Cayce Remedies Intensive

Come ready to enjoy the Cayce Remedies Intensive workshop. This active workshop for the layman is always well-received. After all, who doesn’t want to be part of creating his/her own best health, and even helping improve the health of loved ones? You can register using the online booking engine or by calling the Health Center & Spa at 757-437-7202.

Limited to 20 participants! The cost of participation is $60, which includes your prepared castor oil pack to take home for months of continued use!

Castor Oil in bowlYou’ll want to learn about, apply and experience all five wellness remedies we’ll be covering during this afternoon workshop. They are:

  • Potato Poultice for the Eyes
  • GlycoThymoline Pack for the Sinuses
  • Turpentine Pack for the Kidneys
  • Charred Oak Keg for Respiratory Health
  • Castor Oil Pack for Liver, Lymph, and Colon
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Readiness Information for the Cayce Remedies Intensive: 

  • This workshop intensive is a very hands-on, even a bit messy, experience! Wear quite casual clothing you care about very little. We’ll be handling potato gratings, castor oil, turpentine spirits, and lovely red GlycoThymoline.
  • In order to experience either the potato poultice or the GlycoThymoline pack, you must not have on eye make-up and must not be wearing contact lenses.
  • For the turpentine pack and/or for the castor oil pack, we’ll have you remove your clothing (either under the massage table sheet or behind curtained dividers to protect your modesty), so plan to wear clothing that is easily removable.
  • Whether or not you have a castor oil pack applied during the workshop, you’ll be given one to take home with you!



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