intended to replace your regular medical care, but to be used in conjunction with it. Any recent results of lab work or tests you can provide will enhance the value of your consultation. Your health information forms need be completed and received by the Health Center 3 days prior to your appointment. Please fax your completed forms and lab and/or test results to the Health Center at 757-457-7138.

Download Consultation (PDFs)  

Chiropractic and Integrative Cayce/Reilly Therapy

Chiropractic Adjustment 072012Our Cayce/Reilly Chiropractors have years of experience and training in integrating principles of chiropractic care, manual therapy, and healing methods suggested in the Edgar Cayce readings. They apply this understanding when providing "integrative therapy" to you. Your first appointment for chiropractic/manual therapy at the Health Center & Spa must be the initial chiropractic appointment.

As recommended in the Cayce readings, this treatment addresses the whole body by integrating Cayce/Reilly massage and spinal manipulation in a gentle, relaxing manner.  Each treatment will correct misalignments of the spine and joints, release muscular tension, and balance/coordinate the nervous system. The doctor will perform an initial, holistic examination during the first appointment, and then give Cayce-based recommendations along with each treatment.

Consider this: the billions of nerves that emerge from your brain and spinal cord govern every part of your body; your body uses this system to organize, adapt, and balance the energy of your body, mind, and spirit; this integrative chiropractic/manual therapy promotes health by communication between the nervous system and all other structures and organs, and by improving movement, circulation and lymph flow within the body.

You, too, can receive this advanced, Cayce-based approach to spinal and neurological challenges. Receive the kind of completely individual, hands-on body/mind/spirit health care that you thought didn't exist in modern-day America!

Holistic Psychotherapy

Healing our whole selves, body, mind, and soul, is a lifelong journey with many stages and facets. The journey involves awakening to our own authentic spirituality, defining and living our deep values, and working through the difficulties which challenge us, many of which involve relationships. Eventually we realize that in order to be happy we must learn and practice the art of creating healthy, loving relationships - with ourselves, with our bodies, with the people in our lives, and with existence as a whole. Holistic psychotherapy is an approach to healing which emphasizes all of these relationships.

In holistic psychotherapy sessions, Dr. Bloom helps her clients to understand and forgive themselves and others while exploring old patterns of relating.

Dr. Joy Bloom, a Jungian-oriented Psychologist and Gestalt therapist, has over thirty years experience working with groups, individuals, couples, and children. Dr. Bloom's counseling practice is enriched by her advanced training in Dreamwork, Body Psychology, Guided Imagery with Music, EMDR, Trauma Release, Addictions Counseling, Breathwork, and Expressive Therapies, especially movement and voice. Dr. Bloom has completed eight years of training with Marion Woodman, an acclaimed Jungian Analyst and author.


Hypnosis is a state of relaxation and focused concentration. In this state you can utilize suggestions for behavioral change. Hypnosis is not sleep; you will remember everything. We experience hypnosis naturally each day as we go in and out of sleep. The hypnotherapist uses our natural ability to access this state. In fact, hypnosis has been shown to be a safe, effective way to help improve your mental and physical wellbeing and it has been endorsed by the American Medical Association as a valid therapeutic tool since 1958. Hypnosis can help focus the body, mind and spirit to:

Explore your inner soul consciousness through past-life regression.
  • Investigate karmic relationships and your life's path
  • Guide the life journey and aid in connecting with your inner wisdom
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Lower your stress
  • Change your eating habits for weight management
  • Conquer negative habits, such as smoking
  • Foster healing of body, mind, and spirit
Hypnotherapy Appointment Screening

Nutritional Consultation –by Phone or Skype

A one-hour nutritional consultation with Dr. Peter Schoeb can help provide a new and natural-to-you way of eating to build better health. The Cayce readings contain numerous suggestions to modify the diet. The nutritional analysis provides a thorough review of a person's diet to identify unhealthy nutritional habits and to assess for possible nutritional deficiencies. You are provided with a Cayce- based personal guide to improving your nutritional status and to assist you on your way to more radiant health.

The Health Center will need your completed forms faxed to 757-457-7138 one business week prior to your appointment. Nutritional Consultations are available on Mondays.

Download Consultation (PDFs)  

Personal Counseling

Our Licensed Professional Counselor can provide support, problem-solving skills, and enhanced coping strategies for issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship troubles, unresolved childhood issues, grief, stress management, body image issues and creative blocks. Many people also find that counselors can be an incredible asset to managing personal growth, interpersonal relationships, family concerns, marriage issues, and the entanglements of daily life. Your sessions here can provide a fresh perspective on a difficult problem or point you in the direction of a solution. The benefits you obtain from this type of therapy depend on how well you use the process and put into practice what you learn. Some of the benefits available include:

  • Achieving a better understanding of yourself, your goals and values
  • Developing skills for improving your relationships
  • Finding resolution to the questions or concerns that led you to seek counseling
  • Learning new ways to cope with stress and anxiety
  • Managing anger, grief, depression, and other emotional stresses
  • Improving communications and listening skills
  • Changing old behavior patterns and developing new ones
  • Discovering new ways to solve problems in your family or marriage
  • Improving your self-esteem and enhancing self-confidence

Betty Davis LPC, CHBetty Davis, MEd, LPC, NCC, CH, approaches her clinical work from an integrative, holistic perspective, combining interpersonal, cognitive behavioral, Gestalt, Ericksonian hypnotherapy and brief dynamic theories. This approach allows her to be flexible and responsive to the individual needs and characteristics of a diverse client population. Ms. Davis is certified in clinical hypnotherapy and utilizes hypnosis in areas of smoking cessation, weight management, stress and pain management, and also works within the areas of grief and women's self-esteem concerns. Additionally, Ms. Davis has direct experience in facilitating spiritually directed study groups.




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